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Section 6:

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NOTE: Usual edge wear and tip wear should be expected on items in this category. Real PHOTOs are noted.
PC-1. "Indian Village, AK": printed, view of village w/many totems (edge wear; message in margin) used; Seattle, 1908. E $8
PC-2. "Juneau, AK": REAL PHOTO town & mountain; used, 1930. E $15 MIN.8
PC-3. "Arizona Biltmore/Phoenix, Arizona": chrome, people on the golf course of this hotel (bit of offset canx ink) used; Phoenix, 1965. E $12 MIN.6
PC-4. "Motel Town House/Winslow, AZ": chrome, exterior & swimming pool on Rte.66 (tip wear) stamped & unmailed. E $12 MIN.6
PC-5. "Hollon Motel/Barstow, CA": chrome, exterior on Rte.66; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-6. "The Village/Big Bear Lake, CA": REAL PHOTO street; donut shop, cafes, etc. (edge wear speck; album adhesion on back) unused EKC, 1942. E $12 MIN.6
PC-7. "Winter-Big Pines Camp (CA)": REAL PHOTO lodge & cars (album adhesion on back) unused EKC, 1942. E $12 MIN.6
PC-8. "Gen.Custer/Ground Dia.32'.../Big Tree, CA": REAL PHOTO base of giant tree; used, 1938. E $8
PC-9. "Church Lakeside (CA)": REAL PHOTO (tip wear) used; Lakeside, 1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-10. "Western Hotel, Marysville, CA": litho, illustration w/streetcars, car & hotel bus (edge wear) used; Marysville, 1913. E $12 MIN.6
PC-11. "Horseshoe curve, Mount Tamalpais, CA": litho; unused undiv.back. E $12 MIN.6
PC-12. "Street Scene, Oceanside, CA": printed, aerial view (tip wear; lite tone speck in sky) used; Oceanside, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-13. "Shark/Caught by Peter Borcich of San Pedro, CA": litho, crowd around 14000 lb. shark on ground (edge wear; surface crackles) used; Fullerton, CA, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-14. "Santa Maria, CA": litho, w/4 insets of town; used; Nipomo, CA, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-15. "Rancho Santa Ynez Mobile Estates/Solvang, CA": chrome, various scenes of mobile home camp w/people playing billiards, swimming & golfing (crnr crs) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-16. "Facing the Altar, Memorial Church, Stanford Univ., CA, after earthquake & fire, April 18, 1906": litho, interior w/rubble; message in margin "earthquake scarcely quaked us" (edge wear; offset canx ink) used; Rialto, CA, 1906. E $12 MIN.6
PC-17. "Main Street, Watsonville, CA": litho, illustration w/horse drawn carriages & cars (edge wear) used; Santa Clara, CA, 1912. E $12 MIN.6
PC-18. "Unit #1/Spears Chriropractic Sanitarium & Hospital, Denver, CO": linen building; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-19. "Unit #2/Spears Chriropractic Sanitarium & Hospital, Denver, CO": linen building; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-20. "Main Lobby of Building #2/Spears Chriropractic Sanitarium, Denver, CO": linen building; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-21. "Wolfie's Restaurant & Sandwich Shops, Miami Beach (FL)": linen restaurant interior; art deco; unused Curteich. E $12 MIN.6
PC-22. "Golf Club Links, Palm Beach, FL": litho, golfers by large palm trees (edge wear; offset canx ink; stamp gone) used; St. Petersburg, FL, 1908. E $14
PC-23. "U.S.Gov't Bldg & Post Office, Tampa, FL" litho; used, 1911. E $12 MIN.6
PC-24. "Main Street Looking West./Cartersville, GA": printed, w/horse drawn vehicles (back thin where stamp removed) used, ca.1909. E $10 MIN.5
PC-25. "So. View St., North From Garfield Ave., Aurora, IL": litho, residential street (lite tone) used; Aurora, 1908. E $8
PC-26. "Greetings From Canton, IL": REAL PHOTO 6 miniature views on 1 card; used, 1909. E $15 MIN.8
PC-27. "International 1907/First Prize, Carload Hampshire Swine, Bred Fed & Exhibited by R.L.Bollman, Coal Valley, IL": REAL PHOTO; several hogs & 3 men in pen; unused CYKO. E $20
PC-28. "The Baptist Church Erie, IL": REAL PHOTO, exterior (edge wear) unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-29. "Manor Motel/Joliet, IL": linen, motel on Rte.66; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-30. "Sunnyside Motel/La Grange, IL": chrome, motel on Rte.66 (tip wear; crnr cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-31. "Third Ave., Moline, IL": litho; w/"Elks" sign; street car tracks; unused, ca.1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-32. Orion, IL, RFD carrier by little RFD WAGON w/door open; 2 horses; used (canx partial; town not struck, but inferred from use; back toned) mailed by carrier to patron in Orion, 1911. E $50
PC-33. "U.B. Church/Paris, IL": litho, exterior (edge wear; part lite tone) unused. E $6
PC-34. "Tops in Taps, Rockford, IL": linen art deco interior; "air conditioned" bar & tall chairs; inset outer front; used. E $15 MIN.8
PC-35. "Swedish Lutheran Church Algona IA": REAL PHOTO, interior w/altar (bit cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-36. "Baptist Church/Algona, IA": REAL PHOTO (few specks) unused KRUXO. E $10 MIN.5
PC-37. "View of Bridges over Mississippi River, Clinton, IA": printed (tip scuff; tip crs; edge tear T) used; Miles, IA, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-38. "New Laboratory Building, Palmer School of Chiropractic Founatin Head, Davenport, IA": REAL PHOTO; students outside bldg; unused Kodak. E $14
PC-39. "Methodist Church Dyersville, IA": REAL PHOTO; unused KRUXO. E $10 MIN.5
PC-40. "German Evangelical Church Hartley, IA": REAL PHOTO (edge wear; crnr cr) unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-41. "Episcopal Church Maquoqueta, IA": REAL PHOTO, exterior (edge wear; tone specks) unused. E $8
PC-42. "Baptist Church Oelwein, IA" (misspelled "OELWAIN"): REAL PHOTO; unused KRUXO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-43. "Presbyterian Church Oelwein, IA": REAL PHOTO (cr) unused. E $10 MIN.5
PC-44. "U.B. Church Tama (IA)": REAL PHOTO; unused AZO. E $10 MIN.5
PC-45. "Baptist Church Tama, IA": REAL PHOTO; unused. E $10 MIN.5
PC-46. "Union/Bus/Depot & Warren Cafe/Manhattan/KS": linen, art deco exterior & 2 insets of interior; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-47. "A Residence St., Sabetha KS": REAL PHOTO (edge wear; tiny scuff speck in sky; stamp gone) used KRUXO; Sabetha, ca.1910. E $8
PC-48. "Cranberry Picking, Carver, MA": REAL PHOTO, people on knees in field (edge wear; bit of offset canx ink) used. E $14
PC-49. "Old Home Week/Bay City, MI/July 4th 10th 1909/Semi-Centen'l Celebration": printed, 2 views of people arriving by train & walking to house (tip wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-50. "Bay City, MI/Old Home Week/July 4-10 1909": litho, couple on sidewalk approaching elderly couple on porch (crnr crs; bit of offset canx ink) used; Bay City, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-51. "Grand Rapids Home Coming & 60th Anniversary/Celebration Aug 22-27, 1910 Grand Rapids, MI": litho, inset of parade float surrounded by pink flowers, music & commemorative seal (edge wear; crnr crs; offset canx ink) used; Grand Rapids, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-52. "Grand Rapids Home Coming &/60th Anniversary Celebration/Aug 22-27, 1910 Grand Rapids, MI": litho, Michigan Soldier's Home grounds surrounded by branches, music & seal; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-53. "The 4th Manistee, MI": printed, aerial view of ladies band in Jul.4 parade (tip wear; tip cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-54. "Memorial Engine '3 Spot,' D. & I.R.R., near Duluth, MN/First Engine Brought To Two Harbors On A Scow In 1883": linen; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-55. Lot 3 diff.) Saint Paul, MN, Post Office": litho; unused (2 w/tip wear), ca.1910s. E $12 MIN.6
PC-56. "The Tropics/Hotel Phillips/Kansas City, MO": linen cocktail lounge interior; Technor; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-57. "Schuman's Motor City/Rolla, MO": chrome, aerial view w/inset of lounge on Rte.66; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-58. "Miners Leaving Mine/Wallower Mine (Webster City) MO": REAL PHOTO, 4 miners w/head lamps, lunch pails (tiny tip wear) unused DOPS. E $20
PC-59. "U.S. Post Office/Great Falls, MT": linen, illustration w/cars c.1940; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-60. "Highest Golf Course in America... Cloudcroft, NM": litho view; used, 1930s, "The gold tournament begins tomorrow...". E $15 MIN.8
PC-61. "Circle 'S' Motel/Tucumcari, NM": chrome, exterior on Rte.66; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-62. "Redwood Lodge/Tucumcari, NM": chrome, exterior on Rte.66; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-63. "Luna Park, Coney Island (NY)": blue litho amusement park (tip cr) unused, ca.1909?. E $12 MIN.6
PC-64. "Dam at Hinckley, NY": REAL PHOTO elevated view of dam & lake; unused, ca.1910. E $15 MIN.8
PC-65. U.S.Post Office, Malone, NY": REAL PHOTO w/cars; unused EKC, ca.1940s. E $12 MIN.6
PC-66. "Memorial Day Parade Middletown, N,Y,": REAL PHOTO, uniformed soldiers marching on brick street (L tip tiny nick; tip cr) used; New York, 1908. E $20 MIN.10
PC-67. "'Lady' & 'Bruel' St. Bernards at Timberline Lodge Government Camp, OR": REAL PHOTO (edge wear; tip cr) used; Government Camp, 1938. E $8
PC-68. "Forest Park Golf Course, looking from No.1 Tee, Martinsville, VA": linen; unused. E $14
PC-69. "Pacific Avenue, Bremerton, WA": litho, business street w/early cars (edge wear; crackled surface) used; Bremerton, 1919. E $12 MIN.6
PC-70. "Main Street Looking North, Prairie Du Sac, WI": litho (slight uneven trim T & B, not affecting image) used; undiv.back, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-71. Birds eye view of Laramie, WY (note on back): REAL PHOTO; unused CYKO. E $15
PC-72. "The Beautiful Chrysler/New Yorker 6 Pass. Sedan": chrome, c.1950s (edge wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-73. "Juliet Prowse/Foster Brooks/John Ascuaga's Nugget/Celebrity Room Theater Restaurant": chrome; her leggy pose; his portrait inset; unused, [1977]. E $8
PC-74. "Broadway, A Bright Spot Along 'The Great White Way' Showing Famous Wrigley Sign, New York City": linen Int'l Casino w/Spearmint sign; Loew's State; Woolworth; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-75. "Wrigley's Spearmint Steadies the Nerves" (Times Square, New York City): linen; w/Loew's State; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-76. "1975 Chevrolet Monte Carlo": chrome; white car; unused. E $8
PC-77. "1969 Ford Torino GT SportsRoof": chrome; red car; unused. E $8
PC-78. "1974 Pinto Squire station wagon/Pinto 3-door runabout": chrome; 2 cars; unused. E $8
PC-79. "See Our Pinto": chrome; 1970s red Ford w/cartoon telephone operator; unused. E $8
PC-80. "1970 Pontiac Tempest 4-door Sedan": chrome; blue car; Harrisonburg, VA, dealer name on back. E $8
PC-81. "1964 Rambler Classic Cross Country": chrome; blue station wagon; unused. E $8
PC-82. American Airlines-Jet-Powered Electra Flagship: chrome; plane in flight, over water; unused. E $8
PC-83. American Airlines-Live Aloft & Like It!: chrome; view of clouds thru plane window; unused. E $8
PC-84. "Fly Eastern's Great New Silver Falcon": chrome; artist's rendition, in flight (slight tip wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-85. "Italian Airship Leonardo Da Vinci": litho blimp; unused; ca.1960s reprint?. E $12 MIN.6
PC-86. "Jannus & Berry Getting Ready for Start": litho pilots in plane; "54 Plug Tobacco" ad in mssage area; unused, ca.1912?, on PPC. E $20
PC-87. Lot 10) Columbian Expo PPCs: Goldsmith Series #1 (some foxing & other minor faults) w/faulty orig.envelope, 1893. E $150 MIN.75
PC-88. "India & Ceylon Tea Pavilions/Worlds Fair/St. Louis/1904": litho, bldgs & insets of man & woman (offset ink spots) unmailed. E $15 MIN.8
PC-89. "Hudson Fulton Celeb./Sep.25-Oct.9 1909": litho; Clermont on the river & insets of steamer landing & Fulton (edge wear; tip cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-90. "So, Sailor-/You Brought Me/Way Out Here Just/To Look At Your Etchings": linen, military comic w/lady & tattooed, shirtless sailor sitting on pier; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-91. "That's Me-Always Ready For The Call To The/Red-White & Blue": linen, military comic w/enlistment poster & man following lady dressed in those colors; used; Camp Lee, VA, 1941. E $12 MIN.6
PC-92. "Post Exchange, Camp Upton, L.I.": litho, uniformed soldiers making purchases; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-93. Lot 2) "Fetes de la Victoire": REAL PHOTO; soldiers on horseback & Arc de Triomphe, Paris; 2 diff.views, 1 w/caption; unused, 1919 (Jul 14). E $20
PC-94. "Grosse bombe torpille Lancee par avion Allemand": REAL PHOTO French soldier by vertical unexploded bomb, [1919]. E $15 MIN.8
PC-95. Lot 3) Bonus Expeditionary Force (BEF) demonstration: REAL PHOTOs; 2) elevated views of campsites, Jun 17; 1) Pa.Ave.Ruins, Jul 29, after demonstrators driven out by army & belongings burned (tip cr), 1932. E $30 MIN.15
PC-96. "Steamers 'Catalina' & 'Avalon' at Pier & Casino/Avalon Bay, Santa Catalina Island, CA": linen; unused. E $8
PC-97. "U.S.Armored Cruiser 'Maryland'": litho (edge wear; tip cr) used; Tancred, CA, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-98. "Here's To The Arms/Of The Navy/Always irresistable!": litho, girl being hugged on bench by sailor boy (tip cr; tone specks) stamped but unmailed. E $12 MIN.6
PC-99. "U.S.Sailors Life 'Marines Drill'": litho view; 18 men w/rifles on deck; used; Oneida, IA, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-100. "Cunard Line. R.M.S. Caronia": printed; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-101. "Nordd. Lloyd, Bremen/Kapitan Polack/D 'Konig Albert'": printed, ship at sea & inset of captain (edge wear; bit lite tone; ms date in margin) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-102. "Rock Island-Davenport Ferry": litho, T. J. Robinson in Mississippi River (edge wear) used; Rock Island, IL, 1908. E $12 MIN.6
PC-103. "Steamer 'Sioux City,' West Okoboji Lake, IA": litho (edge wear; bit of offset canx ink) used; Arnolds Park, 1920. E $12 MIN.6
PC-104. "Wildwood Pk./Flood of 1950/Winnipeg (Canada)": REAL PHOTO, home w/flood water to top of foundation; unused ANSCO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-105. "Norwood Dikes Flood of 1950 Winnipeg (Canada)": REAL PHOTO, tractor on dirt dike by homes; unused ANSCO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-106. "Sparrow's Nest, Bowling Green, Lowestoft" (England): litho; bowlers & tennis match; unused, ca.1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-107. Lot 5 diff.) France military PPCs: 4 signed Georges Scott (Cavalerie; hasseur a Cheval; Infanterie; Le Fantassin(; 1 signed Liebaudel (Victoire) unused; World War I. E $100 MIN.50
PC-108. "Nurnberg, Konigstrasse": printed, signed Ritter; street scene in German city (tip cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-109. "Nurnberg, Nassauer Haus": printed, signed Ritter; scene in German city w/fountain; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-110. "King George VI & Queen Elizabeth & Their R.C.M.P. Personal Bodyguard on/Royal Tour": linen, 4 Canadian mounties & the king & queen (edge wear; tip cr; offset canx ink) used; Trenton, Ontario, 1943. E $12 MIN.6
PC-111. Family of 4 in old auto; sharp details; unused AZO back. E $8
PC-112. "Sure We're Cuckoo-But Happy!": linen, cartoon w/2 black babies sitting on floor under cuckoo clock; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-113. "Greetings from Stratford, WI": linen, busy person's card w/2 black babies w/backsides exposed; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-114. "Lawsy Me! What A Pe-/culiar Little Boy": linen, cartoon w/black woman looking at boy behind tree w/sap bucket; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-115. "Prof. Jas. Damrell Driving a Team of Timber Wolves/From Seattle To N.Y.City": REAL PHOTO; unused AZO. E $24 MIN.12
PC-116. Gay: 2 women; both in dresses, but 1 in man's bowler hat & suit coat; 50x77mm REAL PHOTO, at L; ms "Country cousins" note at R; used; Willimantic, CT, 1906. E $14
PC-117. "Bonne Annee (Happy New Year)": tinted REAL PHOTO, girl holding doll & 2 animal toys (edge wear; offset canx ink; crnr cr) used; Gent, Belgium, ca.1915. E $12 MIN.6
PC-118. "Hallowe'en Greetings": Frances Brundage signed witch & black cat on crescent moon (tip scuff) unmailed. E $50 MIN.26
PC-119. "Harvesting Scene, Combined Header & Thresher": litho, machine in wheat, pulled by team of 20+ (edge wear; tip crs) used; Scales, CA, 1914. E $12 MIN.6
PC-120. "Human Lungs/Non-Smoker/Smoker/'I Choose Not to Smoke'": chrome; healthy & cancerous lungs; Hinsdale (IL) Sanitarium & Hospital ad on back; 3.5x8.25" PPC; unused. E $8
PC-121. "If you see two witches at midnight, With a peacock feather...": 6-line poem; witches, cats, bat, moon, jack o'lantern; used, ca.1910. E $50 MIN.26
PC-122. "Joyful Hallowe'en": human-faced tree scaring boy; frog, mushrooms, black cat & jack o'lantern; unused. E $50 MIN.26
PC-123. "Koala/Native Bear/Australia": REAL PHOTO, koala on stump from Carlton Series; used; Sidney, 1935. E $8
PC-124. Little girl w/dog & doll: REAL PHOTO; used (bit of offset ink) Landeron, Switzerland. E $12 MIN.6
PC-125. "U.S. War Ship Nebraska, built at Seattle WA": litho, side view at sea & Northern Pacific logo (tip wear; tip cr; tiny tear T) used; Miles City & Spok/RPO, 1910. E $6
PC-126. "Our Camp/Last Sunday": REAL PHOTO, people in dress clothing by tent w/table set w/china (pencil note B) used; Gladstone, OR?, ca.1910?. E $8
PC-127. People standing on log on horse-drawn sled: REAL PHOTO winter scene (bit warped) used; Oneida, IA, 1910. E $8
PC-128. "Be With You In A Minute": signed F. Earl Christy w/pretty lady in coat & hat looking a tiny mirror (soil specks) unused. E $20 MIN.10
PC-129. "The Latest": linen, signed Barribal w/pretty lady in hat looking in mirror; unused. E $20 MIN.10
PC-130. REO auto w/Illinois plate; family of 3; sharp details; used; Cambridge, IL, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-131. "Old Santa/on a certain day...": signed Elliott w/Santa in a GREEN suit & verse (edge wear; lite tone; tip cr) unmailed. E $12 MIN.6
PC-132. "We Camp At The End Of The Trail-Region Seven Scout Landing": printed, Boy Scout tents pitched in woods by lake; stamped, unmailed. E $15 MIN.8
PC-133. "Schiff Scout Reservation/National Training Center/Boy Scouts of America/Mendham, NJ": litho, boys in canoes on lake (tip cr) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-134. Wolf: REAL PHOTO; on wooden platform; 1 boy sitting above; 2nd boy's arm & hand, touching wolf's back (tip cr) used; Morristown, SD, 1910. E $15
PC-135. "Yankee Doodle Came to town./July 4": drum, bugle & fireworks; likely unsigned Clapsaddle; used; Dexter, NM, 1908. E $14
