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Section 5:

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FC-1. 301, F-A, St.Paul/St.Anthony Hill Sta., MN, 1903 (Mar 2), G duplex (EARLY) on cvr (ruff R) w/enc. E $30 MIN.15
FC-2. 301, F, Washington, DC, 1903 (Mar 7), VG Int'l; (EARLY) Office fo the Doorkeeper, House of Representatives cc on cvr (lite tone). E $24 MIN.12
FC-3. 367, VF, Washington, DC, 1909 (Feb 12), G+ duplex on 1st day cvr. Year not struck in origin canx, but clearly verified by Library of Congress/M. & D.Div. DCDS/Recd marking at lower L. E $500 MIN.250
FC-4. 367, F, Waterloo, IA, 1909 (Feb 19), F+ Amer/B14; 8th day use on PPC. E $24
FC-5. 367, F, Edgartown, MA, 1909 (Feb 22), G+ duplex; early use on cvr (part lite water tone, not in stamp). E $15
FC-6. 704-715, F (8c faulty), tied by dateless ovals; Washington, DC, 1932 (Jan 1), VF DCDS/Reg.Sec. as origin b/s on reg'd cvr (toned; bit ruff R). E $60
FC-7. 725, F, Hanover, NH, 1932 (Oct 24), F Univ.; printed & h/s cachets on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
FC-8. 737, F, Washington, DC, 1934 (May 2), VG Int'l (lite tone) Amer.War Mothers cachet on cvr w/related enc. E $20
FC-9. 772, F, Hartford, CT, 1935 (Apr 26), VG Univ. (lite tone) Bescovers cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FC-10. 795 block/4, F, Cleveland DPO, OH, 1937, G duplex; "Great Lakes Expo/Garfield-Perry Stamp Club" illus.cachet on FDC. E $24
FC-11. 833, F, Washington, DC, 1938 (Sep 29), VF 4-bar; Crosby cachet w/small REAL PHOTO portrait applique on reg'd FDC. E $80 MIN.40
FC-12. 806b, F-A, Washington, DC, 1939 (Jan 27), VG 4-bar on unadd.cacheted cvr. E $15
FC-13. 807b, F-A, Washington, DC, 1939 (Jan 27), VG 4-bar on unadd.cacheted cvr. E $15
FC-14. 832c, F-A, Washington, DC, 1954 (Aug 31), F Univ.; ArtCraft cachet on unadd.cvr. E $24
FC-15. 1051a, F, Louisville, KY, 1955 (Aug 25), VF Univ. on 1st day cvr to Canada w/enc.from grandfather to grandson. E $20
FC-16. C10, A (SE at R), Little Falls, MN, 1927 (Jun 18), VF Univ. on FDC. E $20
FC-17. C10, F-A, St.Louis, MO, 1927 (Jun 18), VF Int'l; St.Louis Ass'n of Credit Men cc; Lindbergh Celebration pictorial h/s on FDC. E $20
FC-18. CE1, F, Washington, DC, 1934 (Aug 31), F 4-bar; J.A.Roy cachet on cvr. E $15
FC-19. UX44, New York/FIPEX Sta., NY, 1956 (May 4), G+ Univ.w/"First Day of Issue" in bars; message dated 10/28 (?) on GPC to AUSTRIA. E $14

FOREIGN DESTINATIONS / Need the "US International Postal Rates 1872-1996" book? We have it!
FD-1. Brooklyn, NY, 1964, G+ DCDS/roller; to Afghanistan on #10 air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-2. Brooklyn/Times Plaza Sta., NY, 1969, G+ DCDS; to AFGHANISTAN; $1 +50c +1.25c +9x 6c commems on 6x7.5" reg'd air cvr. E $15
FD-3. Brooklyn/Classon Sta., NY, 1969, G+ DCDS; to AFGHANISTAN; 17 stamps on 6x9" reg'd air cvr. E $15
FD-4. Miami, FL, 1963, G+ machine; to AFGHANISTAN; 2x 15c Sc.C63 (bit lite tone) +pair 8c C65 +5c Wash. on #10 air cvr. E $15
FD-5. Miami/So.Miami Br., FL, 1963, VF DCDS as origin b/s; to AFGHANISTAN; pair 15c Blair +11x 5c commems on #10 reg'd air cvr. E $15 MIN.8
FD-6. Brookline, MA, 1924, F Int'l; to Argentina; on 2c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
FD-7. Hudson Term.Sta., NY, 1914, F Univ. (slight trim T) to ARGENTINA; "Per SS Vauban" ms instruction on 5c PSE. E $14
FD-8. Paterson, NJ, 1994, G+ machine; to AUSTRALIA & fwd to GREECE on 45c aerogramme. E $14
FD-9. San Fernando, CA, 1970s, partial DCDS/roller; to AUSTRALIA; 15c Holmes on Detroit, MI, pictorial folder. E $12 MIN.6
FD-10. Madison Sq.Sta., NY, 1939, F Int'l w/dateless dial; to Australia; bit faulty 1/2c on 1c GPC Sc.UX38. E $15