PC-136. "Home of Gary Cooper, Brentwood Heights, CA": linen, exterior; unused. E $8
PC-137. "Residence of Mr. & Mrs. George Burns (Gracie Allen), Beverly Hills, CA": linen, exterior; unused. E $8
PC-138. "Home of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Benny (Mary Livingstone), Beverly Hills, CA": linen, exterior; unused. E $8
PC-139. Lot 23 diff.) Pinups; continental size; all in swimsuits, mostly 2-piece; Italy; unused, ca.1960s. MIN.$38

PO-1. Port Royal, SC, 1865 (Mar 5), G+ DCDS/target (bit lite tone) 1 day after Lincoln's 2nd Inauguration Date; on cvr. E $50 MIN.26
PO-2. Millgrove, OH, [1889] (Mar 4), F ms town/month/day (part ruff trim L; upper R tip ruff) Benj.Harrison 1st INAUGURATION DATE (49/04) on PSE w/fully datelined enc. E $30
PO-3. Washington/Sta.G, DC, 1913 (Mar 4; 12:30 PM), F Int'l (lite tone) inverted at lower L; Wilson 1st INAUGURATION date; 2nd strike dated Mar 5 (2:30 PM) tying stamp on PPC. Interesting & RARE combo. E $100
PO-4. Ponca, OK, 1913 (Mar 4), VF Amer/A14; Wilson 1st Inauguration date; 1c coil Sc.412 on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
PO-5. Washington, DC, 1913 (Mar 5), F Int'l; day after Wilson's 1st Inauguration; Dept.of the Interior/U.S.Geological Survey header; 2c Wash. on PC w/prohibited "Postal Card" header to Switzerland. E $30
PO-6. Fond du Lac, WI, 1925 (Mar 4), VF Int'l (toned) Coolidge Inauguration Date; 2c Harding on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
PO-7. Fond du Lac, WI, 1925 (Mar 4), VF Int'l (toned) Coolidge Inauguration Date; 2c Harding imperf on cvr. E $30 MIN.15
PO-8. Washington, DC, 1933 (Mar 4), VF Int'l (lite gum tone) FDR 1st Inauguration pictorial h/s cachet (capitol cupola) by Commem.Stamp Club on cvr. E $24
PO-9. Washington, DC, 1933 (Mar 4), VF duplex (trim L) FDR 1st Inauguration pictorial h/s cachet (eagle on globe) 3c Wash. on 5c air PSE. E $30
PO-10. Washington, DC, 1933 (Mar 4), VF Int'l; FDR 1st Inauguration pictorial h/s cachet (crude portrait; facsimile signature) by Empire State Philatelic Ass'n on cvr. E $30
PO-11. City Hall Anx, NY, 1933 (Mar 4), F Int'l; FDR 1st Inauguration date; N.Y.American cachet on cvr. E $20
PO-12. Washington, DC, 1945 (Jan 20), F 4-bar; FDR 4th Inauguration Day; Staehle cachet; 4.5c Prexie on cvr. E $40
PO-13. Washington, DC, 1957 (Jan 21), VF Univ.; Eisenhower 2nd Inauguration date; portrait cachet on unadd.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-14. Prescott, AZ, 1910, G+ Amer/B14 (tiny tear T) "District Atty., Yavapai County" cc on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-15. Piggott, AR, 1931, G+ Univ.; City of Piggott, J.B.Blakemore, Mayor, cc; 2c Yorktown on cvr. E $6
PO-16. Brazil (indistinct town), 1980, G+ DCDS on PPC to Pres.James Earl Carter: LONG (33-line) message in Portuguese, completely covering back side & continuing on to pix side, where message is spotty due to chrome finish, but "CIA" clearly visible. E $15
PO-17. Los Angeles, CA, 1964, G+ machine inverted at lower L, tying 26x38mm campaign label: "Goldwater Trading Stamp/Trade in Johnson for Barry Goldwater" w/portrait on GPC (heavy horiz.cr) w/message: "...our President's (sic)... have been selling us into 'Socialism'... vote for 'Goldwater'..."; familiar scare tactic. E $20
PO-18. San Francisco, CA, 1909, F Int'l; Asiatic Exclusion League h/s cc; 2c Seward on cvr. E $20
PO-19. Carl Albert: 14-term Oklahoma U.S.Rep (House Speaker 1971-6); printed signature frank; Washington, DC, 1958, VG Univ.; House of Rep's/Office of the Democratic Whip cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-20. East Capitol Sta., DC, 1888, G+ duplex; House of Representatives U.S. cc; bit faulty 2c green on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
PO-21. City Of Washington, DC, [1842], partial CDS (lite tone; message bleed-thru) John G.Floyd, MC, ms free frank on SFL. E $16
PO-22. Free/Washington, DC, [1850], partial CDS (crs; toned; lite soiled) "Second Auditor's Office,/Official Business." printed at upper R; P(hilip) Clayton ms frank on #10 cvr to Hon.HOWELL COBB, Athens, GA. E $40
PO-23. Free/Washington, DC, [1851], partial CDS (bit cr) "Treasury Dept.,Second Auditor's Office." h/s; P(hilip) Clayton ms frank on #10 cvr to His Excellency HOWELL COBB, Milledgeville, GA. E $40
PO-24. Washington, DC, 1870s, F CDS/cork (trim L; lower L tip nib) "United States of America" at upper L w/illus.eagles, train, wheat, etc.; "House of Representatives" across add.area; overall gray lined background on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
PO-25. Washington, DC, 1889, G+ duplex; U.S.Senate cc on cvr. E $8
PO-26. Washington, DC, 1918, G+ Univ. (trim R) Committee on Agriculture/House of Rep's cc; Edw.H.Wason, MC, printed signature frank (NH U.S.Senator) on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $14
PO-27. Washington, DC, 1921, VF Univ. (toned; part ruff L) Commitee on Accounts/House of Reps.cc; Clifford Ireland (IL Rep.) printed signature frank on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-28. Washington, DC, 1934, VG Int'l (trim L) U.S.Senate/Free cc; James E.Murray printed signature frank on cvr w/letterhead enc., SIGNED by Murray; 27-year Montana Senator. E $12
PO-29. Lot 4) Washington, DC, 1963, VG-G+ machines & DCDS; House of Rep's cc; Jas.F.Battin printed signature franks on #10 cvr, each w/1 or 2x 5c flag stamps; 5-term Montana Congressman, apparently foregoing free franking privilege. E $15
PO-30. Washington, DC, 1981 (Mar 30), VF CDS; "Pres.Reagan Shot" illus.cachet (Reagan just after shot; Brady; McCarthy; Delahanty portraits) on unadd.PSE. E $24 MIN.12
PO-31. (Washington), DC, 1990s, (no origin markings) Concerned Women for America cc; "Hawaii-America's Gay Mariage Mecca?" printed above window; 5c non-prof.canoe on #10 window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-32. (Washington), DC, ca.2003, (no origin markings) USO cc; "There Are No Stockings in Afghanistan..." printed above add.; 5c non-prof. on #10 cvr. E $5
PO-33. Washington City, DC, 1850s, G+ red CDS (trim L; 2 tips nib; soiled) "Post Office Dept./Official Business" h/s; scrawled ms frank & spotty "Free" h/s on #10 cvr to Hon.HOWELL COBB, Athens, GA; fwd to Monroe; fwd to Milledgeville. E $50
PO-34. Atlanta, GA, [1868], G blue CDS/cork; A(lexander) McDonald, USS, ms frank; (AR 1-term U.S.Senator) on cvr. E $15
PO-35. Atlanta, GA, [1928], VG Permit #20 (uneven toned; some separation at fold) "Smith or Hoover?" at L, w/illus.portraits on 2-panel PC w/Atlanta Georgian presidential poll on back. E $14
PO-36. Chicago, IL, 1911, VG Time-Cmns: canx inverted at lower L; smudge killer on stamp (trim R) "Consulate of Denmark" cc on PSE. E $14
PO-37. Chicago, IL, 1914, VG Int'l (trim R) "Imperial German Consulate" bilingual cc on cvr. E $14
PO-38. Chicago, IL, 1966, G+ machine; Stevenson/Treasurer cc; Ill.Citizens for Adlai E.Stevenson III on flap; 5c STEVENSON commem. (his father) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-39. No.Suburban, IL, 1988, F machine on GPC to German Consulate Gen'l, Chicago, w/"Generalkonsulat..." boxed h/s as recd. E $15 MIN.8
PO-40. Ottawa, IL, 1910, VG Amer/B14(1); "Vote for Geo.J.Gleim/County Judge" illus.ad (photo portrait) on cvr w/matching illus.letterhead enc. E $20
PO-41. Springfield, IL, 1888, G duplex (tear T, in dial; lite tone) State of Illinois/Treasurer's Office fancy cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
PO-42. Springfield, IL, 1896, VF Barry (edge tear T; no flap) "Executive Office" engraved cc on cvr. E $14
PO-43. Hammond, IN, 1960 (Oct 5), F Univ. (bit uneven trim T; bit lite tone) inverted strike, tying "Vote Nixon" campaign label at lower L; ms "Postage Due 4c" on commer.cvr mailed w/o stamp. E $20
PO-44. Indianapolis, IN, 1860s, G+ blue CDS/cork (trim R) State of Indiana/Dept.of Public Instruction illus.country scene w/man chopping tree; on cvr. E $20
PO-45. LaPorte, IN, 1906, G+ duplex (ruff R; lite tone) Wm.Plambaeck, Recorder, LaPorte Cty header w/illus.courthouse on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
PO-46. Point View, KS, 1909 (Mar 4), F Doane 1/1; Taft Inauguration date (79-12) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
PO-47. (Metairie), LA, 1990s, (no origin markings) Rep.David Duke cc w/photo portrait; "David Duke Needs to Know: Will You Fight or Surrender?"; 10c truce presort on #10 window cvr from former KKK Grand Wizard. E $14
PO-48. Baltimore, MD, 1992, G+ machine (bit lite tone) Internal Rev.Service cc on #10 penalty cvr w/USPS logo as "stamp"; penalty clause at L in same "rounded square" shape. Unusual type. E $12 MIN.6
PO-49. Boston, MA, 1889, F Amer (bit trim T) Amer.Woman Suffrage Ass'n cc on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
PO-50. Chihuahua, Mexico, 1907, G DCDS; "American Consular Service" cc w/"Chihuahua" h/s below on cvr to U.S. E $15 MIN.8
PO-51. Grand Haven, MI, 1914, VG Amer/A14 (trim R; ink spots by add.) "Daniel F. Pagelsen, Vice-Consul of Sweden" cc on cvr. E $14
PO-52. Lansing, MI, [1952], printed Permit #1663 (staple holes) Michigan Office of Civil Defense cc on 3x5.5" cvr w/enc.card: "Enclosed is your blood-type ID tag; you may need it as much in your daily life as in an ATOMIC DISASTER. Carry it... at all times..." (tag not included); NICE COLD WAR ERA item. E $24
PO-53. Winona, MN, 1927, G+ Int'l (town partial) U.S.Dept.of Agriculture/Upper Mississippi River Wild Life & Fish Refuge cc on penalty cvr. E $8
PO-54. Caruthersville, MO, 1908 (Oct 26), G+ duplex; "For President/W.J.Bryan" pictorial campaign label at L (not tied, but apparently belongs) on cvr w/enc., w/info re.saloon fight; dead man found in front of printing office; "It's real exciting to live here. Shootings are a weekly occurrence. Usually it's a negro that's shot... Every one gets excited over the night riders, too..." E $75
PO-55. Las Cruces, NM, [1888], G+ CDS/cork; "Central Democratic Club" cc on cvr. E $14
PO-56. Las Cruces, NM, 1909, G+ duplex (slight trim T; edge tear L) Isidoro Armijo, Probate Clerk & Ex-Officio Recorder return add.at L; "The Wise have their Deeds Promptly Recorded" header w/2 illus.owls on PSE. E $14
PO-57. New York, NY, 1881, VG duplex (edge tears T) Commissioners of Emigration, Castle Garden, NY, cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
PO-58. New York/E, NY, ca.1888, G+ mute oval (bit lite tone) Woman's Nat'l Republican Committee cc; bit faulty 1c Sc.212 on unsealed cvr. E $20
PO-59. New York/Gd.Cent.Sta., NY, 1951, VG Int'l (lite cr) Pakistan Permanent Delegation to the U.N. green engraved cc w/illus.star & crescent on #10 cvr to UN Sec'y Gen'l. E $15
PO-60. (Raleigh), NC, ca.1880, G cork killer only; State of North Carolina/Sec'y of State cc w/illus.capitol; bit faulty 1c banknote on cvr. E $20
PO-61. Shaft, PA, 1898, G+ CDS/cork (trim R) Republican County Committee, Pottsville cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
PO-62. Wilkes Barre, PA, 1903, G+ Barry (trim L; upper L tip ruff; lite tone) House of Representatives U.S.; Henry W.Palmer h/s signature frank on official business cvr to 22nd Coast Artillery, Cabana Barracks, Havana, Cuba. E $15 MIN.8
PO-63. Pawtucket, RI, 1900, G+ Amer/B14; "Seal of the Mayor" illus.ad at L on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-64. Charleston, SC, 1932, VF Univ.; Office Chief of Police cc w/illus.insignia on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
PO-65. Richmond, VA, 1912, F Int'l (lite tone; upper R tip nib; bit scuff by stamp) Nat'l League for Medical Freedom cc on cvr w/enc.: 8.75x11.25" 4-pg.reprint of 1910 Ladies' Home Journal article "The Fallacy of Vaccination." Some things never change. E $14
PO-66. Williamsburg, VA, 1972, VF machine w/1st Day slogan (trim L) U.S.Senate/Sen.TED STEVENS cc; 8c wig maker on FDC: window cvr w/letterhead campaign enc.to Wrangell, AK, & fwd; from disgraced Senator. E $14
PO-67. (Milwaukee), WI, ca.1998, (no origin markings) Citizens for a Better Environment cc; illus.aspens; 5c non-prof. on #10 cvr. E $6
PO-68. Frances F.Cleveland Preston/Free": Pres.Cleveland's widow ms frank; Princeton, NJ, 1938, VF ms (bit lite tone) on cvr w/engraved return add.on flap. E $50
PO-69. Frances F.Cleveland Preston/Free: Pres.Cleveland's widow's ms frank; canxed Dunedin, FL, 1941, F Univ. (lite gum tone) "The Yacht Club Inn/Mrs. Florence G.Cay, Prop." cc on cvr. E $70 MIN.36
PO-70. Free/Howell Cobb: ms frank; U.S.Congressman (later Pres.of Confederate States Provisional Congress), ca.1851, (tears L & T, taped inside; crs; paper clip tone line) on stampless cvr to Hon.James Buchanan, Lancaster, PA (later President). E $75
PO-71. Lot 3) Everett M.Dirksen: printed signature franks; canxed Washington, DC, 1943-65, on #10 cvrs w/diff.cc's: House of Reps (tiny tear); U.S.Senate Judiciary Committee; U.S.Senate Minority Leader. E $20
PO-72. Herbert Hoover: 31st President's facsimile signature frank in meter; New York, NY, 1960, VF meter on cvr. E $75
PO-73. "President McKinley delivering his Inaugural Address, Washington, DC": STEREO CARD, view from distance behind men on horseback; pub Jarvis (tip wear; bit lite tone). E $15 MIN.8
PO-74. P(hilip) Clayton ms signature & "Treasury Dept./Second Auditor's Office" printed at upper R, ca.1850, on "in-house" #10 cvr to Hon.HOWELL COBB, Speaker (of the House). E $24 MIN.12
PO-75. P(hilip) Clayton ms signature & "Treasury Dept./Second Auditor's Office" printed at upper R, ca.1850, on "in-house" #10 cvr to Hon.HOWELL COBB, Speaker Ho.Reps.U.S./Present. E $24 MIN.12
PO-76. Anna Eleanor Roosevelt: printed signature frank; canxed New York, NY, 1948, G+ Int'l (upper R tip bit slit) Apt.15-A, 29 Washington Square, West, New York 11 return add.on flap on cvr. E $50
PO-77. "Donald J.Trump, New York City" cc; "230 Park.Ave., 10th Floor" on flap; canxed "Mailed From Zip Code 60563" (Naperville, IL), 2007, VF Mailer's Postmark Permit 4015 (trim B) tying 10c presorted standard on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
PO-78. "A New Generation of Prosperity/Jan.20, 1981": 56mm yellow pinback w/Reagan portrait. E $8
PO-79. "Citizens for Johnson & Humphrey": 36mm pinback w/portraits, 1964. E $6
PO-80. "Humphrey-Muskie/Vote Democrat": 44mm pinback w/portraits (rust on back), 1968. E $6
PO-81. "I Was There/President Reagan/VP Bush/50 Inauguration/Jan.20, 1981": 75mm pinback w/portraits. E $8
PO-82. "Jimmy Carter/Our 39th President/Inauguration Day-Jan.20th, 1977": 44mm pinback w/portrait & eagle. E $6
PO-83. "New Leadership & Competence/Carter-Mondale in '76": 88mm pinback w/portraits (rust on back). E $6
PO-84. "Reagan-Bush in '80/Lets Make America Great Again": 88mm pinback w/portraits. E $8

RAILWAY POST OFFICES & RELATED (Towle #'s) Need the RPO Catalog? We have it!
RR-1. Aberd & Sioux City, 1929, G+ 885-I-1 (near VG) Tr4 on commer.cvr w/enc. E $8
RR-2. Aberdeen & S.City, 1918, G+ 885-F-2 (near VG+; lite tone) T106; Knapp & Spencer Hardware, Sioux City salesman's notice at L on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-3. Aberdeen & Sx Cy, 1938, G+ NEW TYPE; Tr116 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-4. Ada & Chickasaw, 1916, G+ 930.1-A-1 (lite tone) T441 on PPC. E $20
RR-5. Albuq & Ashfork, 1925, VG 964-C-10 Tr7 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-6. Albuq & Ashfork, 1922, VG+ 964-C-6 Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-7. Albuq & Ashfork, 1918, G+ 964-C-7 (R arc on stamp; tear B; lite tone) Tr9 on PPC. E $6
RR-8. Albuq & El Paso, 1943, G+ 911-K-17 (dial bit hi; bit cr; part lite tone) Tr14; airman's ms "Free" frank on PPC datelined "Enroute to Destination, Troop Train, Albuquerque". E $14
RR-9. Albuq & Los Ang E.D., 1938, VG 964-G-1 Tr20 on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-10. Albuq & Los Ang E.D., 1954, G+ 964-G-1 Tr18 on 4.25x6" "Petrified Forest" pictorial folder. E $8
RR-11. Albuq & Los Ang W.D., 1944, VG 964-E-1 (lite tone) Tr20; soldier's ms "Free" frank; "U.S.O./Gallup, New Mexico" blue h/s above message on PPC. E $14
RR-12. Albuquerque & Ashfork, 1913, G+ 964-D-1 (near VG+) Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-13. Albuquerque & Ashfork, 1913, VG 964-D-1 (lite tone) Tr10 on PPC. E $8
RR-14. Albuquerque & Ashfork, 1913, G+ 964-D-1 (part lite tone) Tr3; 1c Balboa on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-15. Albuquerque & Ashfork, 1920, VG+ 964-D-1 Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-16. Albuquerque & Ashfork, 1927, F 964-D-3 Tr22 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-17. Albuquerque & Ashfork, 1908, G+ 964-D-4 (bit smear) Tr7 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-18. Albuquerque & Ashfork, 1923, G+ NEW TYPE (R arc on stamp; crs) T10 on PPC. E $15
RR-19. Alburg & Boston/S.R., 1912, G+ 41-Q-2 (dial bit hi) T164 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-20. Alton Bay & Merry, 1937, G+ C-13-b; STEAMBOAT RPO on commer.PPC (Lake Winnipesaukee). E $12 MIN.6
RR-21. Altus & San Ang, 1957, G+ 929-K-2 (bit trim T) Tr46 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-22. Altus & San Angelo, 1957, G+ 929-A-3 (bit trim T) Tr45 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-23. Altus & San Angelo, 1958, G+ 929-A-3 (bit trim T) Tr46 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-24. Alva & Geary, 1920, G+ 931.1-A-1 (lite tone) T727 on PPC. E $16
RR-25. Amar & Albuq, 1957, VF 928-J-2 (trim T) Tr24 on commer.cvr. E $6
RR-26. Amarillo & Albuq.E.D., 1955 (Apr 28), F 928-C-1 Tr1 on cvr. E $8
RR-27. Amarillo & Albuq.E.D., 1965, VF 928-C-1 Tr1 on PPC. E $6
RR-28. Amarillo & Albuq.W.D., 1957, F 928-N-1 (trim T) Tr24 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-29. Amarillo & Plainview, 1917, G+ 489-D-1 "NORTH" on PPC. 7 years after name change. E $24 MIN.12
RR-30. Amarillo & Vaughn, 1922, G+ NEW TYPE; Tr22 on PPC. E $20
RR-31. Ark City & Lindsay, 1920, G+ 930.2-A-2 (part spotty; toned) T408 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-32. Arkville & E.Branch, 1937, G+ 154-A-1 ("LE & E." mostly not struck) Tr4 on commer.cvr. E $20
RR-33. Ash & Praise, 1911, G+ 542-C-2 (bit o/s; lite tone) Tr39 on PPC. E $15
RR-34. Ash, Abb & Milw, 1911, VG 849-G-2 w/partial Tr104 on PPC. E $14
RR-35. Ashfork & Los Ang, 1909, G+ 964-L-1 (part on stamp) Tr7 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-36. Ashfork & Los Ang, 1908, G+ 964-L-4 (T arc obscured by printing on card) Tr7 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-37. Ashfork & Los Ang/E.D., 1921, VG 964-O-3 Tr9 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-38. Ashfork & Los Ang/W.D., 1920, G+ 964-P-4 (near F+) Tr18 on PPC. E $8
RR-39. Ashfork & Los Ang/W.D., 1921, G+ 964-P-4 Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-40. Ashland & Gerber, 1925, VG 894-H-3 Tr13 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-41. Ashuelot R.R., [1877], G+ 29-A-2 (dial hi: "HUE" partly off) on GPC. E $40 MIN.20
RR-42. Ashuelot R.R., [1877], G+ purple 29-A-2 (part lite) on GPC. E $50 MIN.26
RR-43. Atch & Lenoro (ERROR: "Lenora" MISSPELLED), 1907, G+ 908-E-4 T504 on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
RR-44. Atchison & Lenora, [1913], VF 908-G-1 T502 on PPC. E $14
RR-45. Atl & Jack, 1945, G+ 361-F-1 Tr8 on commer.PPC. E $8
RR-46. Atl & Sav/RPO, 1955 (Aug 2), G+ 353-J-3 Tr1; used on HPO, this date; on cacheted cvr. E $8
RR-47. Augusta & Atlanta, 1909, G+ 355-E-2 (near VG; tiny tip scuff R) Tr1 on PPC. E $6
RR-48. Augusta, GA/Local Agt, [1900], G+ 374-C-1 (lite tone) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-49. Aurora & Sargent, 1925, G+ 947.2-B-1 (dial bit hi; slight ruff slit T) Tr52 on cvr w/enc.datelined Sargent. E $14
RR-50. Austin & Albia, 1910, G+ 770-A-2 (lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-51. Baker & Portland, 1927, VF 898-C-4 Tr24 on Burlington Route ad PPC. E $15
RR-52. Balt & Highfield, 1904, G+ 236-C-1 (slight trim T) Tr7 on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
RR-53. Balt & Pittsburgh, 1915, G+ 274-O-1 (tip crs) Tr11 on PPC. E $8
RR-54. Balto & Pittsburg, 1910, VF 274-AG-1 (dial hi: " & P" partly off; R edge bit lite tone) Tr9 on PPC. E $20
RR-55. Bangor & Boston, 1916, VG 4-Q-6 T102 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-56. Bath & Lewiston, ca.1908, VG 7-C-2 (bit lite tone) Tr50 on PPC (New Meadows Inn, Bath). E $6
RR-57. Bay & New Phila/Agt, [1880], G+ 553-G-1 ("PHILA" not struck) on GPC. E $20
RR-58. Beards & Shawneetown, 1910, G+ 718-K-1 w/"HACKNE(Y)" h/s ("Y" off T edge; L arc of dial mostly not struck & off L edge; stamp fault) Tr125; "Missent" h/s struck twice; as fwd on PPC. SCARCE use, despite strike. E $14
RR-59. Bee & McAllen/HPO, 1956, G+ duplex (upper R on stamp; lower L tip nib) Trip 2 on cvr. E $15
RR-60. Belleville & J.City, 1909, G+ 915-D-2 T128 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-61. Belleville & J.City, 1909, VG+ 915-D-2 T127 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-62. Bellingham & Seat, 1916, G+ 901.1-B-1 (toned) T444 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-63. Bellingham & Seat, 1909, VF 901.1-B-2 (dial bit hi; toned) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-64. Bement & Effingham, 1898, G+ NEW TYPE (dial bit hi; upper L crnr toned) "NORTH" on GPC datelined Hammond, IL. E $24
RR-65. Bill & Denver/S.D., 1951, VF 951-D-1 (lite crs) Tr32; Silo-Seal Wisconsin Div'n, RFD 1, Longmont, CO, cc on commer.#10 air cvr. E $8
RR-66. Blackfoot & Mackay, 1910, G+ 890-O-1 ("FOOT" mostly not struck) T202 on PPC. E $20
RR-67. Bos, Troy & Albany, 1906, G+ 51-T-3 (bit o/s) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-68. Lot 67) "Boston & ...", 1880s-1968, various types (varied condition) on cvrs/cards. MIN.$24
RR-69. Lot 61) Boston & Albany, 1907-69, various types (varied condition) on cvrs/cards. MIN.$24
RR-70. Boston & So.Vernon, 1914, F+ 29-H-1 (lite tone) Tr61 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-71. Lot 22) Boston, Troy & Albany, 1907-23, various types (varied condition) on cvrs/cards. MIN.$12
RR-72. Breck & Aberdeen, 1951, F+ 878.3-A-1 Tr192 on 4x5" commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-73. Bremond & Rotan, 1909, VG 465-E-1 (dial bit hi) Tr1 on PPC. E $15
RR-74. Bristol & Chatt/F.H.Phillips,/Chattanooga, Tenn., 1907, F purple clerk's boxed h/s (part lite soiled) Tr42 on reg.pack.rect.card. E $15
RR-75. Bristol & Chatt/RPO/F.H.Phillips,/Chattanooga, Tenn., 1906, F purple clerk's straight-line h/s (part lite soiled) Tr41 on reg.pack.rect.card. E $15
RR-76. Buda & Rush, 1932, VG+ 699-N-1 (trim R) Tr21; CATALOG COPY on commer.cvr. E $14
RR-77. Buda & Rush/R.R., 1870s, G+ blue 699-A-2 (lower R on stamp; trim R) on cvr. E $20
RR-78. Buda & Y.City, 1888, VG+ 699-I-1 w/neg."S" in cork killer; "MISSENT" h/s below; as fwd on back of GPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-79. Buda & Y.City/Agt, 1883, G+ 699-D-1 ("BU" not struck; part lite tone) on GPC. E $14
RR-80. Buffalo & Galeton, 1910, G+ 153-F-2 (part on stamp) T343 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-81. Buffalo & Harris, 1911, VF 146-G-2 (toned) Tr44 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-82. Buffalo & Harrisburg, 1911, F 146-F-1 Tr56 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-83. Bureau Valley/R.R., 1870s, G+ 703-A-2 (edge tear T; uneven slit upper R) on cvr. E $40
RR-84. Bureau & Peoria, 1884, G+ 703-C-1 (trim R) on cvr. E $14
RR-85. C.C. & D.R.R.Co./Gordon's Ferry (Chicago, Clinton & Dubuque), 1882, G+ 753-S-5 (T arc mostly not struck) 5c Taylor on cvr to Germany. E $70
RR-86. C.Creek Junc & Kayford, 1908, G+ 287-C-1 (part lite soiled) T113 on PPC. E $20
RR-87. Cald & Ingersoll, 1909, G+ 931.1-B-1 (toned) T723 on PPC. E $100
RR-88. Caledonia & Sp.Valley, 1911, VG 744-B-1 T312 on PPC. E $16
RR-89. Caledonia & Sp.Valley, 1911, G+ 744-B-1 (month omitted) T303 on PPC. E $14
RR-90. Calexico & Los Ang, 1933, G+ 994.1-D-2 (R arc on stamp; bit ruff trim L, just in "H" in ad; tiny tear T; lite tone) T819; Hotel Dunlack, Brawley, CA, "In the Heart of Imperial Valley" illus.ad on commer.cvr w/matching illus.letterhead enc. E $20
RR-91. Calis & Vallejo Jc, 1912, G+ 983-F-2 Tr63 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-92. Calmar & Chamb E.D., 1884, G+ 761-G-1 w/small "W" killer (R arc obscured on stamp; lite cr) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-93. Cam & Leavenworth, 1909, G+ 755-Z-1 (dial bit hi; lite tone) T506 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-94. Carson & Sidney, 1909, VG+ 787.2-A-1 (1" tear L; bit tone; tip wear) Tr11 on PPC. E $16
RR-95. Casev & Pontiac, 1892, G+ NEW TYPE (EARLY) Tr2 on PSE. E $30 MIN.15
RR-96. Ced Rap & Esther, 1913, G+ NEW TYPE; T464 on PPC. E $16
RR-97. Ced Rap & Sioux Falls/E.D., 1913, G+ 748-K-1 T464 on PPC. E $8
RR-98. Chamb & Rapid City, 1908, G+ 761-AD-2 ("B" not struck; dial bit hi) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-99. Chamb & Rapid City, 1909, G+ 761-AD-3 (part on stamp; tip wear) Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-100. Char & St.J., 1926, VG 776-E-1 (lite tone) T113 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-101. Chat & Mem, 1957, G+ 502-I-1 (T arc partly on stamps) Tr86 on PPC datelined Corinth, MS. E $6
RR-102. Chatt & Memp, 1948, VG 502-J-1 (bit lite tone) Tr46 on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-103. Chatt & N.O.S.D., 1938, G+ 400-Q-1 Tr44 on commer.cvr w/Hattiesburgh, MS, return add. E $8
RR-104. Cheboy & Bay City, 1916, VF 643-E-1 Tr3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-105. Chi 8 Co Bluffs (ERROR: 8 for &), 1959, G+ NEW TYPE ("75th Anniv..." slogan obscured on stamp) Tr29; Fast Mail Anniv.slogan cachet on cvr. E $15
RR-106. Chi To Davenport, ca.1868, G+ 702-F-3 (trim R) Land & Water Power Co., MARSAILLES (sic), IL, cc; 3c grill on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-107. Chi & Co.Bluffs/Thro Run, 1902, VG+ 694-Z-2 Tr8 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-108. Chi & Omaha, 1954, VG 691-Z-2 w/"90th Anniv./RPO/Service" slogan in 4-bar killer; Tr5; 90th Anniv.cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-109. Chi & St.Louis, 1952 (Feb 1), G+ 705-F-4 (lite tone) Trip 10; "1st Trip/Railroad Operated Highway Bus/Gulf Transport" h/s cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-110. Chi, Abbots & Mnpls, 1901, G+ 844-AB-2 Tr6 on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-111. Lot 69) Chicago & Omaha, 1913-74, various types, inc.pictorial; some duplication (varied condition) on cvrs (some cacheted)/cards. MIN.$24
RR-112. Lot 32) Chicago & St.Louis, 1908-70, various types (varied condition) on cvrs (some cacheted)/cards. MIN.$18
RR-113. Cin & Knox, 1968, F+ 522-F-2 Tr17 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-114. Cin & Knox, 1968, VG+ magenta 522-F-2 Tr17; "LAST TRIP" h/s w/2 pointing hands in SAME INK COLOR on cvr. E $15
RR-115. Cin & St.Lou, 1968, F 650-T-1 Tr2 on cacheted cvr. E $6
RR-116. Cin & St.Lou, 1968, F 650-T-1 Tr11; CATALOG COPY on PPC. E $8
RR-117. Cleve & Cin, 1911, G+ 555-H-11 (near VG) Tr46 on PPC. E $6
RR-118. Clinton & Ced Rap, 1907, G+ 786.1-B-1 (part spotty; lite tone) T408 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-119. Clinton & Ced Rap, 1906, G+ 786.1-B-2 (lite tone) T401 on PPC. E $24
RR-120. Coeur d'Alene & Spok, 1911, G+ 906.1-A-1 (part on stamp; scuff on address) "WEST" on PPC. E $20
RR-121. Colo Spgs, Div & C.Creek, 1916, G+ 956-E-2 (near VG+) "EAST" on PPC. E $20
RR-122. Columbus & Lincoln, 1911, VG+ 935-F-1 (dial hi: "US" partly off) Tr22 on PPC. E $14
RR-123. Commerce & Sherman, 1905, G+ NEW TYPE (part on stamp; tear T, in dial; cr; lite tone) Tr203 on PPC. E $70
RR-124. Cont & Peterboro, 1890, G+ 26-T-1 (R arc spotty) on GPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-125. Creston & St.Joseph, 1911, G+ 749-G-1 (near F; B edge nibbles; toned) Tr3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-126. Croft & Wakefield, 1912, G+ 937-E-1 (part on stamp; dial bit hi; toned) Tr42 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-127. Cumb & Piedmont, 1910, G+ 276-B-2 ("ONT" obscured on stamp; lite tone) T124 on PPC. E $30
RR-128. Danv & Thebes, 1933, G+ 689-D-1 (dial bit hi) Tr124 on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-129. Decorah & C.Rapids, 1911, G+ 747-C-2 T444 on PPC. E $8
RR-130. Den & Amarillo, 1908, F 958-P-1 Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-131. Den & Amarillo, 1917, G+ 958-P-1 ("RPO" mostly not struck) Tr7 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-132. Den & Ogden, 1888, G+ 957-B-1 (T arc spotty; tone spot) on cvr w/enc. E $20
RR-133. Den & Wichita Falls, 1928, G+ NEW TYPE (killer mostly off R) Tr"38-18" on reg.disp.rect.card w/W.Falls & Abilene VF 494-D-1 Tr2 on reverse. E $14
RR-134. Denver & Gr.Junct, 1905, VF 953-M-1 Tr4 on PPC. E $20
RR-135. Denver & Grand Jct/W.D., 1920, VG 953-Q-1 (o/s) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-136. Denver & Grand Junc, 1901, G+ 953-K-1 ("RPO" mostly not struck; sealed spindle) Tr5 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-137. Denver & Grand Junct, 1914, G+ 953-L-3 (toned) Tr6 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-138. Denver & Grand Junct, 1916, G+ 953-L-3 (lite tone; crs) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-139. Detroit & Cin, 1968, G+ 616-B-2 Tr53 on cvr. E $6
RR-140. Dodge City & Trin, 1919, G+ 911-U-1 (tip cr) Tr10 on PPC. E $8
RR-141. Dodge & Trinidad, 1921, G+ 911-T-1 (part on stamp) Tr7 on PPC. E $8
RR-142. Dodge & Trinidad, 1922, F 911-T-1 (EARLY; crs; lite tone) Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-143. Dodge & Trinidad, 1926, G+ 911-T-1 (dial hi: " & T" partly off; lower R tip nick; part lite tone) Tr6 on PPC. E $8
RR-144. Dub & Sioux City, 1906, VG+ 759-AA-1 (uneven toned) Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-145. Dub & Sioux City, 1907, G+ 759-AA-1 (part on stamp) Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-146. Dub & Sioux City, 1911, G+ 759-AA-3 (crnr crs) Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-147. Dub & Sioux City, 1912, G+ 759-AA-5 (lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-148. Dubuque & Dav, 1912, G+ 872-J-1 (crs; lite tone) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $20
RR-149. Dul & Grand Forks, 1910, G+ 878.6-A-1 (dial bit hi; part on stamp) Tr36 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-150. Duluth & Staples, 1914, G+ NEW TYPE (T arc on stamp) Tr57 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-151. Dunsmuir & S.F., 1935, VG 982-G-1 Tr5; Wilson Tobacco Co., Chico, CA, cc on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
RR-152. Ehrhardt & Green, 1906, F 348.1-A-2 (lower R crnr ruff; upper R ruff slit; lite tone) Tr10; Pringle Bros., Charleston, SC, cc on PSE. E $20 MIN.10
RR-153. El Paso & Los Ang, 1909, G+ 963-M-3 (part on stamp; crnr cr) Tr10 on PPC. E $8
RR-154. El Paso & Los Ang/E.D., 1929, F 963-N-1 Tr104; 2c Civil Aero. on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-155. Ellis & Denver, 1933, G+ 907-F-3 (part on stamp) Tr22 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-156. Ells & Watertown, 1908, G+ 748-P-1 (L arc spotty; pinhole in stamp) "EAST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-157. Elroy & Rap Cy.W.D., 1939, G+ 866-O-3 (ruff L, just in ad; bit lite tone) Tr514; Alex Johnson Hotel, Rapid City, SD, illus.ad (mountains & lake); illus.ad on back (hotel) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-158. Evans & Aberdeen, 1907, G+ 876.4-A-1 (dial hi: " & ABE" partly off; lite tone) T192 on PPC. E $70
RR-159. Fargo & Minot, 1947, G+ 869-T-1 (part on stamp) Tr9 on commer.PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-160. Fargo & Streeter, 1908, G+ 888.4-B-3 (toned) T108 on PPC. E $20
RR-161. Flaxton & White, 1944, G+ 880.4-B-1 ("ITE" mostly not struck) Tr52 on commer.PPC. E $14
RR-162. Florence & Ark City, 1907, G+ 919-C-4 (T arc spotty; lite tone; bit cr) "NORTH" on PPC. E $8
RR-163. Florence & Ellen ("Ellinwood" MISSPELLED), 1889, G+ 918.1-A-1 (edge tears T, 1 in stamp) State Bank of McPherson, KS, cc on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
RR-164. Fondulac & Marsh'fd (MISSPELLING), 1929, G+ 847-E-1 Tr33 on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-165. Freeport & Cent, 1912, G+ 709-C-3 Tr120 on PPC. E $8
RR-166. Ft.D. & Des M./Agt, 1880s, G+ 757-G-1 (ruff R) on cvr. E $20
RR-167. Ft.Mad & Ottumwa, 1906, G+ 785-A-2 (lite crs) Tr9 on PPC. E $20
RR-168. Ft.Smith & Ark City, 1915, G+ NEW TYPE (R arc on stamp; lite tone) Tr1 on PPC. E $15
RR-169. Ft.W., Teague & Hous, 1912, G+ 475-B-1 Tr8 on PPC. E $16
RR-170. Ft.Worth & Big Spring, 1915, F 483-I-2 (dial bit hi) Tr3 on PPC. E $14
RR-171. Ft.Worth & Galv, 1935, G+ NEW TYPE (bit lite tone) Tr16 on commer.PPC. E $8
RR-172. Ft.Worth & Houston, 1931, VG 469-D-1 Tr19 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-173. Gales & Rush, 1914, G+ 699-O-3 (tear T) Tr47 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-174. Transfer Clerk/Galesburg, IL, 1944, VF 745-Q-7; ms "Free" frank on PPC w/Hosp Staff, Great Lakes, IL, return add. E $12 MIN.6
RR-175. Galva & K., 1870s, G+ blue 698-A-1 (date mostly not struck; T tips ruff) on cvr. E $20
RR-176. Geneva, Ithaca & Athens (R.R.?)/Taghanic Station ("Taghkanick" MISSPELLED), 1874, G+ blue DCDS (UNLISTED; R arc not struck; edge tears) as origin at L; Gen & Ith/R.R. G+ 135-B-1 (upper L partial) as canx on stamp; on cvr. E $50
RR-177. Gerber & San Fran, 1923, G+ 982-H-3 Tr16 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-178. Gerber & San Fran, 1919, G+ NEW TYPE (part lite water tone) Tr13 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-179. Germania & Dows, 1916, G+ 803-F-1 (lower R & part of date on stamp; lite tone; 2 tips nib) T436 on PPC. E $8
RR-180. Gibson & Sumter, 1910, VG 348.3-A-1 (part lite water tone) Tr57 on GPC. E $20
RR-181. Greeley & Denver, 1907, F 951-L-5 (tip cr) Tr24 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-182. Green R. & Port M.D., 1951, G+ 898-J-1 Tr18 on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-183. Groveton Jct & Boston, 1912, G+ 25-X-1 (near F; lite tone) Tr64 on PPC. E $8
RR-184. Hampton & Algona, 1908, VG 773.2-A-1 (dial hi: tips of " & A" off) "EAST" on PPC. E $24
RR-185. Han & Ft.Scott, [1877], VF 809-H-1 w/"MISSENT" h/s, as transit on GPC. E $40
RR-186. Han & Ft.Scott, 1878, G+ 809-H-1 (L arc lite; ruff L; lower R tip ruff; edge tears) on cvr. E $24
RR-187. Harris & Winches, 1912, G+ 209-M-1 (part on stamp) T10 on PPC. E $8
RR-188. Hous & Eagle Pass, 1905, G+ 476-I-1 Tr10 on priv.mailing card. E $14
RR-189. Hous, Flat & San Anto, 1911, G+ 476-F-1 (dial hi: "T & " partly off; lite tone; tip cr) Tr10 on PPC. E $8
RR-190. Houston & El Paso/W.D., 1908, G+ 476-K-2 (lite tone) Tr9 on PPC. E $8
RR-191. Houston & Granger, 1913, G+ 471-M-1 (lite tone) Tr20 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-192. Houston & Sanderson, 1909, G+ 476-P-1 Tr10 on PPC. E $20
RR-193. Iaeger & C.Bluff, 1942, G+ 290.2-A-1 T214 on GPC. E $8
RR-194. Ind & Chariton, 1910, VG 776-P-3 (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr9 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-195. Inlet & Old Forge, 1910, G+ F-12-a (bit lite tone) steamboat RPO on PPC. E $8
RR-196. Inlet & Old Forge, 1946, G+ F-12-c (cr) Tr2; steamboat RPO on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-197. Jack & St.Pete, 1935, G+ 393-H-3 ("PO" not struck; crnr crs) Tr38 on commer.PPC. E $8
RR-198. Jack & St.Peters, 1921, G+ 393-D-5 (near VG+) Tr38 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-199. Jack, Ocala & Tampa, 1925, G+ 383-C-1 (crnr cr) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-200. Jacks & Adrian, 1909, VG 614-D-1 (dial bit hi; killer mostly off R; lite tone) T318 on PPC. E $14
RR-201. Jackson & Niles, 1908, G+ 610-Q-1 (lite tone) Tr63 on PPC. E $14
RR-202. Jacksonv & St.Petersburg, 1925, G+ 393-G-1 (crs; lite soiled) Tr38 on commer.#10 special del.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-203. Jacksonv & St.Petersburg, 1934, VG 393-G-1 Tr38 on commer.PPC. E $8
RR-204. James & Miles City, 1913, G+ 874-V-2 Tr7 on PPC w/message: "On the train for New York..." E $12 MIN.6
RR-205. K.C. & Albuq M.D., 1943, G+ 911-AS-1 (near VG) Tr19; Army Air Corps, AAFTTC, Madison, WI, return add.; cpl's ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-206. K.C. & Colo Springs, 1908, G+ 922-AF-1 (R arc on stamp; lite tone) Tr40 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-207. K.C. & Colo Springs, 1909, G+ 922-AF-1 (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr39 on PPC. E $14
RR-208. K.C. & Dallas, 1958, G+ 922-AW-1 (bit trim T) Tr508 on commer.cvr w/Duncan, OK, return add. E $12 MIN.6
RR-209. K.C. & Dallas, 1962, VG+ 922-AW-1 (bit trim T; lite gum tone) Tr17 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-210. K.C. & Denison, 1948, VF 809-M-3 Tr25-5 w/dot between #'s; on cvr. E $8
RR-211. K.C. & Denison, 1956, G+ 809-M-3 (bit trim T) Tr25-5 w/dash between #'s on commer.cvr w/Durant, OK, return add. E $12 MIN.6
RR-212. K.C. & Denison, 1956, G+ 809-M-3 (dial bit hi; bit trim T) Tr "8-18-28" on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-213. K.C. & Denison, 1957, G+ 809-M-3 (bit trim T) Tr25-5 w/dash between #'s on commer.cvr w/McAlester, OK, return add. E $12 MIN.6
RR-214. K.C. & Denison, 1957, VG 809-M-3 (bit trim T) Tr2-22 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-215. K.C. & Denison, 1958, VF 809-M-3 (bit trim T) Tr21-1 on commer.cvr w/Muskogee, OK, return add. E $12 MIN.6
RR-216. K.C. & Denison, 1958, F 809-M-3 (bit trim T) Tr25-5 w/dot between #'s on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-217. K.C. & Denison, 1958, VG 809-M-3 (bit trim T) Tr6 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-218. K.C. & Denison, 1958, VG 809-M-3 (bit trim T) Tr6-26 on commer.cvr w/Durant, OK, return add. E $12 MIN.6
RR-219. K.C. & Denison, 1965, VG 809-M-3 (bit trim T) Tr5 on commer.cvr w/Muskogee, OK, return add. E $12 MIN.6
RR-220. K.C. & Denison, 1965, F 809-M-3 Tr1 on cvr. E $8
RR-221. K.C. & Denison, 1910, G+ 809-M-5 Tr21 on PPC. E $8
RR-222. K.C. & Denison, 1911, G+ 809-M-5 (lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-223. K.C. & Denison, 1911, F+ 809-M-5 Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-224. K.C. & Denison, 1914, G+ 809-M-5 Tr6 on PPC. E $8
RR-225. K.C. & Denver, 1907, G+ 907-E-5 (lite tone) Tr104 on PPC. E $6
RR-226. K.C. & Denver, 1912, VG 907-E-5 (slight stutter) Tr101 on PPC datelined Hugo, CO. E $12 MIN.6
RR-227. K.C. & Denver, 1961, VG 907-E-6 w/o "RPO" (bit lite tone) Tr9; St.Francis Boys' Home, Bavaria, KS, cc on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-228. K.C. & Denver, 1965, VG 907-E-6 w/o "RPO"; Tr18 on cvr. E $8
RR-229. K.C. & Denver, 1955, VG 907-E-7 Tr"69-369" on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-230. K.C. & Denver, 1967, F 907-E-7 Tr9 on cvr. E $6
RR-231. K.C. & Denver, 1967, F 907-E-7 Tr"69-369" on cvr. E $6
RR-232. K.C. & Denver, 1967, F 907-E-7 Tr"370-70" on cvr. E $6
RR-233. K.C. & Denver, 1909, G+ NEW TYPE (lite tone) Tr105 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-234. K.C. & Denver E.D., 1940, VG 907-M-1 (bit stutter; bit lite gum tone) Tr333 on cvr. E $8
RR-235. K.C. & Denver E.D., 1941, VG 907-M-1 Tr537 on cvr. E $8
RR-236. K.C. & Denver E.D., 1954, VG 907-M-1 Tr17 on GPC. E $6
RR-237. K.C. & Denver E.D., 1955, F 907-M-1 Tr9 on commer.GPC. E $8
RR-238. K.C. & Denver E.D., 1957, G+ 907-M-1 (trim L) Tr"69-369" on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-239. K.C. & Denver W.D., 1944, G+ 907-M-1 (lower R arc on stamp) Tr37 on commer.PSE. E $6
RR-240. K.C. & Denver W.D., 1942, G+ 907-O-1 Tr24 on commer.PPC. E $8
RR-241. K.C. & El Paso, 1909, G+ 922-J-1 (lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-242. K.C. & Ft.W., 1957, F 922-AX-1 (bit trim T) Tr509 on commer.cvr w/Duncan, OK, return add. E $12 MIN.6
RR-243. K.C. & Ft.Worth, 1957, VG NEW TYPE w/ornament in B arc (part on stamp; bit trim T) Tr509; strip/3x 1c w/"RI" perfin (bit shifted) on commer.cvr w/Duncan, OK, return add. E $15 MIN.8
RR-244. K.C. & Ft.Worth N.D., 1941, G+ 922-N-1 Tr510 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-245. K.C. & Gd.Island, [1903], G+ 913-G-1 w/redundant Tr# slugs: Tr4 w/lite & part fuzzy T103, maybe mistaken for year? (tiny tear B) on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-246. K.C. & Hoisington, 1933, G+ 920-M-1 (part on stamp; slight trim upper L) Hoisington (KS) Drug Co.cc on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-247. K.C. & Joplin, 1949, F 823-E-1 T232 on GPC. E $6
RR-248. K.C. & L.Rock N.D., 1941, F 920-P-1 Tr15-117; 3c Prexie coil on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-249. K.C. & LaJunta, 1909, G+ 911-AE-1 (crs) Tr3 on PPC. E $8
RR-250. K.C. & LaJunta, 1911, G+ 911-AE-1 Tr"8" on PPC. E $8
RR-251. K.C. & LaJunta, 1910, G+ 911-AE-10 (lite tone) Tr18 on PPC. E $6
RR-252. K.C. & LaJunta, 1917, G+ 911-AE-10 Tr6 on PPC. E $8
RR-253. K.C. & LaJunta, 1911, G+ 911-AE-4 (toned) Tr8 on PPC. E $8
RR-254. K.C. & LaJunta, 1912, G+ 911-AE-4 Tr3 on PPC. E $8
RR-255. K.C. & LaJunta, 1909, G+ 911-AE-5 (near VG) Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-256. K.C. & LaJunta, 1913, VG 911-AE-5 T567 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-257. K.C. & LaJunta, 1908, VG 911-AE-7 (crs; lite tone; crnr crs) Tr3 on PPC. E $8
RR-258. K.C. & LaJunta/E.D., 1914, G+ 911-AF-1 (tears T) Tr10 on PSE. E $8
RR-259. K.C. & LaJunta/W.D., 1917, VG 911-AG-1 Tr"12" on PPC. E $8
RR-260. K.C. & LaJunta/W.D., 1915, G+ 911-AG-2 w/"WD" mostly not struck, similar to catalog copy (lite water tone; edge tear T; tip cr) Tr8 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-261. K.C. & Memphis, 1926, F 819-C-1 (tiny tears T; part lite tone) T104 on commer.cvr w/Springfield, MO, return add.on flap. E $8
RR-262. K.C. & Memphis, 1965, G+ 819-C-2 Tr108 on PPC. E $6
RR-263. K.C. & Memphis, 1965, G+ 819-C-2 Tr105 on cvr. E $6
RR-264. K.C. & Memphis, 1965, G+ 819-C-2 Tr106 on cvr. E $6
RR-265. K.C. & Memphis, 1965, VG 819-C-2 Tr107 on cvr. E $6
RR-266. K.C. & Memphis, 1965, VG 819-C-2 Tr108 on cvr. E $6
RR-267. K.C. & Memphis, 1967, VG 819-C-2 Tr101 on cvr. E $6
RR-268. K.C. & Oklahoma, 1906, G+ 910-G-1 (part on stamp; lite tone) T414 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-269. K.C. & Pueblo, 1922, G+ 920-R-1 (near VG) Tr11 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-270. K.C. & Pueblo E.D., 1936, G+ 920-U-2 Tr13 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-271. K.C. & Pueblo E.D., 1941 (Jan 1), G+ 920-U-2 Tr16 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-272. K.C. & Pueblo W.D., 1942, G+ 920-W-2 (edge tears T; cr) Tr15 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-273. K.C. & Siloam Springs, 1947, G+ 827-G-1 (tip crs) Tr1; "K.C.Southern Lines/50 Years" cachet on cvr. E $8
RR-274. K.C. & Tex, 1968, F 827-H-1 Tr15 on PPC. E $6
RR-275. K.C. & Tex, 1968, F 827-H-1 Tr1 on cvr. E $8
RR-276. K.C. & Tex, 1968, F 827-H-1 Tr2 on cvr. E $8
RR-277. K.C. & Tex, 1968, F 827-H-1 Tr15 on cvr. E $8
RR-278. K.C. & Tex, 1968, F 827-H-1 Tr16 on cvr. E $8
RR-279. K.C. & Tucum, 1957, VG+ 922-AR-1 w/ornament in dial (bit trim T) Tr4 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-280. K.C. & Tucumcari, 1911, G+ 922-P-1 (lite tone; cr) on PPC. E $8
RR-281. K.C. & Tucumcari, 1919, G+ 922-P-1 (tiny tear R) Tr2 on 2.75x7" cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-282. K.C. & Tucumcari, 1956, G+ 922-P-2 (dial bit hi; lite tone) Tr"43" on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-283. K.C. & Tucumcari, 1957, G+ 922-P-2 (dial bit hi; lower R on stamp) on commer.GPC. E $8
RR-284. K.C. & Tucumcari E.D., 1950, G+ 922-T-1 Tr4 on commer.PPC. E $8
RR-285. K.C. & Tucumcari E.D., 1958, VG+ 922-T-1 (bit trim T) Tr4 on commer.PPC. E $8
RR-286. K.C. & Tucumcari E.D., 1958, G+ 922-T-1 (bit trim T) Tr4 on commer.PPC. E $8
RR-287. K.C. & Tucumcari W.D., 1949, G+ 922-Y-1 (trim R) Tr44 on commer.air cvr to Alaska, w/Gage, OK, return add. E $12 MIN.6
RR-288. K.C. & Tucumcari/E.D., 1927, G+ 922-T-4 (lite tone; lite crs) Tr2 on PPC. E $6
RR-289. K.C. & Tulsa, 1938, G+ 909-Z-1 (lite tone) TR48 on commer.cvr. E $6
RR-290. K.C. & Tulsa, 1938, VG 909-Z-1 Tr50 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-291. K.C. & Tulsa, 1944, G+ 909-Z-1 (bit trim T, in perfs) Tr212 on commer.cvr. E $6
RR-292. K.C. & Tulsa, 1949, VG 909-Z-1 Tr48 on Tulsa PPC. E $8
RR-293. K.C. & Tulsa, 1955, F 909-Z-1 Tr211 on commer.GPC w/Bartlesville, OK, return add. E $8
RR-294. K.C. & Tulsa, 1956, F 909-Z-1 (bit trim T) Tr48 on commer.cvr w/Tulsa return add. E $12 MIN.6
RR-295. K.C. & Tulsa, 1957, F 909-Z-1 Tr48 on commer.GPC w/Bartlesville, OK, return add. E $8
RR-296. K.C. & Tulsa, 1959, VG 909-Z-1 (slight stutter; trim L) Tr48 on commer.cvr w/Bartlesville, OK, return add. E $8
RR-297. K.C. & Tulsa, 1965, VG PURPLE 909-Z-1 Tr47 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-298. K.C. & Tulsa, 1966, VG 909-Z-1 (bit trim T) Tr211 on commer.cvr w/Tulsa return add. E $8
RR-299. K.C. & Tulsa, 1967, VG 909-Z-1 Tr47 on cvr. E $6
RR-300. K.C. & Tulsa, 1967, VG 909-Z-1 T211 on cvr. E $6
RR-301. K.C. & Wellington, 1908, VG 909-E-3 (upper L tip nick) T207 on PPC. E $8
RR-302. K.C. & Wellington, 1908, G+ 909-E-3 (lite cr) T207 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-303. K.C. & Wellington, ca.1909, G+ 909-E-3 w/blank slug for year; T207 on PPC. E $8
RR-304. K.C. & Wellington, 1912, VF 909-E-3 (stamp faulty where off T edge) Tr201 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-305. K.C. & Wellington, 1912, G+ 909-E-4 (part on stamp) Tr202 on PPC. E $8
RR-306. K.C. & Wellington, 1912, G+ 909-E-4 T202 on PPC. E $8
RR-307. K.C.Tucumcari/W.D. (ERROR w/no & or RPO), 1931, G+ 922-U-1 (dial bit hi; killer weak; bit lite tone; trim R) Tr13; 2c Red Cross w/ms scribble "killer" on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-308. K.City & Caldwell, 1908, G+ 922-F-3 Tr35 on PPC. E $8
RR-309. K.City & Denison, 1908, G+ 809-O-1 (lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $8
RR-310. K.City & Joplin, 1908, G+ 823-C-1 T210 on PSE. E $8
RR-311. K.City & Joplin, 1931, G+ 823-C-2 (dial hi: "Y & J" partly off) T214; Henry Kraft Mercantile Co., Nevada, MO, cc on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-312. K.City & Joplin, 1907, G+ 823-E-2 (toned) Tr204 on PPC. E $6
RR-313. K.City & LaJunta, 1912, G+ 911-L-7 ("RPO" not struck) Tr7 on PPC w/dateline: "On Train #7". E $12 MIN.6
RR-314. K.City & LaJunta, 1913, G+ 911-L-7 (lite tone) on PPC. E $6
RR-315. K.City & Memphis, 1908, G+ NEW TYPE (part on stamp) Tr6; Blaker Lumber & Grain, Pleasonton, KS, cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-316. Kank & Bloom, 1921, G+ 734-A-3 (lite tone T308 on PPC. E $15
RR-317. Kans City & Caldwell, 1924, F 922-H-2 (tip cr) Tr12 on PPC. E $8
RR-318. Kans City & Dodge, 1922, G+ 911-Z-2 (lite tone) Tr8; Midland Refining Co., Larned, KS, cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-319. Kans City & Joplin, 1927, G+ 823-D-1 (part on stamp; tip cr) Tr14 on PPC. E $6
RR-320. Kans City & Joplin, 1934, G+ 823-D-1 (part on stamp) T214 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-321. Kans City & Mem, 1913, G+ 819-A-1 (near VG+; lite tone) T106 on PPC. E $8
RR-322. Kans City & Mem, 1914, G+ 819-A-1 (part on stamp; lower L tip nick) T106 on PPC datelined Willow Springs, MO. E $8
RR-323. Kans City & Mem, 1931, VG 819-A-2 (edge tears; crs) T106 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-324. Kans City & Pueblo, 1917, G+ NEW TYPE; Tr1 on PPC. E $16
RR-325. Kans City & Tucumcari, 1918, G+ 922-AT-1 (near F; crs; lite tone) Tr1 on PPC. E $15
RR-326. Kans City & Tulsa, 1918, G+ 909-Y-2 (near F+; pinholes) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-327. Kans City & Tulsa, 1918, VG+ 909-Y-2 T202 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-328. Kans City & Tulsa, 1926, VG 909-Y-2 (lite tone) Tr208; 2c Sesquicent'l on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-329. Kansas City/Term., MO, 1919, VG 831-C-1 flag machine; 2c War Rate on Union Sta.PPC. E $8
RR-330. Kenosha & Harvard, 1909, F 836-F-1 T411 on GPC. E $14
RR-331. Kenosha & Harvard, 1912, G+ 836-F-1 (year partial; "PO" not struck; tip cr) "WEST" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-332. Keokuk & Redoak, 1909, G+ 765-J-1 (edge tear T) CB & Q RR cc; Tr1 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-333. Ketchum & Shoshone, 1911, G+ 896.8-A-1 (upper R obscured on stamp; tip crs) T180 on PPC datelined Hailey, ID. E $24
RR-334. Knox & Atl, 1949, VF 522-M-1 Tr1 on cvr. E $6
RR-335. Knox & Atlanta, 1910, G+ 522-L-1 (small hole by address) Tr6 on PPC. E $8
RR-336. Knox, Cart & Atl, 1965, VG 521.2-C-2 Tr17 on PPC. E $6
RR-337. La Fay & Quin, 1879, G+ NEW TYPE (near F) on GPC datelined Cerro Gordo, IL. E $20
RR-338. La Fay & Quin, [1880], G+ blue NEW TYPE (bit lite tone) on GPC datelined Milmine, IL. E $15
RR-339. La Fay & St.L., [1880], G+ 577-O-1 on GPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-340. LaJunta & Alburq (MISSPELLING ERROR), 1912, VG 911-AI-18 (toned) Tr10 on PPC. E $15
RR-341. Lake Cor & Tutwiler, 1938, G+ 431-L-1 (toned) Tr33 on mailed 3x5" card. E $8
RR-342. Lake Winnepisaukee/RPO (MISSPELLING), 1931, VF C-16-b; STEAMBOAT RPO on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-343. Lawton & So.Haven, 1906, G+ 649.4-A-1 (R arc lite; part obscured by design) on 3x4" PPC w/METAL FRAME. E $24 MIN.12
RR-344. Leav & Topeka, 1901, F 914-G-1 (lite tone; trim L) "WEST" on PSE. E $15
RR-345. Lewes & George, 1909, G+ 265-J-2 (part on stamp; lite tone) blank slug for Tr#; on PPC. E $20
RR-346. Linc & Bill/W.D., 1906, G+ NEW TYPE; Tr44 on PPC: Sheridan, WY. Kearney Lake Reservoir. E $12 MIN.6
RR-347. Linc & Falls City, 1917, G+ 934-J-1 (part on stamp; upper R tip nib) T122 on PPC. E $20
RR-348. Los Ang & San Bd'no, 1909, G+ 964-X-4 Tr44 on PPC. E $15
RR-349. Lou, Cin & Lex R.R./Croppers, KY, 1877, G+ blue oval (UNLISTED; upper L arc & part of date on stamp; uneven lite tone) on GPC. E $100
RR-350. Loup City & Grand Isl, 1905, G+ 948.2-D-1 ("L" & "RPO" not struck) on GPC datelined Elba, NE. E $15 MIN.8
RR-351. Mack Cy & Det/HPO, 1960, G+ duplex (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr5 on commer.PPC. E $14
RR-352. Mack Cy & Det/HPO, 1964, G+ duplex (R arc on stamp) Tr5 on commer.PPC: "Old Ft.Mackinac, Mackinac Isl.". E $15
RR-353. Macon & Bruns/Agt, [1879], G+ 359-C-1 (upper L crnr scuff; bit lite tone) on GPC. E $24
RR-354. Madison & Clinton, 1911, VG 739.3-C-1 (bit lite tone) T131 on PPC. E $16
RR-355. Mar & Running Water, 1912, VG 761-AF-1 (upper R tip nib; sealed spindle) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-356. Marion & C.Bluffs/Agt, 1884, G+ 724-C-2 (part ruff trim R) on cvr. E $20
RR-357. Massena Spgs & Utica, 1904, G+ 102-O-1 Tr8; J.B.Wise Cabinet & Plumbers' Specialties, Watertown, NY, illus.ad (factory) on cvr. E $15
RR-358. Maxbass & Towner, 1907, VG+ 876.7-A-1 (lite tone; trim R; R flap off) "SOUTH" on PSE. E $24 MIN.12
RR-359. McCook & Imperial, 1908, G+ 947.9-A-1 on PPC. E $24
RR-360. McCook & Imperial, 1910, G+ 947.9-A-1 (R arc on stamp; bit lite tone) T176 on PPC. E $24
RR-361. Lot 330) Memphis & Greenville, 1960s, (varied condition) all on reg'd rect.cards, some w/town cancels or 2nd RPO. MIN.$24
RR-362. Mend & Cent, 1889, G+ 709-L-1 "NORTH"; Oglesby (IL) Coal Co.cc; CATALOG COPY on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
RR-363. Mend & Cent, 1893, VG+ NEW TYPE (thin tone lines) "NORTH" on cvr. E $14
RR-364. Mend & Fulton, 1890, G+ 726-C-1 (toned; lite cr) on GPC. E $14
RR-365. Mend & Fulton, 1893, G+ 726-C-2 (lite) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-366. Mendota & Cent, 1911, VG 709-D-2 (part on stamp) Tr101 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-367. Mendota & Cent, 1885, G+ NEW TYPE (bit lite tone) on GPC. E $14
RR-368. Mendota & Centralia, 1900, G+ 709-N-3 ("NORTH" partial) on PSE w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
RR-369. Mendota & Clinton, 1917, F 726-E-1 (dial bit hi: tip of " & " off T) Tr33 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-370. Mendota & Fulton, 1910, G+ 726-G-1 Tr22 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-371. Mendota & Fulton, 1911, G+ 726-G-2 Tr22 on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
RR-372. Mil & N.McGreg, 1915, G+ 843-T-1 (lite tone; trim L) Tr4 on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
RR-373. Miles C. & Seat E.D., 1944, G+ 784-AA-1 (dial bit hi) Tr4; sailor's ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $8
RR-374. Milw, Lanc & Galena, 1920, G+ 857-G-1 ("RPO" not struck; toned) T614 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-375. Minidoka & Buhl, 1914, F 896.10-B-1 Tr56 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-376. Minidoka & Buhl, 1931, G+ 896.10-B-1 T156; 5c winged globe air on PPC datelined Burley, ID: "My flying time... is 5 hrs. 55 min... My flying suit has been just right (but) too warm for about 1/2 hr..." E $20 MIN.10
RR-377. Momence & Brazil, 1912, G+ 686.2-A-1 Tr10 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-378. Monett & Okla, 1906, VG 910-Q-3 (tip cr) T412 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-379. Monett & Waynoka, 1912, VG 910-V-1 (lite tone; part lite soiled; tip crs) Tr12 on PPC. E $20
RR-380. Montg & Selma, 1946, G+ 405-A-1 Tr42 on GPC. E $8
RR-381. Musk & Ok Cy/HPO, 1958, VG duplex; Trip 2 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-382. Musk & Ok Cy/HPO, 1958, VG duplex; Trip 1 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-383. N. & Lewiston/Agt, 1870s, G+ 6-B-1 (part toned) Geo.Perkins & Son/Boots, Shoes, Norridgewock, ME, salesman's notice on GPC. E $40
RR-384. N.Y. & Chic W.D., ca.1893, G+ 559-Q-3 Tr4; White Pigeon, MI, cc on 2c Colum.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-385. N.Y., Gen & Buff, 1908, G+ 135-I-1 (part on stamp; lite tone) Tr20 on PPC. E $8
RR-386. N.York & N.Haven/R.R., 1860, G+ rimless 70-D-3 (long V-shaped tear T, into dial; part ruff slit T; part trim T; AS IS ONLY for faults) on cvr. RARE type, despite faults. E $40
RR-387. New Bed & Nantuc, [1907], G+ B-3-a w/blank year slug (R arc on stamp; 2 tips nick) Tr8; STEAMBOAT RPO on PPC. E $14
RR-388. New Bed & Nantuc, 1911, VG B-3-a Tr4; STEAMBOAT RPO on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-389. Lot 20) New York World's Fair RPO's; mostly duplexes; few machines, 1939-40, (varied condition) on cvrs, nearly all cacheted. MIN.$28
RR-390. Lot 225) "New York & ...", 1890-1977, various types; some duplication (varied condition) on cvrs/cards. MIN.$65
RR-391. New York & Pitts, 1914, VF 203-O-2 (part lite soiled) Tr21 on PPC. E $8
RR-392. Newton & Amarillo, 1944, G+ 928-F-3 (R arc part obscured; lite tone) Tr24; soldier's "Free" frank on PPC. E $8
RR-393. Newton & Ft.W., 1910, G+ 924-M-3 (tip cr) Tr16 on PPC. E $6
RR-394. Newton & Okla Cy, 1931, G+ 924-I-1 Tr17; "Fee claimed at Oklahoma City, Okla." h/s on special del.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-395. No.Platte & Yoder, 1931, VF 948.4-C-1 (killer off R; lite tone) Tr53 on reg.disp.rect.card. E $8
RR-396. Northville & Fonda, 1910, VG 105-D-1 Tr14 on PPC. E $14
RR-397. Ogden & L.A. N.D., 1946, G+ 972-F-2 (part on stamp) Tr2; 1c Prexie coil on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-398. Ogden & L.A. S.D., 1940, G+ 972-G-1 Tr14 on 3x5" card w/long note from clerk on back. E $6
RR-399. Ogden & L.A. S.D., 1947, G+ 972-G-1 (dial bit hi; bit edge wear) Tr4 on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-400. Ogden & S.F. E.D., 1965, VG+ 976-R-1 Tr21 on PPC. E $6
RR-401. Ogdensburg & Utica, 1910, G+ 104-G-2 Tr60 on PPC. E $8
RR-402. Ogdensburg & Utica, 1914, G+ 104-G-3 (part on stamp) Tr74 on PPC. E $8
RR-403. Ogdensburg & Utica, 1913, G+ 104-G-4 Tr74 on PPC. E $8
RR-404. Oil City & Mahoningtown, 1910, G+ 218-C-1 (near F) T209 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-405. Om & Chadron E.D., 1943, VG+ 936-U-4 (pen notes B) Tr11 on GPC. E $6
RR-406. Om & Colo Spgs E.D., 1946, G+ 941-H-3 Tr8; Wineinger Pontiac Motor Cars, Smith Center, KS, cc on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-407. Om & Colo Spgs W.D., 1938, VG 941-I-3 (lite tone; lite crs) Tr6; 1.5c on cvr. E $8
RR-408. Om & Colo Spgs W.D., 1946, G+ 941-I-3 (near VG) Tr7 on commer.PSE. E $8
RR-409. Om & K.C., 1950, VG 805-J-5 Tr119 on commer.PPC. E $8
RR-410. Om & Ogden E.D., 1951, G+ 932-T-6 (killer partly off T) Tr12 on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-411. Om & Ogden/W.D., 1933, G+ 932-U-12 (part on stamp; trim L; lite tone) Tr28 on cvr. E $6
RR-412. Omaha & Colo Sp'gs/W.D., 1919, G+ 941-N-1 (R arc on stamp) Tr5 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-413. Omaha & Colo Spgs, 1919, G+ 941-E-2 (dial hi: "OL" partly off) Tr37 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-414. Omaha & Denver/W.D., 1934, G+ 933-AD-1 Tr3; Yuma, CO, return add. on PSE. E $8
RR-415. Omaha & Denver/W.D., 1934, VG 933-AD-3 (lite tone) Tr3; Stedwell Oil, Wray, CO, cc on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-416. Omaha & Ogden/E.D., 1929, G+ NEW TYPE; Tr5 on GPC. E $6
RR-417. Oneida & N.Y., 1889, VG 121-H-1 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-418. Oroville & Sacra, 1909, G+ 982-J-1 ("RPO" mostly not struck; part spotty; toned) Tr17 on PPC. E $8
RR-419. P. & O./R.R. (Portland & Ogdensburgh), [1876], G+ 11-B-1 on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-420. Pac Jct & Denv/T Run, 1907, VG 933-P-1 (o/s; bit edge wear) Tr2 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-421. Parsons & Ok Cy, 1949, G+ 912-M-1 (lite tone) Tr23 on cvr. E $6
RR-422. Lot 12) Peo & Gales, 1879-81, VF-G 697-D-1 on GPCs to Snow & Huber, Pella, IA. MIN.$40
RR-423. Peoria & Quincy, 1911, VG 697-I-1 (tip cr) Tr18 on PPC. E $16
RR-424. Peoria & Quincy, 1917, G+ 697-I-1 (dial hi: "IA & Q" partly off; toned) Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-425. Pikeville & Chatt, 1917, F 521.4-C-1 Tr81 on PPC. E $20
RR-426. Pitts & Chi, 1938, G+ 560-W-21 (lite tone; tears T) Tr"15"; Wooster, OH, cc on cvr. E $8
RR-427. Pitts & Chi, 1968, VG 560-W-23 (bit lite tone) Tr23; "1st Class/Not Air Mail/Via Rail" sender's h/s on GPC. E $8
RR-428. Pitts & Chi, 1968, G+ 560-W-9 Tr54 on cvr. E $6
RR-429. Pitts & Cin, 1928, VG 561-T-4 T240 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-430. Trans Clk.RMS Penna Sta/Pitts.Pa., 1938, G+ 237-F-8 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-431. Port & Ashland, 1910, VG 894-L-5 (toned) Tr11 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-432. Port & Bdy Line, 1942, G+ 9-G-1 (upper R on stamp) Tr18 on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-433. Port & Island Pond, 1915, G+ 9-P-1 (lite tone) Tr4; Bethel (ME) Inn ad above message on Inn PPC. E $8
RR-434. Port & Island Pond, 1922, G+ 9-P-1 (lite tone) Tr17 on PPC. E $6
RR-435. Port & Rochester, 1908, G+ 21-K-2 Tr22 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-436. Port & St.Johnsbury, 1941, G+ 11-I-2 (lite tone; crnr cr) on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-437. Port & Swanton, 1914, VF 11-K-2 T184 on GPC. E $8
RR-438. Port & Tillamook, 1913, G+ 900.3-B-1 (R arc obscured on stamp; lite tone) Tr40 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-439. Portland & S.F. N.D., 1939, G+ 894-T-1 (crnr cr) Tr16 on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-440. Portola & Sacto, 1935, G 995-D-1 ("LA & " not struck; R arc on stamp; AS IS for strike) Tr1 on PPC datelined Lake Almond. E $6
RR-441. Prescott & Crownking, 1913, VG 967.3-B-1 (crnr cr) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-442. Prescott & Crownking, 1910, VG+ 967.3-B-2 (tip cr; toned) "NORTH" on PPC. E $50
RR-443. Pros & Concordia, 1909, G+ 908-M-1 (toned) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-444. Pt.Lavac & San Anton, 1909, G+ 482-V-2 (tip crs) T306 on PPC. E $30
RR-445. Pueblo, Colo Term, 1946, G+ 959-C-2 (part on stamp) on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-446. Quincy & K.City, 1934, G+ 815-F-1 (part on stamp; bit trim T) Tr1; Green City (MO) Public Schools cc on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-447. Raleigh & Jacksonville, 1968, VG+ 328-J-2 Tr21 on PSE. E $6
RR-448. Raleigh & Jacksonville, 1968, G+ magenta 328-J-2 (near F+) Tr21; "1st Class/Not Air Mail" sender's h/s on GPC. E $6
RR-449. Raleigh & Jacksonville, 1969, F magenta 328-J-3; Tr21; "1st Class/Not Air Mail" sender's h/s on GPC. E $6
RR-450. Rand & McIntire, 1946, G+ 731-O-2 Tr42 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-451. Reform & Mobile, 1946, VF 418.1-C-1 (part lite tone) Tr1 on card. E $6
RR-452. Reno & Minden, 1950, G+ magenta 978-D-3 ("REN" not struck) w/"Final Trip/V & T Railway" killer on PPC. E $6
RR-453. Reno & Va.City, 1916, VG 978-C-3 (trim R, to 5") Tr1 on reply GPC. E $8
RR-454. Reno & Virginia City, 1911 (Jan 1), G+ 978-F-1 ("PO" not struck; edge tear T) Tr1 on PPC. E $15
RR-455. Rich Hill & Gen, 1942, F 920-AC-1 Tr410 on commer.air cvr. E $8
RR-456. Rich Hill & Gen, 1950, VG 920-AC-1 Tr420 on GPC. E $8
RR-457. Rich Hill & Gen, 1951, VG+ 920-AC-1 Tr419 on GPC. E $8
RR-458. Rincon & Silv City, 1910, G+ 965.4-B-2 ("RPO" mostly not struck) "EAST" on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-459. Rincon & Silver Cy, 1940, G+ 965.4-D-2 (part stutter) Tr48 on commer.PSE. E $8
RR-460. Rincon & Silver Cy, 1942, G+ 965.4-D-2 ("RPO" not struck; upper R tip slit) Tr48; Hatch, NM, cc on commer.PSE. E $8
RR-461. Riverside & Doe Run, 1908, G+ 738-A-1 (toned) Tr34 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-462. Rk.I. & St.L., 1946, VG 693-P-1 Tr52 on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-463. Rock Isl & St.Louis, 1919, F NEW TYPE (lite tone; tip crs) Tr52 on PPC. E $8
RR-464. R.Pt. & Albany (Rouses Point & Albany), [1919], G+ undated straight-line h/s (UNLISTED) on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
RR-465. Rouses Pt. & Alb/Agt, 1887, G+ 100-D-4 (tears T; nick T) on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-466. Rumsey & Elmira, 1913, G+ 992.8-B-4 (toned) "SOUTH" on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-467. Ruthven & Des M., 1914, G+ 794-C-3 T112 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-468. Sacto & San Fran, 1934, G+ 979-G-1 (trim L; lite tone) Tr231 on cvr w/Stockton, CA, return add. E $8
RR-469. Sag & Grd Rap, 1908, G+ 633-E-2 (lite tone) Tr32 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-470. Sag & Grd.Rap, 1910, G+ 633-E-2 (R arc & part of date on stamp; lite tone) Tr32 on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-471. Sala & Chi/E.D., 1943, G+ 550-N-9 Tr1 on soldier's free-franked cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-472. San Ant & Alpine, 1965, F 476-R-1 Tr1 on PPC. E $8
RR-473. San Anto & Sanderson, 1917, F NEW TYPE (foxed) Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-474. Sandusky & Newark, 1916, G+ 567-K-4 (part on stamp) Tr3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-475. Sarles & Lakota, 1911, G+ 876.9-A-2 (crnr cr) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-476. Seattle & Hoquiam, 1907, VF 901.4-E-3 (lite tone) Tr28 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-477. Seattle & Skagway, 1936, G+ X-19-d (dial bit hi: tip of " & " off) "SOUTH"; STEAMBOAT RPO on REAL PHOTO PPC: Auke Lake. E $12 MIN.6
RR-478. Seattle & Skagway, 1916, G+ X-19-i (crs) "WEST" on PPC datelined "On Board SS Spokane. E $24 MIN.12
RR-479. Selma & Mobile, 1905, G+ 409-C-2 (pinholes; bit cr) Tr116 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-480. Selma & Myrtlewood, 1904, G+ 407-C-1 (dial bit hi; bit cr) Tr12 on GPC. E $50
RR-481. Selma & Pensa, 1906, F 407-E-2 (mostly TONED) Tr7 on GPC. E $6
RR-482. Shab & Sterling, 1909, G+ 701-C-1 (T arc part obscured by design; lite tone) Tr42 on PPC. E $24
RR-483. Sheldon & Des Moines/HPO, 1967, G+ duplex on cvr to Bill Bomar, w/"Support Surface Transport" in red pencil at L. E $15 MIN.8
RR-484. Sibley & Gowrie, 1908, VG+ 786.2-B-1 (near VF) Tr475 on PPC. E $15
RR-485. Slating & Read/Agt, [1882], VG+ 184-A-1 (lower L tip nib) on GPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-486. Solomon & Beloit, 1912, G+ 916-G-2 ("RPO" partial; toned) T131 on PPC. E $15
RR-487. Somerset & Delta, 1909, G+ 962.7-A-1 (L arc lite) "WEST" on PPC. E $30
RR-488. South B. & T.Haute, 1912, VG 666-B-1 (bit lite tone) Tr42; as transit b/s on special del.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-489. Spok, Pasco & Port, 1968, G+ 899.1-C-4 Tr3 on Sunbeam warranty PC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-490. Spok, Pasco & Seat, 1914, VG+ 892-O-2 Tr4 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-491. Spokane & Adrian, 1911, G+ 906.6-A-1 (dial bit hi) T235 on PPC. E $15
RR-492. Spokane & Coulee City, 1898, G+ 906.6-D-1 (smalled sealed spindle in dial; pinholes) "EAST" on GPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-493. St P & Williston E.D., 1970, F 869-AN-5 Tr32 on Sunbeam warranty PC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-494. St.Joe & Oxford, 1909, F 935-E-1 Tr15 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-495. St.Joe & Oxford, 1912, VG+ 935-R-3 (bit lite tone) Tr15 on PPC. E $8
RR-496. St.Joe, Atc & Topeka, 1925, G+ 911-AJ-1 (toned) T106 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-497. St.Joe, Atc & Topeka, 1946, G+ 911-AJ-1 (near VG+; bit lite tone; pen note B) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-498. St.Johns & Camb Jct, 1956, G+ 11-Q-1 (bit lite tone) Tr52 on unadd.cvr. E $8
RR-499. St.Jos & Gr.Island, 1937, VG+ 913-Q-1 (bit stutter) Tr544; CATALOG COPY; 75th anniv.of mail sorting cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-500. St.Jos & Gr.Island, 1933, G+ 913-Q-3 (part on stamp; lite tone) T502; A. & B.Drug Co., Marysville, KS, cc on commer.PSE. E $8
RR-501. St.Jos & Gr.Island, 1936, VG+ 913-Q-3 (lite crs) T502 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-502. St.Jos & Gr.Island, 1938, G+ 913-Q-3 (upper R tip slit) T502; Edgar, NE, cc on commer.PSE. E $8
RR-503. St.Jos & Gr.Island, 1938, VG+ 913-Q-3 Tr502 on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-504. St.Jos & Gr.Island, 1941, F 918-Q-2 (dial bit hi) Tr502 on commer.PPC. E $8
RR-505. St.Jos & Grand Island, 1936, G+ 913-M-3 (lite tone) T502 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-506. St.Jos & Grand Island, 1937, VG 913-M-3 (slit 3 sides; lower L tip slit; staple holes B) T502 on commer.cvr to Ovaltine. E $8
RR-507. St.Jos, Atch & Top, 1949, F 911-AP-1 Tr56 on commer.PPC. E $8
RR-508. St.L. & C.Bluffs, 1907, VG+ 808-G-1 Tr14 on PPC. E $6
RR-509. St.L. & Denison, 1949, VG 807-P-1 Tr1 on GPC. E $6
RR-510. St.L. & Jack, 1955, VG 727-D-1 Tr1 on GPC. E $6
RR-511. St.L. & K.C., 1953, VF 805-O-5 Tr10; George's Music House, California, MO, cc w/illus.musical notes at B on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-512. St.L. & L.Rock, 1967, G+ 456-T-2 w/black CDS/purple killer; Tr7; Last Trip cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-513. St.L. & Mobile N.D., 1944, G+ 727-E-1 Tr1; 75th Anniv.1st Trans-Cont'l Ry.cachet on cvr. E $8
RR-514. St.L. & Monett, 1945, VG 807-Q-2 Tr4 on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-515. St.L. & Okla Cy, 1939, G+ 807-T-1 (trim R; bit lite tone) Tr4 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-516. St.L. & Paducah, 1914, VG+ 717-I-1 (crs) T224 on PPC. E $8
RR-517. St.L. & Parsons, 1952, VG 809-R-1 Tr5 on commer.GPC. E $8
RR-518. St.L., Cape G. & Memphis, 1911, G+ 458-K-1 T202 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-519. St.L., Mob & K.C., 1965, G+ NEW TYPE; Tr203 on PPC. E $8
RR-520. St.L., Moberly & K.City, 1909, G+ NEW TYPE (lite tone; edge tear T) Tr2 on PPC. E $14
RR-521. St.Louis & Burrton/E.D., 1894, G+ 807-M-1 Tr3; 1c blue on 1c Colum.PSE. E $15 MIN.8
RR-522. St.Louis & C.Bluffs, 1914, G+ 808-H-1 Tr14 on PPC. E $6
RR-523. St.Louis & K.C., 1907, G+ 805-M-2 (lite tone) Tr10 on PPC. E $6
RR-524. St.Louis & K.C., 1930, G+ NEW TYPE (killer off R; bit trim T; lite tone) Tr15 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-525. St.Louis & Monett, 1911, G+ 807-R-4 (lite tone) Tr9 on PPC. E $6
RR-526. St.Louis & Omaha, 1955, G+ 808-J-1 (lite crs) Tr11 on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-527. St.Louis & Omaha/W.D., 1942, G+ 808-L-1 Tr14 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-528. St.Louis & Parsons, 1910, G+ 809-Q-2 (dial bit hi; lite tone) Tr2 on PPC. E $6
RR-529. St.Louis & Parsons, 1943, VG 809-Q-2 (lite tone) Tr6 on commer.PSE. E $6
RR-530. St.Louis & Parsons, 1940, VG+ 809-Q-4 Tr5 on commer.PPC between collectors. E $8
RR-531. St.Louis, Moberly & K.City, 1926, G+ 808-P-1 (bit lite tone) Tr9 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-532. St.P & Aberdeen/HPO, 1958, G+ duplex ("BER" mostly not struck) Tr6 on çcvr. E $20
RR-533. St.P. & Portal/N.D., 1907, VG+ black 880.1-J-3 (bit o/s; lite tone) T106 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-534. St.P. & Spok/4th Div, 1909, VG+ 892-M-1 Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-535. St.Paul & Des Moines, 1898, G+ 873-G-4 (ruff L, in cc) Tr6 on cvr w/enc. E $15
RR-536. St.Paul & Des Moines, 1898, G+ 873-G-4 (ruff L) Tr1 on cvr w/enc. E $15
RR-537. St.Paul & Portal/E.D., 1949, VG 880.1-V-1 T106 on commer.PPC. E $8
RR-538. Sterling & Peoria, 1912, G+ 740.1-A-1 (lite tone; tiny tear R) T800 on PPC. E $20
RR-539. Stevens Pt & Portage, 1924, G+ 852-E-1 T502 on PPC. E $15
RR-540. Streat & Alt/Agt, [1879], G+ CDS/cork (UNLISTED) on GPC. E $150
RR-541. Streator & Walnut, 1909, G+ 726-I-1 (part on stamp; toned) Tr19 on PPC. E $20
RR-542. Su Fls & Rap Cy/HPO, 1963, G+ duplex tying Wall, SD, meter (upper L water toned) Trip 10 on PPC. E $14
RR-543. Sunbury & Bellefonte, 1912, VG+ 199-H-1 (bit o/s by partial 2nd strike; trim L) T103 on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
RR-544. Superior & Strong, 1912, G+ 918.4-D-2 ("ONG" part weak; o/w about VF) T307 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-545. Tampa & Sarasota, 1908, VG+ 395.5-B-1 (lite tone) Tr85 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-546. Tex & Pt.Arth, 1956, G+ 827-Q-1 (R arc on stamp) Tr15; DeRidder Motor Co., DeRidder, LA, cc on commer.PSE. E $8
RR-547. Tex & Pt.Arth, 1956, F 827-Q-1 Tr15; DeRidder Motor Co., DeRidder, LA, cc on commer.PSE. E $12 MIN.6
RR-548. Towanda & Bern/Agt, [1881], VG+ 179-A-1 on GPC datelined Towanda, PA. E $40
RR-549. Tracy & Gettysburg, [1907], G+ 866-X-1 (year partial; tiny tear T) T503 on PPC. E $30
RR-550. Trinidad & Albuq, 1922, VF 911-BC-1 Tr8 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-551. Tucson & Nogales, 1949, G+ 965.2-A-5 (part on stamp; slight trim B) Tr379 on commer.cvr. E $8
RR-552. Tulsa & Avard, 1909, G+ 921.5-A-1 w/all slugs inverted (dial bit hi; part on stamp) T618 on PPC datelined Enid, OK. E $14
RR-553. Tulsa & Sherman, 1960, F 921.1-E-1 Tr518; "Last Trip" typed above stamp on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-554. Vance & Bos S.D., 1942, VG 4-AP-1 (part on stamp) Tr12 on commer.PPC. E $6
RR-555. Victoria & Beeville, 1919, G+ 482-W-1 ("LE" & "O" not struck; crs; lite tone) T312 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-556. W.Falls & Abilene, 1931, G+ 494-D-1 (killer off R) Tr2 on reg.disp.rect.card. E $12 MIN.6
RR-557. W.Heath & Dec/Agt, 1885, G+ 742-A-1 on GPC datelined White Heath, IL. E $50
RR-558. W.Lib & C.Bluffs/Day, 1883, G+ 702-N-1 (date spotty) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-559. W.Lib & C.Bluffs/Day, 1883, G+ 702-N-1 (part on stamp) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-560. Waco & Rotan, 1913, G+ 465-H-1 ("RPO" mostly not struck; lite tone) Tr24 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-561. Wash & Fayetteville, 1911, VG 305-AH-2 Tr80 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-562. Collect'n & Dist'n/Wash'n.D.C./Wagon No.1, 1899, VG W-4-b (trim L; lite tone) Trip 6; Washington Nat'l Bldg & Loan Ass'n cc on PSE. E $24 MIN.12
RR-563. Wat & Su Cy/HPO, 1962, G+ duplex (upper R on stamp) Tr13 on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-564. Wat & Su Cy/HPO, 1964, VG duplex (trim L) Tr13(?) on commer.cvr. E $20
RR-565. From Wells & Bell/F.C.Mann/Bellaire, Ohio, 1904, VG blue-green clerk's straight-line h/s (bit trim R) & From Pitts & Kenova/O.B.Williamson, Pittsburg, Pa. G+ purple clerk's straight-line h/s, both as transit b/s on 5x10" Record of Transit cvr. E $20
RR-566. Wich & Englewood, 1909, G+ 918.11-A-1 (part spotty) T518 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-567. Wichita & Altus, 1910, VG+ 929-F-2 (toned) Tr1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-568. Wichita & Pratt, 1910, G+ 918.10-B-1 ("RPO" mostly not struck; toned) T505 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-569. Williams & Los Ange, 1907, G+ 964-Q-2 (L arc spotty; L tips nib; part lite tone) Tr8 on PPC. E $8
RR-570. Worth & Jasper, 1907, G+ 748-T-1 ("J" not struck & "ASP" obscured on stamp; AS IS for that, but ID sure; lite tone) "WEST" on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
RR-571. York & Brown/Agt, [1879], G+ 934-B-1 (crnr cr) on GPC datelined York (NE). E $50
RR-572. York & Brown/Agt, [1879], G+ blue 934-B-1 (crnr cr) on GPC datelined York (NE). E $60
RR-573. Youngs & Dayton, 1911, G+ 550-Y-2 (R arc on stamp; uneven toned) Tr16 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-574. Ypsil & Hillsdale, 1911, VG+ 626-G-1 T454 on PPC. E $14

RR-575. Upland, CA, 1928, VG+ Int'l (part lite tone) on cvr w/enc.letter & 4-panel directory from "The Apache" train (sender's note on front): prices for services & products on train. E $20
RR-576. Boulder, CO, 1932, G+ Univ. (part gum toned back) "Aboard the Columbine" w/illus.flower "en route" style return add.on flap on cvr w/enc.: similar illus.header & "Via the Overland Route-Denver-Omaha-Chicago" at B. E $24 MIN.12
RR-577. Chicago, IL, 1949, VG PB meter w/"Chicago's Railroad Fair/2nd Great Year" pictorial slogan; Illinois Central RR cc on 3.75x7.5" window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-578. Indianapolis, IN, 1904, G Barry (town not struck; lite tone; no flap) Vandalia Line./Terre Haute & Indianpolis R.R.Co.cc; 2c Jefferson on cvr. E $14
RR-579. Covington, KY, 1899, G Amer/B44dd (angle strike; stripes partly off; trim R, well into stamp) Queen & Crescent Route/C.N.O. & T.P.Ry.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-580. Paducah, KY, 1902, G+ Amer/B14() (part ruff slit T; edge tear R) "McD. Ferguson of McCracken Co./Candidate for Railroad Commissioner of the 1st Dist.of Kentucky/Election Nov.1903..." ad w/his photo portrait on cvr. E $15
RR-581. Buffalo, NY, 1893, VG Int'l (trim R) Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Ry.Co.cc; 2c Colum on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
RR-582. New York/Sta.D, NY, 1905, VF Int'l; "The Mo.Pac.Ry.Co./St.Louis/date/Auditor/Passenger Receipts" irregular shaped private blue h/s by address as recd on GPC. E $15
RR-583. Syracuse, NY, 1860s, G+ CDS/cork (lite tone) Syracuse, Binghamton & N.Y.R.R.Co.boxed cc on PSE. E $15 MIN.8
RR-584. Philadelphia, PA, 1929, F Int'l (bit ruff slit T; lite tone; paper clip lines) "Pennsylvania Railroad/The Liberty Limited" engraved "en route" style cc on #10 CVR w/enc. RARE to see on #10. E $24 MIN.12
RR-585. Bridgeton, RI, 1932, F 4-bar; Point Judith Marine Ry., Wakefield, RI, cc on cvr. E $14
RR-586. N.Y. & Chi/W.D., 1939, G 559-H-20 tying "Via 20th Century Limited" 58x23mm blue & orange pictorial label (train silhouette) likely applied en route on 4.75x4.75" cvr (cr; lite tone). E $30 MIN.15
RR-587. Port & Ashland, 1915, G 894-L-3 (edge faults & scuffs on outer panels, but contents VF; lite tone) Tr4 on "Shasta Route Souvenir Folder" 4.25x6.25" 11-panel pictorial folder. E $12 MIN.6
RR-588. "Seniority List/Telegraphers/Burlington Route/McCook Div'n/1926": 5.5x8.5" 8-pg.pamphlet w/list of 177 names/locations. E $12 MIN.6

STREET CARS (Towle #'s)
RR-589. Balto & Arlington/Balto.Md, 1915, F+ BA-2-m on special del.cvr. E $20
RR-590. Rol Pk & St.Hel/Balto, Md, 1903 (Dec 31), F BA-3-g-2/1 (lite tone) on PSE to local add.w/Baltimore VF Int'l (Jan 1) as recd b/s. E $15 MIN.8
RR-591. Rol Pk & St.Hel/Balto, Md, 1906, G+ BA-3-g-2/3 (crs; stamps toned) 1c Sc.300 on LEATHER PPC w/1c due stamp tied by partial Barton, MD, CDS as L. NICE use. E $15 MIN.8
RR-592. Roland Park & Highlandtown, 1912, G+ BA-4-f on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-593. Towson & Catonsville, 1901, G+ BA-5-e-1; Swindell Bros.Glass Mfrs cc on PSE. E $24
RR-594. Towson & Catons/Balto Sta., 1908, G+ BA-5-j-1 (crs) on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-595. Brooklyn N.Y.Cir, 1905, VG+ BR-5-b-2 WITH killer (part lite tone) Tr6; as recd on PPC from Canada. E $15
RR-596. Brooklyn, N.Y.Cir, 1901, G+ BR-5-b-5 (LATE; nick T) UNLISTED Tr14; as recd b/s on cvr. E $16
RR-597. Bklyn.N.Y.So.Shore, 1904 (Sep 22), VF BR-6-a (EARLY; lite tone) Trip 3; as recd on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-598. Brooklyn So.Shore, 1902, F BR-6-b-1 (bit o/s; toned) Tr1; as recd on priv.mailing card. E $15
RR-599. Brooklyn So.Shore, 1905, G+ BR-6-b-2; UNLISTED Tr3; as recd on PPC. E $15
RR-600. Brooklyn So.Shore, 1906, G+ BR-6-c-2 w/much of killer showing (LATE; toned) Tr13; as recd on PPC. E $15
RR-601. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./1, 1906, G+ CH-1-a (dial bit hi: "K S" partly off; o/s) Tp.8 on PPC. E $8
RR-602. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./2, 1903, G+ CH-1-b (near VF; lite tone) Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-603. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./2, 1906, G+ CH-1-b (R arc & part of date on stamp; o/s) Tr10 on LEATHER PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-604. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./2, 1907, G+ CH-1-b (R arc on stamp; toned) Tr6 on PPC. E $6
RR-605. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill/2, 1908, G+ CH-1-b (lite tone) Tr14 on PPC. E $8
RR-606. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./2, 1909, G+ CH-1-b (R arc & part of date on stamp; toned) Tr5 on PPC. SCARCE odd #. E $15
RR-607. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill/2, 1909, VF CH-1-b (dial bit hi; lite tone; cr) Tp10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-608. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./2, 1909, G+ CH-1-b (dial bit hi; lite tone) Tp18 on PPC. E $8
RR-609. Chi & N.Clark St./2, 1909, G+ CH-1-b Tp18 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-610. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./3, 1904, G+ CH-1-c (bit o/s; lite tone) Tp18 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-611. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill./3, 1906, G+ CH-1-c Tp8 on PPC. E $8
RR-612. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill/3, 1907, G+ CH-1-c (dial hi: "RK ST" partly off; tip cr) Tp4 on PPC. E $6
RR-613. Chi & N.Clark St. Chi.Ill/3, 1908, G+ CH-1-c (R arc on stamp) Tr8 on PPC. E $8
RR-614. North Clark St., 1898, VF CH-1-g (lower R tip nib; toned) Tr2 on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
RR-615. Chi.Ill.Cott Gro Av, 1906, VG+ CH-3-e (ink spot by add.; crs) Tr26 on priv.mailing card. E $8
RR-616. Chicago, Ill/Cottage Grove Avenue, 1911, G+ CH-3-f (near VG; part lite tone; 2 sealed spindles by add.) on PPC. E $150
RR-617. Chi & Millard Ave./Ill, 1909, G+ CH-5-a (killer off R; toned) Tp4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-618. Chi & Millard Ave/Ill/1, 1910, G+ CH-5-a (dial hi: "LARD" partly off) Tp20 on PPC. E $8
RR-619. Chi & Millard Ave/Ill/2, 1909, G+ CH-5-b (# partial but ID sure; upper R arc spotty; cr; bit ruff trim R) Tp18; 2c Lincoln on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-620. Chi & Millard Ave/Ill/2, 1910, VG CH-5-b (# mostly off R but ID sure; lite tone) Tp18 on PPC. E $8
RR-621. Chi & Millard Ave/Ill./3, 1906, G+ CH-5-c (killer # not struck but ID sure; lite tone) Tr10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-622. Chi & Millard Ave/Ill./4, 1909, G+ CH-5-d (killer # not struck but ID sure; uneven toned) Tr12 on PPC. E $8
RR-623. Chi & Mil Ave, 1904, G+ CH-6-b (part spotty; lite tone) Tr4 on cvr. E $6
RR-624. Chi & Mil Ave, 1904 (Aug 6), G CH-6-b on priv.mailing card w/newly prohibited "Postal Card" wording in header. E $15 MIN.8
RR-625. Chi & Mil Ave, 1909, VG CH-6-b (crnr cr) Tr14 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-626. Chi & Mil Ave, ca.1900, G+ CH-6-d (year & "RPO" mostly not struck; "S" shows in killer to confirm ID; lite tone) Tp18 on cvr. E $20
RR-627. Chicago, Ill/Wentworth Avenue, [1905], G+ CH-7-a2 Doremus machine (year not struck; killer spotty) on PPC. E $50
RR-628. Chicago, Ill/Wentworth Avenue, 1906, G+ CH-7-a2 Doremus machine (killer partial; part lite soiled) on PPC. E $30
RR-629. Chi & Went Ave, 1907, G+ CH-7-b (killer partial) Tp10 on PPC. E $6
RR-630. Chi & Went Ave, 1908, G+ CH-7-b (killer & # off R; lite tone) Tr30 on PPC. E $8
RR-631. Chi & Went Ave, 1908, G+ CH-7-b (R arc on stamp; killer partial) Tr16 on PPC. E $6
RR-632. Chi & Went Ave, 1910, G+ CH-7-b1? (# mostly not struck) Tp10 on PPC. E $8
RR-633. Chi & Went Ave, 1909, G+ CH-7-b3 Tp10 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-634. Chi & Went Ave, 1906, G+ CH-7-b5 w/inverted "3" (upper R arc on stamp; uneven lite tone) Tr18 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-635. Chi & Went Ave, 1907, G+ CH-7-b5 Tp18 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-636. Chi & Went Ave/3 inv, 1910, G+ CH-7-b5 (killer # unclear; maybe upright; lite tone) Tr5 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-637. Chi & Went Ave/Street, 1910, G+ CH-7-c (near VF; lite tone) Tr5 on PPC. E $15
RR-638. Chi & Went Ave/Street, 1911, G+ CH-7-c (o/s; lite tone) Tr3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-639. Chi & Went Ave/Street, 1911, G+ CH-7-c (upper R arc spotty; lite tone) Tr6 on PPC. E $8
RR-640. Cleveland Circuit, 1909, VF CL-1-b flag machine (lite tone; 2 cuts) Trip 9 on PPC. E $8
RR-641. Cleveland Circuit, 1913, G+ CL-1-e Trip 4; 1c Parcel Post on PPC. E $8
RR-642. Cleveland Circuit, 1917, VG CL-1-f (lite tone) on PPC. E $14
RR-643. Cleveland Circuit, 1918, VG CL-1-f (message into dial; lite tone; tip cr) on PPC. E $14
RR-644. Lot 20) Philadelphia street cars, 1897-1902, various PH- types (varied condition) 8 origin; 12 recd; on cvrs/cards. MIN.$30
RR-645. Philadelphia & Germantown, 1897, F PH-4-c flag machine (ruff R, just in stamp tip) Trip 30; Mahlon Kratz, Dispensing Chemist cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $15
RR-646. Pittsburgh, Pa/Street Car, 1913, VF PI-2-l (lite tone) Trip 3 on PPC. E $8
RR-647. Rochester, NY/Car Coll.Service C, 1903, VG RO-3-c (EARLY; crs) on PPC. E $16
RR-648. Rochester, NY/Car.Coll.Service C, 1907, F RO-3-c (part o/s by weak 2nd strike; stamp faulty, when mailed) on PPC. E $15
RR-649. Rochester, N.Y.Car Coll Service/B, 1898, VG RO-4-a2 (lite tone) Eastman Kodak cc on PSE. E $15
RR-650. Rochester, N.Y.Car Coll Service/B, 1898, VG RO-4-a2 (lite tone) E.M.Upton Coal cc on PSE. E $14
RR-651. Rochester, N.Y.Car Coll Service/B, 1898, G+ RO-4-a2 (bit lite tone; add.bit smear) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
RR-652. Seattle & Seattle, 1909, G+ SE-1-Ab (T tips nib; B crnrs cr; part lite soiled) on PPC. E $14
RR-653. St.Louis, Mo./Street RPO No.1, 1896 (Oct 12), G+ SL-1-Aa (LATE; trim R) "EAST" on cvr. E $50
RR-654. St.Louis, Mo Olive, 1913, G+ SL-10-C Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-655. St.Louis, Mo., Olive, 1914, G+ SL-10-C (R arc spotty; edge tear L; crs; lite tone) Tr4 on PPC. E $8
RR-656. St.Louis, Mo.Easton, 1910, F SL-11-D (lite tone) Tr4 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
RR-657. St.Louis, Mo/Easton Cir No.1, 1915, F+ SL-11-E (cr) Tr3 on PPC. E $20
RR-658. St.Louis, Mo., Northwest, 1913, G+ SL-12-C (toned) Tr4 on PPC. E $8
RR-659. St.Louis, Mo/Southwest, 1909, F SL-14-Ba (toned) Tr2 on PPC. E $8

SEALS / Labels (Scott #, then centering. "SE" = straight edges.) Need the Christmas Seal catalog? We have it!
SL-1. WX 3a, F, Lancaster, PA, 1908, G+ Colum. (tied; 0 SE) on PPC (lower R tip clip). E $20
SL-2. WX 3a, A (bit lite tone), Riacine, WI, 1908, G+ Colum. (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $24
SL-3. WX 7, F, Clarinda, NY, 1911, G+ duplex (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
SL-4. WX 10, F, Lynchburg, VA, 1912, G+ Amer/B14 (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
SL-5. WX 10, F-A, Letts, IN, 1912, F 4-bar (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-6. WX 12, F, Rochester, MN, 1913, G Amer/B14 (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $200 MIN.100
SL-7. WX 15, F, LaSalle, IL, 1914, G Int'l (tied; 1 SE) on PPC (lite tone; bit cr). E $12 MIN.6
SL-8. WX 16, A, Columbus, WI, 1915, VG+ duplex (tied; 1 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-9. WX 18a, F-A, Milaca, MN, 1917, VG duplex (tied; 2 SE) on cr PPC. E $8
SL-10. WX 19b, F, Cedar Rapids, IA, 1917, VG Univ. (tied; 1 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-11. WX 22, F (bit lite tone), Brookings, SD, 1918, G+ Univ. (tied w/fully socked-on-nose dial; 1 SE) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
SL-12. WX 24 w/WILD shift of GREEN ink: 3mm down AND 3mm to right; Santa "blinded" by holly, [1919], (unmailed; 1 SE) applied at upper R on toned PPC (REAL PHOTO: side view of NUDE young girl by bathtub). E $30
SL-13. WX 25, F-A, Peru, IL, 1919, G+ Colum. (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-14. WX 29, F, Sacramento, CA, 1921, VG Univ. (tied; 1 SE) on lite tone PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-15. WX 31, F (lite tone), Nevada, IA, 1923, G+ duplex (tied; 1 SE) on lite tone PPC. E $8
SL-16. WX 40, F-A, Ottawa, IL, 1927, G+ Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-17. WX 55, F, Valatie, NY, 1930, partial duplex (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
SL-18. WX103 pair, F, Santa Claus, IN, 1940, G+ 4-bar (1 tied; 0 SE) 1st day cachet on cvr. E $30
SL-19. WX124, F, Bellflower, CA, 1945, G+ Int'l (tied; 2 SE) on lite tone PPC. E $8
SL-20. WX136, F, Okarche, OK, 1947, partial CDS (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-21. WX140, F, (Los Angeles, CA), [1948], partial Univ.killer only (tied; 0 SE) on lite tone PPC. E $8
SL-22. WX173 pair, F, Hyannis, MA, 1955, G+ machine (1 tied; 0 SE) on toned PPC. E $8
SL-23. WX221, F, Chicago, IL, 1964, G machine (tied; 0 SE) on lite tone PPC. E $14
SL-24. WX265 (Michigan), F, West Palm Beach, FL, 1983, G+ machine (tied; 1 SE) late use of '79 seal on PPC. E $6
SL-25. 2006 Nat'l Seal, F, Albuquerque, NM, 2006, F sprayer (tied; 0 SE) on cvr. E $6
SL-26. 2010 Nat'l Seal (cardinals), F, Philadelphia, PA, 2010, VG sprayer (tied; 1 SE) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-27. 2010 Nat'l Seal (snowmen), F, Albuquerque, NM, 2010, VG sprayer (tied; 0 SE) on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-28. Local 255.1 (California Ass'n) w/design shifted onto R margin; A (ragged perfs T, where barely off edge), Modesto, CA, 1909, F Amer/A14 (not tied, but apparently belongs; 0 SE on seal, 1 on selvage) on PPC. E $60
SL-29. Local 667 (Grace Lutheran Sanatorium), F, Carey, OH, 1924, VG+ duplex (not tied but apparently belongs; 2 SE) on PPC (few tone spots; tip cr). E $15 MIN.8
SL-30. Local 1012 (Ev.Lutheran Sanitarium), F, Milwaukee, WI, 1911, VG Int'l (not tied, but apparently belongs; 3 SE) on lite tone PPC. E $30
SL-31. Local 1018 (Evang.Lutheran Sanitarium), F, Chicago, IL, 1917, F Int'l (not tied, but likely belongs; 2 SE) on PPC. E $20
SL-32. Local 1021 (Luth.Sanitarium), F (short perfs & bit ruff T where off T edge), Colorado Springs, CO, 1921, G+ Univ. (tied; 2 SE) on PPC w/message in Swedish. E $15
SL-33. Local 1022 (Luth.Sanitarium), F, Fulda, MN, 1922, G+ Colum. (tied; 2 SE's) on bit faulty PPC w/orig.1c Wash.replaced. E $8
SL-34. Local 1024 (Luth.Sanitarium), F, Hamburg, WI, 1924, F Colum. (tied; 2 SE) on bit lite tone PPC. E $20
SL-35. Local 1027 (Luth.Sanitarium), F, Horicon, WI, 1927, G+ duplex (barely tied; 2 SE) on PPC. E $20
SL-36. Local 1029 (Luth.Sanitarium), F, (indistinct town), IA, 1929, partial duplex (tied; 2 SE) on PPC. E $20
SL-37. Denmark 26, F, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1929, G+ slogan machine (tied; 0 SE) on PPC to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
SL-38. 1956-Hungary-1966/Oct.23/For Freedom/A Szabadsagert (41x28mm; flag), F (bit trim T), Los Angeles, CA, 1966, VG machine (tied; 2 SE) on cvr (bit trim T, just in seal edge). E $14
SL-39. A Merry Xmas (33mm diam.round; 5 poinsettias & in shiny gold ring), Pasadena, CA, 1910, G Int'l (tied; die-cut) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-40. American Latvian Ass'n/1951/1981 (25x42mm; U.S.map), F, Hackensack, NJ, 1981, G+ machine (tied; 0 SE) on commer.cvr. E $20
SL-41. Bells (2 bells w/ribbon), F, Berkeley, CA, 1972, G machine (tied; die-cut) on PPC. E $8
SL-42. Boys Town (church), F, Fort Atkinson, WI, 1958, G+ Int'l (tied; 1 SE) on 4.5x5.5" cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SL-43. Communism Exterminates Nations (38x30mm; Lithuania outline map dripping blood; bloody handprints; emaciated person holding bandage to head), F (lower R tip scuff, barely in design), Evanston, IL, 1953, G+ Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on cvr (trim L) to doctor at State Sanatorium, Wallum Lake, RI. E $75
SL-44. Easter 1954/Lutheran Hour, F, Casa Grande, AZ, 1954, G+ Univ.; (tied; 0 SE) on cvr (bit trim T). E $20
SL-45. Easter Seals (x4), F, Syracuse/Reg'y Sec., NY, 1967, VG+ DCDS as origin b/s (all tied to back; 0 SE) on reg'd air cvr to AUSTRALIA. E $24 MIN.12
SL-46. Fairbanks Dog Derby & Ice Carnival (32x50mm dog sled & mountains), F, Fairbanks, AK, 1935, partial Univ. (tied; 0 SE) on air cvr (no flap). E $24 MIN.12
SL-47. For He satisfieth the longing soul...Psalm 107:9, F, Williamsport, PA, 1909, G+ Int'l (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $8
SL-48. Holiday Greetings (46x27 hexagon: horse-drawn coach flying above trees), F, Vandergrift, PA, 1937, G+ Univ. (tied; wide-spaced roulette perfs) on PPC. E $20
SL-49. Holiday Greetings/Chicago Boys Clubs (strip/4; boy w/candle); F (1 w/toned perfs), Chicago, IL, 1961 (Jul 26), F machine origin (2 tied to back by Livorno, Italy, fuzzy DCDS as recd) on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
SL-50. Holly (21x18mm irreg.), F, Lincoln/Sta.C, NE, 1908, G+ Amer/B38 (tied; die-cut) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-51. I'm the NRA (25x19mm; red eagle head), F (cr), Kilmer P & DC, NJ, 2002, G+ machine (tied; imperf) on #12 cvr. E $8
SL-52. Kappa Delta Hospital Fund/Merry Christmas (25x39mm boy w/bugle on stick horse), F, Livingstone Manor, NY, 1925, F Int'l (not tied; 0 SE) on back of cvr (trim B). E $15 MIN.8
SL-53. Keep 'Em Flying (36x26mm crossed flags & bow), F, Wilmington, NC, 1942, VG Univ. (tied; die-cut) on lite tone PPC. E $14
SL-54. Light the Candle of Understanding pair (Epilepsy Foundation; stylistic candle), F, Kewanee, IL, 1972, G+ machine (tied to back; 2+1 SE's) on cvr. E $15
SL-55. Light the Candle of Understanding/Epilepsy Foundation (candle), F, San Francisco, CA, 1976, G+ machine (tied; 0 SE) on air PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-56. Love never gives up... Amer.Biblel Soc'y (41x29mm; flowers), F (tip nib), USPS, MI, 1995, G+ machine (tied; 1 SE) on commer.4x6" card. E $6
SL-57. Merry Christmas (24mm diam.shiny GOLD BELL), F, Youngstown/Sta.D, OH, 1910, G duplex (tied; imperf) on toned PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-58. Merry Christmas (22x26mm manger scene), Luverne, IA, 1911, G duplex (tied; 2 SE) on PPC. E $8
SL-59. Merry Christmas (23x26mm; holly around yellow center), A, Sumner, IA, 1917, G+ duplex (tied; 1 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-60. Merry Xmas (21x26mm Mary & Jesus; shiny gold candles), A, Sheffield, IL, 1911, G+ duplex (tied; 1 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-61. Merry Xmas (28mm diam.; poinsettias & winter scene), F, Dayton, OH, 1920, VF Int'l (tied; imperf) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-62. Merry Xmas (27x34mm.; poinsettias & winter scene), F, Philadelphia/Sta.S, PA, 1921, VG+ Int'l (tied; 1 SE) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-63. Peace and Joy (26x28mm poinsettias w/shiny gold frame) F, Osage, IA, 1924, G+ Univ. (tied; die-cut) on toned PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-64. Santa Claus Post: Hixon # 6, F (tip wear), New Haven, CT/Trans.Clk, 1909, partial duplex (tied; 0 SE) on lite tone PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-65. Santa Claus Post: Hixon # 8 (Santa & holly), F, Kingston, NY, 1911 (Jan 5), VF Int'l (not tied but obviously belongs; 1 SE) on PPC. E $15
SL-66. Souvenir de la Tour Eiffel/Paris (27x30mm), F, Paris, France, 1953, G pictorial repeater (tied; 0 SE) Eiffel Tower slogan meter on Tower PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SL-67. Star(x2; 18x18mm shiny gold), F (1 w/nib tip), Nyack, NY, 1908, VG Amer/B14 (both tied; die-cut) on lite tone PPC. E $15 MIN.8
SL-68. Stop Soil Erosion/Read Nat'l Wildlife (28x37mm raccoon), F, Boston, MA, 1999, G+ machine (tied; 0 SE) on PPC. E $8
SL-69. Stop the Killer (poster stamp: Hitler head on snake), F, Chi & Omaha/RPO, 1944, G duplex (tied; 0 SE) RPO cachet on unadd.cvr. E $15
SL-70. Texas Gold Saving Stamp (29x22m cowboy & gold), F, Austin, TX, 1974, G+ machine (tied; 2 SE) on PPC. E $6
SL-71. The Nat'l City Bank of New York (52mm irreg.diam.; sailor & Indian), F, Bogota, Colombia, 1938, G+ DCDS (tied to back; imperf) on cvr to U.S.(edge tears). E $15 MIN.8
SL-72. The Voluntary Way is the American Way/Guard Your Health, Guard Your Pocketbook/Socialized Medicine Would Rob Both/Voluntary Health Insurance (75x45mm poster stamp), F, Lansing, MI, 1950, VG Univ. (tied; 3 SE) Michigan State Medical Soc'y cc; 6c Prexie coil +15c special del. on toned #10 spec.del.cvr. E $20
SL-73. Warren G. Harding... 1922... Recognizes the Statehood of Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania (40x26mm; portrait), F-A, Wayne, PA, 1962, F Univ., (tied; 0 SE) on commer.cvr. E $15
SL-74. Wisconsin Elks/Respite Care Center (30x19mm ornament & twig), F, Green Bay, WI, 2000, G+ machine (tied; imperf) on #10 window cvr. E $12 MIN.6

SHIPS (Locy #'s) Need the U.S. Navy Ship Cancel Catalog? We have it!
SS-1. U.S.Navy (Albemarle), 1945, VG magenta ty.3z(BTT) (lite tone) w/G+ ty.9uz & VG+ ty.9xz; straight-line ship name h/s on cvr. E $15
SS-2. U.S.Navy (Alcona), 1945, VG ty.2z (cr; lite tone) on 3x5" penalty PC. E $12 MIN.6
SS-3. U.S.Navy (Apache), 1943, VF ty.3z(BTB) (slight ruff L) on air PSE. E $20
SS-4. "USS APc 7" typed cc; canxed New York, NY/Navy 165 Br., 1944, G+ DCDS (2 strikes, overlap) on cvr. E $20
SS-5. Arctic, 1936 (Jul 4), F blue-green ty.3(AC-BTT) (lite gum tone) "Independence/Day"; straight-line ship & stars h/s on stamp; bear & firecracker cachet on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-6. Arkansas, 1929, G+ ty.8 flag machine (part lite tone; tiny tears T) on commer.cvr. E $15
SS-7. "Flown From: USS Atka" typed at L, w/ms flight info; canxed Little America, Antarctica/U.S.N./U.S.Navy Operation Deep Freeze, 1957, VG machine; 6c Prexie on air cvr w/ship's pictorial cachet on back. E $20
SS-8. Ault, 1952, VG ty.2r on commer.air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-9. Aylwin, 1935 (Sep 1), VF purple ty.3(BC-BTT) "USS Reid/Launched"; h/s cachet on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-10. Aylwin, 1935 (Sep 4), VF purple ty.3(BC-BTT) "Under Sea/Strength"; USS Tarpon launch cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-11. Aylwin, 1935 (Sep 10), VG purple ty.3(BC-BTT) "Keel Layed/At Brooklyn"; USS Honolulu cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-12. Aylwin, 1935 (Sep 28), VF purple ty.3(BC-BTT) (lite tone) "Farewell/H.M.S.York"; h/s cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-13. Aylwin, 1935 (Dec 25), VF magenta ty.3(BC-BTT) "Merry Christmas"; Crosby cachet w/small ship's photo (faded) applique on cvr. E $15
SS-14. Aylwin, 1937, F ty.3(BC-BTT) (lite gum tone) "2nd Birthday" Crosby cachet w/ship's tiny photo applique on unadd.cvr. E $20
SS-15. Aylwin, 1937, VF purple ty.3(BC-BTT) (bit lite gum tone) "San Diego/Calif."; Crosby flag day cachet w/tiny ship's photo applique on unadd.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-16. USS Bexar return add.; canxed Cristobal, CZ/Paquebot, 1949, F duplex on cvr w/enc.note to collector from ship's teleman. E $14
SS-17. Boreas, 1941, VG ty.3(A-BBT) (tears T; crnr cr) 16c air/special del.solo on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-18. Breckenridge, 1936 (Nov 30), G+ ty.3 (lite gum tone) "Last Day/Mail" on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-19. Brooks, 1932, F+ blue ty.5hks "Battle of/White Plains" on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-20. Broome, 1921, G+ ty.3 (B bar & bit of rim off B; surface scuff by address) on PPC. E $80 MIN.40
SS-21. Buck, 1940, VG ty.3r(A-BBT) (bit stutter; dial bit hi) "Phila/Pa." on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-22. Buck, 1969, G+ ty.2(n+)(USS); sailor's ms "Free" frank on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-23. Cachalot, 1939, VF ty.3(AC-BTT) "Pearl Harbor/T H"; ship's h/s cc on #10 penalty cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-24. "USS California, Navy Yard, San Fran." return add.; canxed Vallejo, CA, 1908, F Int'l (lite tone) on PPC. E $20
SS-25. U.S.Navy (Charles E.Brannon), 1946, VG ty.2z on #10 air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-26. Chaumont, 1938, G+ ty.3(AC-TBB) (lite tone) "Honolulu/Hawaii"; ship's printed cc on #10 penalty cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-27. Colorado, 1934, G+ ty.6 on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-28. Colorado, 1937 (Jul 4), VG+ ty.3(BC-BBT) "En Route/Howland Is"; Amelia Earhart Search cachet on cvr. E $30
SS-29. Constellation, 1942, VF ty.3(A-BTT) on cvr. E $8
SS-30. U.S.Frigate/Constitution, 1933 (Sep 15), VF ty.3(BTT) "San Fran/Cisco, Calif."; Junior Chamber of Commerce ship cachet on cvr to Australia. E $15 MIN.8
SS-31. U.S.Navy (Crescent City), 1943, G+ ty.3z(BBT) (upper R tip slit) bit faulty 6c Prexie on commer.air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-32. U.S.Navy (U.S.A.T. Cuba), 1943, VG machine (bit ruff slit T) on air PSE. E $24 MIN.12
SS-33. Delaware, 1912, G+ ty.2 (edge tear T) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
SS-34. "U.S.A.T. Dix" return add.; canxed (Miike), Japan, 1911, partial DCDS on PPC to U.S. E $20
SS-35. "U.S.A.T. Dix" return add.; canxed (Miike), Japan, 1911, G+ DCDS on PPC to U.S. E $24
SS-36. Eagle #19, 1941, VF ty.3(A-BBT) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-37. Edisto, 1952, G+ ty.9ef(nu) as fwd b/s on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-38. "Espagne" ms in "arrived in New York today..." line; canxed Hoboken, NJ, [1919], VG pictorial eagle on YMCA PC. E $30
SS-39. U.S.Navy (General A.E.Anderson), 1943, G+ ty.3z (lite tone) on #10 penalty cvr. Before P.O.established. E $20
SS-40. U.S.Navy (Hambleton), 1942, F ty.3z(BBT); ship name per addressee's h/s on cacheted cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-41. Hammann, 1939, VG ty.3(A-TBT) "Cristobal/Canal Zone" (slogan part obscured) Shakedown Cruise cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-42. Hancock, 1910, F ty.1 (lite tone) on PPC. E $15
SS-43. U.S.Navy (Idaho), 1939, G+ ty.7r (edge crs) 6c Prexie on commer.#10 air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-44. "Marine Detachment, USS Idaho" return add.on flap; canxed Honolulu, HI, 1940, VF Int'l; 20c clipper air on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-45. U.S.Navy (Indiana), 1942, VG ty.7z (tip crs) censor h/s on USO PC. E $14
SS-46. U.S.Navy (Inghraham), 1941 (Jul 19), F ty.3z; 1st Day Commission cachet on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-47. Isabel, 1941, F ty.3(AC-BBT) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-48. James C.Owens, 1950 (Jan 16), G+ ty.2t(nu) (lite tone) "Last Day" cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-49. Kansas, 1912 (Feb 4), G+ ty.1 (lite tone) on Cuba PPC. E $14
SS-50. Kansas, 1912 (Mar 10), G+ ty.1 on Cuba PPC. E $14
SS-51. Kansas, 1912 (Mar 22), G+ ty.1 on Cuba PPC. E $14
SS-52. Kentucky, 1909, G+ ty.1 (R arc on stamp; toned; bit cr) on PPC. E $30 MIN.15
SS-53. Kentucky, 1913, VG ty.3(AC) on purple cvr w/enc.Easter card. E $50
SS-54. U.S.Navy (Laramie), 1945, G+ ty.2z (dial hi; "U.S." mostly not struck) on censored air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-55. U.S.Navy (LC (FF)), 1945, VG ty.2z (crs) on 3x5" penalty PC. E $20
SS-56. "USCG Lorsta Sitkinak" h/s cc; canxed Kodiak, AK, 1974, F machine on cvr w/commanding officer's signature. E $15 MIN.8
SS-57. Louisiana, 1910, G+ ty.1 on PPC. E $14
SS-58. Louisiana, 1911, G+ ty.1 (R arc on stamp; o/s) on PPC. E $8
SS-59. Louisiana, 1916, VF ty.3(AC) (tiny tears T; few ink spots by add.) on cvr w/enc. E $20
SS-60. U.S.Navy (LSM(R) 406), 1945, G+ machine on air cvr. E $20
SS-61. "USS Luzon" h/s return add.on flap; canxed New York/Yangtze Patrol Br., NY, 1934, VG duplex; Navy Day cachet on cvr. E $20
SS-62. Mallard, 1933, G+ blue-green ty.5hks; "Hello/Miami" on cacheted cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-63. U.S.Navy (Menges), 1944 (May 15), F ty.2z (dial bit hi) on free-franked 2.75x6" PC thanking Gen'l Motors for cigarettes, mailed 12 days after ship's stern blown away by U-boat torpedo. E $30
SS-64. Michigan, ca.1913, G+ ty.3(A) (year partial; part lite tone) on Cuba PPC. E $20 MIN.10
SS-65. Michigan, 1916, G+ ty.3(A) (dial hi: "U.S" partly off; o/w F+; toned) on Cuba PPC. E $16
SS-66. Minneapolis, 1936, F ty.3(BC-BBT) (toned) "Ship to Ship/By Air" on cvr. E $14
SS-67. U.S.Navy (Montpelier), 1944, VF ty.3z(BTB) (flap mostly off) on air cvr. E $15
SS-68. Narwhal, 1939, VG ty.3(A-TBT) (nicks T) "Sub Ron 4/Pearl Harbr"; ship's printed cc on #10 penalty cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-69. Nashville, 1938, VG ty.F(N-1) w/"Commissioned" slogan on cacheted cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-70. Nebraska, 1910, G+ ty.1 (part on stamp; toned; cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SS-71. Nevada, 1940, G+ ty.3(A-TBB) "Long Beac(h)/Calif."; CPO Mess cc on commer.air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-72. New Mexico, 1927, G+ ty.6 (year partial but confirmed by b/s) 3c Wash.imperf pr. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-73. New Orleans, 1910, VF ty.1u (lite soiled) on Hong Kong PPC. E $20 MIN.10
SS-74. New Orleans, 1910, F ty.1u (toned) on PPC (USS Submarine "Shark", mostly submerged w/2 sailors on top). E $20 MIN.10
SS-75. New York, 1940, G+ ty.7r (bit ruff slit T) 15c Prexie on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-76. Newark, 1911, G+ ty.1 ("ARK" on stamp; tear L; crs) on Guantanamo PPC. E $15 MIN.8
SS-77. O'Brien, 1940, VF ty.3(A-BTT) "Boston/Mass" on card. E $12 MIN.6
SS-78. Okanogan, 1947, VG ty.2(n) (slight stutter) on cacheted cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-79. Olmsted, 1946, G+ ty.2(n) (upper R on stamp; ruff R; bit lite tone) on air cvr w/enc. E $8
SS-80. Olympia, 1918, G+ ty.3(AC) (dial hi: "SS" mostly off; upper R edge bit ruff) censor h/s on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
SS-81. Olympia, 1918, G+ ty.3(AC) (lite strike; o/s) boxed censor h/s on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
SS-82. Olympia, 1918, G ty.3(AC) (dial hi: "USS" mostly off; lower R on stamp) "Care Of/PM, N.Y."; boxed censor h/s on cvr w/clear return add. E $15 MIN.8
SS-83. Olympia, 1918, G ty.3(AC) (dial HI: "USS", month & T bar off T) "Service" in lower bar; boxed censor h/s on free-franked cvr w/clear return add. E $15 MIN.8
SS-84. Olympia, [1918], G ty.3(AC) (ship name & lower bar spotty) "Foreign/(Service)"; boxed censor h/s on free-franked cvr w/clear return add. E $15 MIN.8
SS-85. Olympia, [1918], G ty.3(AC) (ship name mostly not struck) "Foreign/Service"; boxed censor h/s on free-franked cvr w/clear return add. E $15 MIN.8
SS-86. Ortolan, 1933, G+ ty.9(C) (year heavy inked) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-87. Owl, 1939, F ty.3r(A-TBT) "Norfolk/Va." on card. E $12 MIN.6
SS-88. Panther, 1909, VG+ ty.1 (edge tear R) on cvr. E $20 MIN.10
SS-89. U.S.Navy (Patapsco), 1944, VG ty.2z* (upper L edge slit; crs; lite tone) on air PSE. E $15 MIN.8
SS-90. Patoka, 1940, F ty.3r(A-BBT) on commer.PPC (Puerto Rico). E $12 MIN.6
SS-91. Paul Jones, 1937, VG ty.3(BC-BTT) (dial hi: "USS" partly off; lite tone) "Vladivostok/Siberia USSR" in bars; "U.S.Men-of-War... 1st Visit... in 14 Years" cachet on cvr to USS Preble, w/USS Augusta VF ty.3(BC-BBT) w/"Vladivostok/U.S.S.R." in bars as transit b/s. E $20
SS-92. U.S.Navy (Pecos), 1944, VG ty.2z (lite) ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $20
SS-93. Pennsylvania, 1916, F ty.3(AC) (tips worn; L crnr toned) "Navy Yard/New York" on PPC. E $20
SS-94. Pennsylvania, 1931, VF blue ty.5hks "Mother's/Day" on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-95. Pennsylvania, 1933, F ty.8 flag machine (lite tone) on cacheted cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-96. Pennsylvania, 1937, F ty.3(AC-TTT) "Constitution/Day" on card. E $12 MIN.6
SS-97. Pensacola, 1934, VF ty.3(B-BTT) "Brooklyn/N.Y."; Battle of Bermuda Hundred cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-98. Pensacola, 1935, VF ty.3(BC-TTT) "San,Fran./Calif." on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-99. "USS Peoria" return add.; canxed Brooklyn, NY, 1908, F Int'l (ruff R, in stamp; part lite soiled; ink spot by add.) on cvr. E $30
SS-100. Pocomoke, 1941, VG+ ty.3(A-BBT) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-101. Portland, 1941, VF ty.3(AC-TBB) (bit ruff trim T; tears T) "At/Sea"; "Paquebot" boxed h/s; Capt.C.E.VanHook typed cc on #10 cvr to Australia w/enc.signed by Capt. E $24 MIN.12
SS-102. Potomac, 1941, F ty.3(A-TTB) "Happy B'day/Wash.D.C." in bars; "Pres.Roosevelt's Birthday" typed at L on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-103. U.S.Navy (President Adams), 1943, G+ ty.Fz(P-45) (dial bit hi) on #10 penalty cvr. E $20
SS-104. Ramapo, 1931, VF ty.5hks "Mare Island/Navy Yard" on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-105. Reina Mercedes, 1935, F ty.5hks "Annapolis/Maryland"; note from sailor to collector on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
SS-106. Relief, 1934, VF purple ty.5hks "Eaveing, But/Coming Back"; illus.cachet on GPC. E $15 MIN.8
SS-107. Richmond, [1926], G+ ty.6j (year partial; trim R; lite tone) on cvr. E $20
SS-108. Rowan, 1940, VF ty.3r(AC-BBT) "Portsmouth/Virginia" on card. E $12 MIN.6
SS-109. Saginaw Bay, 1945 (Oct 24), G+ ty.9efu as origin b/s; ship's h/s cc on reg'd #10 M.O.B.penalty cvr. E $16
SS-110. Saint Paul, 1945 (Sep 2), VG ty.F(S-104) w/"Tokyo, Japan" in dial (L edge tone; cr) Mt.Fuji & ship cachet on unadd.#10 penalty cvr. E $20
SS-111. U.S.Navy (San Jacinto), 1945, VF ty.2z (trim R) on air cvr. E $14
SS-112. Saratoga, 1911, G+ ty.1 ("GA" on stamp) on PPC datelined Nagasaki, Japan. E $24 MIN.12
SS-113. Sargo, 1960, F+ ty.F(S-26) w/"North Pole/Under Ice/Exploration" slogan on cacheted cvr. E $20
SS-114. South Dakota, 1910, G+ ty.1(C) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SS-115. South Dakota, 1910, G+ 4-bar (lite tone; crs) on PPC: "(USS) Maryland beats us. We got some amount of his but they beat us..." E $15 MIN.8
SS-116. South Dakota, 1911, F ty.1(C) (lite tone; lower R crnr clip; edge tear T) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SS-117. Stack, 1939 (Nov 20), VF ty.3r "First Day/Commission" on card. E $12 MIN.6
SS-118. Sturtevant, 1937, VF ty.3 "Last Day In/Commission" on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-119. U.S.Navy (Subchaser 994), 1943, F ty.2z (UNLISTED) on #10 penalty cvr. E $30
SS-120. Mailed TO: USS Tennessee; canxed Scott, NY, 1906, G+ Doane 2/3 (lite tone; lite crnr cr) on PPC. E $20
SS-121. Texas, 1931, G+ ty.8 flag machine (toned; tear T) on #10 penalty cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-122. Texas, 1932, VG+ ty.8 flag machine (toned; edge tear T) on #10 penalty cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-123. Texas, 1933, G+ ty.8 flag machine (near F; toned; tear T) on #10 penalty cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-124. Texas, 1933, G+ ty.8 flag machine (toned; lite crs) on #10 penalty cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-125. Texas, 1933, G+ ty.5h/s(C) (near VF) "Memorial Day/At Sea" on cacheted cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-126. Texas, 1934, F ty.5hks(C) "USS Akron/Crash"; 1st Anniv.typed cachet; 2c Harding on cvr w/ship's albino embossed seal. E $15 MIN.8
SS-127. Texas, 1934 (Dec 1), VF ty.5hks(C) (lite tone) "Death For/Mutiny in USN"; cachet re.1842 hanging of 3 mutineers on cvr. E $14
SS-128. Texas, 1936 (Apr 21), VF ty.5hks(C) (lite tone) "Battle of/San Jacinto"; related cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-129. Tillman, 1939, VF ty.3(B) w/bottom bar removed (lite gum tone) "Navy Yard/Phila.,Pa." on cvr. E $14
SS-130. Trenton, 1935 (Aug 7), VG+ ty.3(BC-BTT) "Frederikst-/ed St.Croix" on commer.cvr w/long enc. E $15 MIN.8
SS-131. Trenton, 1935 (Aug 12), VG ty.5hks (bit stutter) "St:Thomas/Virgin Is." on commer.cvr w/long enc. E $15 MIN.8
SS-132. Trenton, 1935 (Aug 14), VG ty.3(BC-BTT) (bit stutter) "Ponce/Puerto Rico" on commer.cvr w/long enc. E $15 MIN.8
SS-133. Tucker, 1937, VG ty.3(A-BBT) "Norfolk/Navy Yard" on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-134. Utah, 1912, G+ ty.2r(C) (near VF; crnr crs; edge tears L) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
SS-135. Utah, 1914, VG+ ty.2 (bit lite tone) on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
SS-136. Utah, 1929, G+ ty.8 flag machine on commer.PPC. E $20 MIN.10
SS-137. U.S.Navy (Vinton), 1945 (Aug 8), F ty.2z (lite crs) on air cvr. DATE that ATOMIC BOMB was dropped on NAGASAKI. E $40
SS-138. Washington, 1910, G+ ty.1 (dial bit hi: tip of "S" off; part on stamp; lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SS-139. Washington/U.S.N., 1911, G+ ty.F(W-9) (part heavy inked; bit cr) on PPC. E $20
SS-140. Washington, 1911, G+ ty.2 (R arc on stamp; tip cr) on PPC. E $14
SS-141. Washington, 1911, G+ ty.F(W-9a) (lite tone) on PPC. E $16
SS-142. U.S.Navy (Wasp), 1941, F ty.7z; "Passed by Censor" boxed h/s; 10c map air on cvr w/ms return add. E $30 MIN.15
SS-143. Worcester, 1948, F ty.2(n)(W-40c) (lite tone) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-144. Wyoming, 1922, VG blue ty.3(AC) (T flap & part of B flap off; bit ruff upper L) on cvr. E $14
SS-145. Wyoming, 1935, F ty.3(BC-BBT) "English/Channel" on commer.cvr. E $14
SS-146. Yarnall, ca.1935, G+ ty.3z (toned) "Panama/CZ"; Mother's Day cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-147. U.S.Navy (YMS 110), 1944, G+ ty.2z* (near F) ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $20
SS-148. Yorktown, ca.1909, G+ ty.1 (year not struck; toned) on PPC. E $20
SS-149. "USS Yukon" return add.; Philadelphia/Navy Yd.Sta., PA, 1921, G Univ. (2 heavy crs; lite tone; edge tear T) "The Receiving Station" & "(crew)" also in return add., both lined thru; American YMCA logo header on cvr. E $30
SS-150. Kodiak/U.S.Naval Air Sta., AK, 1941, G+ duplex on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-151. San Diego, CA, 1945, G+ duplex; USNR return add. on 2.5x3.5" free-franked cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-152. Marine Det.Am.Legation/Peiping, (Pekin), China, 1935, VF 4-bar (slight trim T) on commer.cvr. E $20
SS-153. New London/Submarine Base Br., CT, 1953, F Univ.; "USS Toro" Crosby cachet w/tiny ship's photo applique on unadd.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-154. Washington, DC, 1944, F Int'l (part lite tone; slight ruff slit T) Naval Research Lab RMS return add.; ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-155. Oakland, ME, 1943, G duplex; opened & sealed by Customs Office at San Francisco, per "Licensed" pictorial h/s tying stamps; on air cvr w/brown tape "forwarding label" at B, redirecting to "S.S.Thos.Jefferson". E $20
SS-156. U.S.N.Det./Trg.Camp Deer Isl., MA, 1918, F+ duplex (no flap; tear T; upper L tip ruff) YMCA logo cc on cvr. E $30
SS-157. U.S.N.Det./Trg.Camp Deer Isl., MA, 1918, G+ duplex (tears T; flap partly off) Knights of Columbus/War Activities cc on cvr. E $20
SS-158. Hingham (U.S.Naval Training Camp), MA, 1918, G+ 4-bar; Knights of Columbus/War Activities cc on cvr. E $20
SS-159. Minneapolis, MN, 1947, F Univ. (no flap) Western Union cc on window cvr w/enc.telegram from sailor on USS Mt.Olympus: "Arrived New Zealand..." E $15 MIN.8
SS-160. U.S.N.Training Sta./Gulfport, MS, 1918, G+ duplex (R arc not struck; lite tone) on PPC. 2nd known example. E $24 MIN.12
SS-161. Brooklyn/U.S.Rec'g Ship, NY, 1933, F 3-bar (bit lite gum tone) "Navy Day/USS Seattle"; Navy Day cachet w/Farragut portrait on cvr to Canada. E $12 MIN.6
SS-162. Brooklyn/U.S.Rec'g Ship, NY, 1934, G+ 3-bar (lite gum tone) "St.Patrick's/Day"; 1.5c on cvr to Canada. E $15 MIN.8
SS-163. Brooklyn/U.S.Rec'g Ship, NY, 1934, G+ blue 3-bar (lite tone) "USS Seattle/4th of July" on cacheted cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-164. Brooklyn/U.S.Receiving Ship, NY, 1937 (Dec 12), VF 3-bar w/"USS Panay/Bombed Sunk" in bars; photo illus.cachet (ship, captain & FDR) on cvr canxed on day of sinking. E $20
SS-165. New York/10957 Br., NY, 1957, G+ Univ.; Patron 7, FPO NY return add.; "United States Navy/World Symbol of Strength and Freedom" pictorial h/s tying air mail label on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-166. New York/Comdr.Sub-Group 1, Texas Group, Atl.Res.Flt.Br., NY, 1947, G+ 4-bar (near VF; bit lite tone) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-167. New River/Maine Barracks, NC, 1944, VG Univ. (part lite tone) ms "Free/U.S.M.C." frank on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
SS-168. 1st Sep Mar Bat/Navy Yard, Cavite, PI Br., 1941, F 3-bar "Semper/Fidelis"; Crosby cachet w/small photo applique (main gate) on cvr. E $20
SS-169. Charleston/Navy Yd.Sta., SC, 1941, G+ duplex; 6c air on #10 penalty cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-170. Seattle (N.Air Sta.) Kodiak, Alaska Br., WA, 1941 (Aug 1), VG+ 4-bar; 1st Day Post Office cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-171. Seattle/Naval Torp.Sta.Keyport Br., WA, 1944, F 4-bar (ruff slit upper L; lite tone) (31-47) on air PSE. E $14
SS-172. Bombing Squadron Four, 1938, F+ 3-bar; "First Day/Cancel" on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-173. Destroyer Squadron No.14, 1931, F ty.8 flag machine (lite tone) U.S.S.Dickerson return add. on #10 penalty cvr. E $24 MIN.12
SS-174. Mar Air Gr.11/F.M.A.W.F.M.F., 1941, VG+ 3-bar; "Quantico/Virginia" on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-175. S.S.City of New York, 1930, G+ CDS ("RK" partly off R) Byrd Antarctic Expedition pictorial h/s at L on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
SS-176. S.S.Eleanor Bolling, 1929, F 4-bar as canx; F dateless CDS on back; Byrd Antarctic Expedition pictorial h/s & Dean C.Smith signature at L on cvr. E $40
SS-177. Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition/S.S.Jacob Ruppert, 1935, F 4-bar; U.S.map outline h/s cachet; 3c Byrd on cvr. E $40
SS-178. Sixth Defense Bat/Fleet Marine Force, 1941, VG+ 3-bar (bit lite tone) "San Diego/Calif." on cacheted cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-179. U.S.Naval Forces/Censored/6-35/Europe, ca.1919, VG+ purple circled h/s w/censor's ms intitials, as only origin marking (trim R; nicks R; edge tear B) on cvr to U.S. E $20
SS-180. U.S.Navy, 1918, G+ duplex (crs; message bit smear) on Newport Naval Training Sta.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SS-181. U.S.Navy, 1943, G+ magenta ty.2z* (year partial; R tip nick) VC-37, San Francisco return add. on free-franked cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-182. U.S.Navy, 1943, VF Univ.; "Barracks 612, Ship's Co., Bainbridge, MD" return add. on PPC. E $20
SS-183. U.S.Navy, 1943, F Int'l; "Seamen's Unit at Rincon Annex" purple h/s as routing instruction on free-franked PPC w/San Francisco/Seamen's Unit Rec'd, CA, VG magenta CDS as recd. E $20
SS-184. U.S.Navy, 1943, F 3-bar (upper R tip slit; lite crs) N.A.S. Sec.L, Clinton, OK, return add. on free-franked cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-185. U.S.Navy, 1943, G+ 3-bar (lite crs) N.A.S. Sec.L, Clinton, OK, return add. on free-franked cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-186. U.S.Navy, 1943, G Int'l (staple holes) ms "Free" frank on cvr w/SHINY GOLD Camp Lejeune, New River, NC, pictorial letterhead (USMC insignia) enc. E $12 MIN.6
SS-187. U.S.Navy, 1943, VG ty.2z*; Navy Dept./Naval Air Sta./Sitka, AK, cc on penalty cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-188. U.S.Navy, 1944, G+ 4-bar (lite tone; staple holes) CBMU 526 -Plat.2 return add.; ms "Free" frank on cvr w/Navy pictorial letterhead (eagle & shield) enc. E $12 MIN.6
SS-189. U.S.Navy, 1944, G+ 3-bar (bit trim T) Repair Unit Navy 134 return add.; 5c Prexie on cvr to Australia. E $12 MIN.6
SS-190. U.S.Navy, 1944, G+ 4-bar (lite tone; bit cr) VT-37, San Francisco return add. on free-franked cvr. E $12 MIN.6
SS-191. U.S.Navy, 1945, VG ty.7z* (slight ruff upper R) "No Money/Stamps Inclosed" h/s; "Correspondence Dep't/(Censored?) Napanoch, New York" oval h/s on free-franked cvr to inmate at correctional facility. E $20
SS-192. U.S.Navy, 1945 (Mar 25), VG 4-bar w/oversized day/month slugs; H & S Btry.3rd Bn., 18th Marines, 6th Marine Div'n return add. on air cvr. E $14
SS-193. U.S.Navy, 1945 (May 15), VF 4-bar (lite gum tone) H & S Btry.3rd Bn., 15th Marines, 6th Marine Div'n return add. on air cvr. E $14
SS-194. U.S.Navy, 1945, VG Int'l (part lite soiled) USO, Gallup, NM, blue-green h/s above message; sailor's ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
SS-195. U.S.Navy/10290 Br., 1945, VG machine (2 tone spots) U.S.Naval Special Hosp., Asbury Park, NJ, return add. on free-franked cvr. E $15
SS-196. U.S.Navy/FPO 09527, ca.1968, F dateless triple circle dial machine (edge crs) USINT, Embassy of Spain, Cairo, UAR, return add.; 6c FDR on cvr to U.S. E $15 MIN.8
SS-197. U.S.Navy/Naval Air Sta., 1942, G Univ.; U.S.Sub.Rep.Base, Kodiak, AK, return add. on commer.air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-198. Yokohama/18-24 October 1908/Commemoration of Visit of American Fleet, G+ pictorial DCDS (rim partly off R; lite tone) on PPC. GREAT WHITE FLEET cruise. E $30 MIN.15
SS-199. London, Great Britain, 1907, G+ DCDS (lite tone) "Posted on the High Seas." purple h/s as origin at L; 1p Grt.Brit. on France PPC datelined Vigo, Spain, to U.S. NICE 4-country combo. E $20
SS-200. Durban, South Africa, 1954, F DCDS tying 5+3c Netherlands semi-postal (part lite tone) Koninklijke Rotterdamsche Lloyd R.V./S.S."Samarinda"/Rotterdam double oval h/s at L on cvr to U.S. E $15
SS-201. American Export Lines/Posted on the High Seas/Purser/S.S.Excambion, 1936, F red CDS w/text killer (killer partly off R; lite tone) on PPC. E $20
SS-202. Auf dem Rhein/an Bord/Kabinenschiff/M.S.Britannia, ca.1976, VF blue undated circled h/s as origin at L (o/s; crs) indistinct slogan machine tying 80pf Germany on PPC to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
SS-203. British Mail/Ex-R.M.S./"Transylvania"/Posted on the High Seas, 1927, G+ magenta undated circled h/s as origin at L (o/s; lite tone) indistinct GREECE repeater machine tying 1.5p Great Britain on Spain PPC to U.S. E $24
SS-204. Deutsche Seepost/Australischt Hauptlinie, 1908, G+ CDS tying 10pf Germany; Aden G+ DCDS as transit on Beira (Mozambique) PPC to U.S. GREAT multi-country combo. E $30
SS-205. Deutsche Seepost/Linie Hamburg New-York, 1911, G+ CDS (dial bit hi; toned; tip crs) 10pf Germany on PPC to U.S., datelined S.S.Amerika. E $16
SS-206. Deutsche Seepost/Linie/Bremen-New York, 1927, VG+ oval (lite tone) 15pf on ship's REAL PHOTO PPC ("Berlin") to U.S. E $15
SS-207. Deutsche Seepost/Ost-Asiatische Linie, 1909, F CDS (rim partly off R; tip crs) 3c Straits Settlements on Penang PPC to U.S. E $20
SS-208. Deutsche Seepost/Ost-Asiatische Linie, 1909, F CDS; 10pf on Egypt PPC to U.S. E $20
SS-209. M/S Royal Viking Sea/On Cruise-Posted on Board, 1981, G+ pictorial CDS (Viking ship) w/"Paquebot/2/Singapore" DCDS at L; 1.30k Norway on ship's PPC datelined "Enroute to Indonesia". E $15
SS-210. M/S Royal Viking Sky/On Cruise-Posted on Board, 1981, G+ pictorial CDS (2 strikes, bit overlap) 1.70 Norway on PPC to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
SS-211. M/S Royal Viking Sky/On Cruise-Posted on Board, 1988 (Mar 16), G+ Norwegian cruise line pictorial CDS (upper arc obscured on stamp) "Santos/Paquebot" red boxed h/s by address; Santos, Brazil, VF DCDS (Mar 28) as transit; 40c Bahamas air on Argentina PPC to U.S. NICE 5-country combo. E $16
SS-212. N.Y. & Buenos Aires Sea Post/S.S.Southern Cross, 1924, G+ duplex/2 (bit ruff upper L; tears L; flap tip off) Munson Steamship Lines engraved logo & Sao Paulo, Brazil, return add.on flap; on cvr. E $15
SS-213. Postad Ombord/M/S Kungsholm/SAL/New York-Goteborg, 1958, G+ CDS (toned) 25o on ship's PPC to U.S. E $8
SS-214. Posted on board the British ship "Empress of England" on the High Seas, 1963, VF straight-line h/s origin w/separate dater; Cristobal, CZ/Paquebot VG duplex Lund ty.8; Cristobal mute roller tying 6x 1/2p on cvr to England. E $20
SS-215. Posted on the High Seas, 1932, VG magenta undated circled h/s (o/s; upper R tip fault) 1c Bermuda on PPC to U.S.w/New York, NY, Paquebot h/s (Lund ty.11) as transit. E $15
SS-216. Posted on the High Seas/(S.S.Pan?)America, ca.1930, G magenta undated circled h/s (part obscured on stamp) 1c Bermuda on PPC to U.S.w/New York, NY, Paquebot h/s (Lund ty.10) w/year & killer off T. E $15
SS-217. QE2/Posted on Board, [1997], undated boxed h/s CDS at L; Acapulco, Mexico, partial DCDS tying $2.70 Mexico on ship's PPC to U.S. E $8
SS-218. R.M.S.Andes/Posted on the High Seas, 1949, VF purple triple oval as origin at L; Buzon Vapor/Las Palmas G+ DCDS tying 1/2d Great Britain on cvr to U.S. E $15
SS-219. S.S.Iberia/O.N.186127/London..., [1865], VG undated h/s at L as origin; Ass't Purser's h/s at B; canxed Yokohama, Japan, G+ DCDS tying 6p +4.5p +1/2p Great Britain on air cvr to New Zealand. E $20
SS-220. S.S.Nieuw Amsterdam/Holland-America-Line/Ocean Post, [1954], F blue undated double-circled h/s & straight-line h/s; boxed "Posted on Board" tying 5+3c Netherlands semi-postal; Circulation Branch/DPO Barbados VG DCDS by address on cvr to U.S. E $15
SS-221. Stockholm Ban/Utr Brev, 1953, G CDS w/pictorial ship silhouette killer, tying 25o +15o Sweden stamps; "m/s Erholm" h/s at L on cvr to U.S.w/Helsinki DCDS b/s as transit. E $15
SS-222. U.S.Ger.Sea Post/S.S.America, 1929, G+ duplex (near VG+; pinholes) "Rescue Trip of 'The Florida'" note in upper L crnr; "United States Lines" engraved on flap; on cvr. E $15
SS-223. U.S.German Sea P.O., 1907, VG duplex/17; 2c Sc.319 on ship's PPC (Kaiserin Auguste Victoria) to U.S. E $20
SS-224. U.S.German Sea P.O., 1909, G+ duplex/10 (toned; R edge crs) 2c Wash. on France PPC to U.S. E $14
SS-225. United States/Sea P.O., 1906, G+ duplex/1 (ruff R, in stamp) "U.S.Sea P.O./T/1" ship's circled due marking; New York/NY/B/Due 6 Cents G+ opera glass h/s; 3x 2c dues tied at L on 2c PSE. E $30
SS-226. United States/Sea P.O., 1915, G+ duplex/4 (tip cr) 2c Wash. on PPC to U.S. E $20
SS-227. United States/Sea P.O., 1922, VF duplex/1 (lite tone) 1c Wash. on ship's PPC (S.S.Amerika) to U.S. E $24
SS-228. Brisbane, Australia, 1935, F slogan machine; "Paquebot" boxed h/s; "KPM" logo on flap on 4.75x6" cvr w/enc.(logo header) datelined S.S.Nieuw Zeeland, to Melbourne. E $20
SS-229. Air Mail/Brisbane, Australia, 1940, VF CDS; "Paquebot" boxed h/s tying 5p; "KPM" logo on flap on cvr to Melbourne. E $15 MIN.8
SS-230. Fremantle/Paquebot, (Australia), 1934, VF machine; engraved "Quis Separabit" & illus.anchor on flap; 1.5p Great Britain on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-231. Hamilton/Paquebot, Bermuda, 1951, VG+ machine, Lund ty.4 tying 2x 1/2p Great Brit.; "Ocean Monarch/Posted on the High Seas" VF circled h/s as origin at L on cvr to U.S. E $20
SS-232. Paquebot/Posted at Sea/Received/Halifax, (Canada), 1934, G+ CDS w/ms day correction; Lund ty.2; tying 1.5p Great Brit. on cvr to South Australia, w/Cunard illus.banner on flap. E $20
SS-233. Balboa/(Paquebot), CZ, ca.1925, G duplex Lund ty.2 (B ar & year mostly not struck) o/s by 72x10mm "Paquebot" h/s Lund ty.3; 2c Wash. on Cuba PPC to U.S. E $24
SS-234. Miami, FL, 1907, G Doremus (killer mostly off R; part lite water tone; crnr cr) "Paquebot." h/s Lund ty.1; Bahamas 1p on PPC to U.S. E $24
SS-235. Cherbourg Marit/Paquebot, France, 1931, G+ repeater (toned; crs) 1p +1/2p Great Brit. on PPC (RMS Aqitania) to U.S. E $14
SS-236. Paquebot Accra, Gold Coast, 1951, F CDS; "Mailed on board/S.S.African Sun/Farrell Lines" h/s at L as origin; 3c Ft.Bliss on cvr to U.S. E $15 MIN.8
SS-237. Paquebot/Liverpool (Great Britain), 1907, G+ DCDS (lite tone) "Posted on the High Seas." purple h/s as origin at L; 1p Grt.Brit. on Portugal PPC datelined Madeira, to U.S. NICE 4-country combo. E $20
SS-238. Plymouth Devon/Paquebot (Great Britain), 1927, VG machine; engraved Cunard lion banner on flap; 1.5p on cvr to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
SS-239. Plymouth/Paquebot (Great Britain), 1909 (Dec 25), VF machine (lite tone) pair 1p (1 bit wrapped around T edge) on cvr w/"Cunard Steamship Co.Ltd." engraved illus.crown & lion on flap. E $20
SS-240. Honolulu, HI, 1957, F Int'l (bit trim T) "Paquebot" h/s Lund ty.10; "Orient Line" & illus.anchor engraved on flap; 4p Australia koala on cvr to Australia. E $20
SS-241. Ocho Rios, Jamaica, [1992], G machine tying 90c Jamaica; boxed "Paquebot" h/s below on Holland America Line PPC to U.S. E $14
SS-242. New Orleans, LA, 1915, F Univ. (lite tone) tying 1c Cuba; "Paquebot." h/s Lund ty.3 on Cuba PPC to U.S. E $20
SS-243. New Orleans, LA, 1930, VG Univ. (lite tone) tying 5c Guatemala; "Paguebot" (Lund ty.6) h/s by address on commer.cvr. E $15
SS-244. Boston, MA, 1925, VF Int'l (lite tone) "Paquebot" h/s (Lund ty.10; period not struck) 1.5p Grt.Britain on RMS Adriatic PPC to U.S. E $20
SS-245. Casablanca, Morocco, 1958, F CDS; 3x "Paquebot" h/s; 5pf Germany commem on 10pf GPC to Switzerland. E $15 MIN.8
SS-246. New York, NY, 1942, VF meter (part lite tone) "Paquebot" boxed h/s; "Consignee Mail" & "Commercial Papers Only" h/s on #10 cvr to South Africa. E $20
SS-247. New York/Paquebot, NY, 1920, G duplex w/partial "City Hall Sta." killer (part spotty; part ruff slit L) Lund ty.8; Norway 20o on cvr to U.S. E $15
SS-248. New York/Paquebot, NY, 1938, VG Int'l (lite tone) Lund ty.11 tying 1p Grt.Britain on Queen Mary PPC to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
SS-249. San Juan, PR, 1929, G Univ. (town mostly not struck; bit cr) "Paquebot/San Juan, P.R." h/s Lund ty.2; Santo Domingo (DR) Motors Co.cc; 2c Dominican Rep. on commer.cvr to U.S. E $20
SS-250. GPO Castries, Saint Lucia, 1957, VG DCDS w/boxed "Paquebot" (Lunt ty.1) tying 2.5d Great Britain; "Posted on the 'High Seas' on Board R.M.S.Mauretainia." h/s at L on cvr to England. E $15
SS-251. Apia, Western Samoa, 1968, VG CDS tying 90o Norway Europa; boxed "Paquebot" at L on cvr to U.S. E $15
SS-252. Casablanca, 1965, VG CDS w/"Paquebot" h/s tying 2.5d Jersey; "Orient Line of Royal Mail Steamers/S.S.'Orcades'" pictorial h/s at L & on back; on cvr to U.S. E $15
SS-253. Durban/Paquebot, 1955, F DCDS tying 1d + 1/2d Great Britain; "S.S.'Rhodesia Castle/184515/London/T.9435 H.H.P.12000" boxed h/s at L on cvr to England. E $14
SS-254. Gibraltar, 1906, partial DCDS (heavy upper L crnr cr) "Paquebot" h/s at L; 1p Grt.Britain on Gibraltar PPC to U.S. E $14
SS-255. N.Y.P.O.Hud Term Sta/Paquebot, 1969, G+ CDS (near VG+; toned; lower L tip nib) Lund ty.4 tying 1p Grt.Britain on RMS Mauretania PPC to U.S. E $15
SS-256. N.Y.P.O.Penn Term Sta/Paquebot, 1916, G+ CDS (lite tone; pinholes T; tip cr) Luft ty.7; 10o Denmark on REAL PHOTO PPC (S/S Bergensfjord) to U.S. E $20
SS-257. Paquebot/Aden, 1937, G+ DCDS (lower L on stamp; lite tone; tip cr) 1.5p Great Brit. on REAL PHOTO PPC (RMS Strathnaver) to U.S. E $15
SS-258. S.S.Leviathan, 1925, partial CDS (most of dial off T; lite tone) "Paquebot" h/s; 1.5p Great Brit. on PPC (Cunard Line/RMS Aquitania) to U.S. E $15
SS-259. Brisbane/Ship Room, Australia, 1935, G+ CDS (T arc on stamp) on cvr to Canada. E $15 MIN.8
SS-260. Vienna, Austria, 1939, G+ DCDS (edge tear T; crs) "Per S.S.Queen Mary via Cherbourg" typed instruction; Otto Kardos ad header; 50pf +5pf Germany on reg'd cvr to U.S. E $15 MIN.8
SS-261. Savannah/3, GA, ca.1851, partial CDS (stamp gone; ruff upper L; nicks) "Steam Boat" h/s on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-262. Galway, Great Britain, 1861, VG CDS; New York Am.Pkt./24 F CDS w/"3/Cents" h/s on stampless cvr. E $40
SS-263. London, Great Britain, 1893, G+ CDS (crs; bit lite tone) "Per Traviss from Southampton" ms instruction at L; 2.5p on folded letter to U.S. E $14
SS-264. London, Great Britain, 1936, VG machine; "Via S.S.Bremen/Sailing/November 14th" & "Overseas Mail" h/s; Sir John Brunton engraved cc on cvr to U.S. E $16
SS-265. Plymouth, Great Britain, 1934, VG machine (lite tone) Hamburg-Amerika Linie illus.banner cc on cvr to U.S. E $12 MIN.6
SS-266. Truro, Great Britain, 1867, G+ duplex (ruff T; no flap) 1sh (Sc.48; Plate 4); Portland Me Am.Pkt/Paid G+ red CDS & "21/Cents" h/s on 2.75x4.75" cvr to U.S. E $90
SS-267. Walsall, Great Britain, 1853, G DCDS as origin b/s (part o/s; lite tone; crs; ink spot B edge) "Paid per Africa" ms instruction at upper L on SFL to U.S., w/Liverpool VG DCDS as transit b/s. E $20
SS-268. Bath, ME, 1900, G duplex (ruff L, partly in add.; part lite tone) 5c blue Grant on cvr to passenger on Steamer Minnehaha, Atlantic Transport Co., London, England. E $20
SS-269. Boston, MA, [1831], G+ red CDS (cr) "Steamboat." h/s on SFL. E $24 MIN.12
SS-270. Boston, MA, [1835] (Dec 22), G+ red CDS (bit lite tone; crs) "SHIP" h/s; ms "8" rate on SFL to Salem, w/2 messages; 1 dated May 31; 1 datelined "Batavia Harbor, Aug 13". E $50
SS-271. Boston, MA, [1848], F red CDS (crs) "p Michael Angelo" ms instruction at L; ms "Consignee" at upper R on SFL to Boston, datelined New Orleans. E $24
SS-272. Boston, MA, [1850], VG+ red CDS (lite tone; crs) "SHIP" & "7" h/s on SFL to New York City, dateline Halifax. E $24
SS-273. (New York), NY, [1831], F ms "6" rate only (crs) "pr De Rham" instruction at lower L on SFL to New York, w/printed contents: Havre Market prices; mentions this ship name. E $24 MIN.12
SS-274. New York, NY, 1900, G+ duplex; (pinholes) "Per Str.Lucania" h/s instruction; 5c Grant on 5c Grant PSE to Germany. E $12 MIN.6
SS-275. New York (City Hall Anx), NY, 1933, VF DCDS as origin b/s on reg'd cvr to U.S.Custom Inspector, SS Stavangerfjord, Brooklyn, NY. E $15 MIN.8
SS-276. New York/Sta.A, NY, 1908, F Int'l; "p.S.S.Lucania" ms instruction at T; 1c Sc.300 on 1c GPC Sc.UX18 to Germany. E $12 MIN.6
SS-277. New York/Sta.T, NY, 1911, VG Amer/B38 on GPC to passenger on SS Konig Albert, Hoboken. E $12 MIN.6
SS-278. (Philadelphia), PA, [1806], VG brown circled "6" (surface hole below add.) on stampless cvr datelined "Martinico" to Philadelphia. E $100
SS-279. Mailed TO: "Ship American Eagle"; canxed Waterford, CT, 1850s, VG ms w/ms "21" rate (lite tone) partial 21/N.York Am.Pkt CDS as transit on stampless cvr to London Docks, London, England. E $60
SS-280. Compagnie Generale Transatlantique: 4.5x6.75" 2-panel ship's menu w/full-color illus.LaFayette on front, 1920, (bit lite tone; bit cr) not mailed; no cvr. E $15 MIN.8
SS-281. "Pr May Flower", 1870s, VF undated ms at upper L (bit ruff T) w/orig.ms "Jennie Howell" lined thru on PSE to New Orleans. E $15
SS-282. 21/N.York Am.Pkt., 1860, G+ CDS (horiz.cr) ms "pr.Illinois" instruction at T on SFL (no contents) London, Great Britain, VF split-ring CDS as recd b/s. E $40
SS-283. N.York/Steamship, ca.1870, VF CDS w/ms "40" rate (nicks; edge tears; crs) on #10 stampless cvr. E $50
SS-284. New-York/Ship/7 cts, [1848], G+ CDS (LITE strike, partly on address; part ruff upper R; flap mostly off) ms "Rosina" instruction at upper L on stampless cvr. E $20 MIN.10
SS-285. Sea Jug Post/Mailed/East of Florida, 1951, G+ 32mm CDS & mute oval tying 2x 3c Pulitzer; "Sea Jug Post/Mailed/Off Miami" VF 24mm CDS below; "M.V.Arizona Sword" cachet on air cvr w/related enc. E $20
SS-286. Steam/5, ca.1850, G+ h/s (nick R; no flap) on stampless cvr to Baton Rouge, LA. E $20
SS-287. "Steamer 5", [1847], VG red oval: known type w/"Oregon" removed from B arc (lite cr) on SFL to Boston, from Spear & Ripley. E $100
SS-288. Steamship/10, 1850s, VG CDS; N.Y.City type w/2 pen lines thru on stampless FRONT ONLY to Woodbridge, CT, & fwd to Ware MA; partial Westville, CT, CDS w/ms "Missent"; ms "Ford 3" at T. RARE combo. E $100
SS-289. Steamship/10, ca.1850s, G+ CDS (upper R edge slit, thru ms "Per steamer" instruction) N.Y.City type on stampless cvr. E $20 MIN.10
SS-290. Steamship/10, ca.1850s, VG CDS (tiny tear T) N.Y.City type on stampless cvr. E $24 MIN.12
SS-291. "The Royal Mail Line/Photographs by the RMSP Co's Official Photographer": 5x7" envelope w/text ad (not mailed; nick & edge tear T) enc.4.25x6" photo: "326. Spitzbergen/King's Bay/The 'Arcadian' & 'Citta di Milano'" ships. E $15 MIN.8

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