FD-11. Brownsville, VT, 1945, G+ DCDS/Reg'd (crs) to AUSTRALIA; censor tape L; 9 diff.stamps (some faults) =90c postage on #10 reg'd air cvr. E $15
FD-12. Glasgow, MO, 1920, partial duplex; to Austria; 2c Wash. on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
FD-13. New York/Sta.H, NY, 1896, G+ Amer/E14(2); to Austria; bit faulty 5c Grant on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-14. Lancaster, PA, 1929, G duplex (dial bit hi; crnr cr; lite tone) to Bahamas; 2c Colum.late use on cvr, fwd back to PA. E $20
FD-15. New York/Sta.Y, NY, 1924, VG Int'l; to BAVARIA; 5c T.Roosevelt on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-16. Westfield, NJ, 1956, G+ Int'l; to Brazil; 10c air on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-17. Louisville, KY, 1910, VF Int'l; to Brazil; 2x 1c Frank. on PPC. E $14
FD-18. Chicago, IL, 1900, F Amer/B14(15) (bit trim R) to Canada; NYE Steam Pump & Machinery cc; bit faulty 4c Lincoln on cvr to U.S.Consul, Stratford, ON. E $15
FD-19. New York/Grand Cent.Sta., NY, 1955, VG Int'l (bit lite tone) to Chile on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-20. San Francisco, CA, 1910, G duplex (cr; slight trim T) to CHINA; 2c +1c on 2c PSE w/Victoria, Hong Kong, G+ DCDS as transit b/s. E $15 MIN.8
FD-21. Seattle, WA, 1947, F Univ. (bit trim B) to CHINA; Quigley/Northerm Life Tower illus.cc; 5c FDR on commer.cvr w/bit faulty letterhead enc., returned to sender. E $15
FD-22. New York, NY, 1927, G Int'l; to CZECHOSLOVAKIA; 2x 2c Sesquicent'l on GPC. E $14
FD-23. Detroit, MI, [1921], F dateless Univ.machine 5 w/"Address Detroit Mail..." slogan (bit cr) to DANZIG; "Printed Matter" h/s at L; on 1c PSE; dated machine 3 w/same slogan inverted at B in error. E $20
FD-24. Philadelphia, PA, 1903, VG Int'l (toned) to EGYPT; John A.McDowell cc; 3c Jackson on 2c PSE w/Shepheard's Hotel G+ CDS as recd b/s. E $20
FD-25. Urbana, IL, 1958, G machine (edge tears; crs) to ENGLAND & fwd to AUSTRALIA; 5c +3c on 2c PSE w/Dept.of Chemistry, Univ.of Illinois header. E $15
FD-26. Charleston, SC, 1931, F duplex (edge tears T) to England, fwd to France; preprinted "Care of Messrs.Thos.Cook & Son" address w/ms passenger's name on cvr. E $15
FD-27. Basking Ridge, NJ, 1932, G+ Int'l (trim L,R & B) to ESTONIA & fwd to England; airport dedication cachet; 2x 5c Olympics on cvr; pair 20s on back as fwd. E $20
FD-28. Flushing, NY, 1964, G Int'l (bit trim T) to Fiji; on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-29. Los Angeles, CA, 1984, F machine; to Finland; on #10 cvr to SANTA CLAUS, Rovaniemi. E $12 MIN.6
FD-30. Ashtabula/Harbor Sta., OH, 1907, VG+ duplex (lite tone) to FINLAND; 2c Sc.319 on PPC w/Helsinki repeater machine at L. E $14
FD-31. Red Lodge, MT, 1917, partial duplex; to Finland; 5x 1c Wash. on cvr. E $20
FD-32. Grand Rapids, MN, 1939, G+ DCDS/Reg'd as origin b/s; to Germany, w/4 full & 2 partial German customs labels on flap; on #10 reg'd cvr. E $15
FD-33. Buffalo, NY, 1947, F duplex; to Germany-U.S.Zone; censor tape L; 10c transport air +faulty 5c "Towards U.N." on cvr. E $14
FD-34. New York, NY, 1879, F duplex; to Germany; "per Scythia" ms instruction at T; 2c banknote on 3c PSE. E $14
FD-35. Brockton, MA, 1886, G+ duplex (bit trim T; lite tone) to Germany; 2c brown +1c banknote on 2c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
FD-36. Brooklyn, NY, 1902, G Int'l (crs; lite tone) to Germany; 2c red on "pioneer" PPC publ.by J.Koehler. E $15
FD-37. New Hyde Park, NY, 1910, G+ duplex; to GERMANY; 2x 2c Wash. on 1c wrapper Sc.W405. E $15
FD-38. New York/Sta.W, NY, 1940, VG Int'l; to Germany; 30c globe air on cvr w/Nazi censor tape on back. E $12 MIN.6
FD-39. New York/Grand Central Sta., NY, 1947, VF duplex; to Gold Coast; on 10c aerogramme. E $14
FD-40. Hud.Term.Sta., NY, 1929, G+ Int'l (pinholes; crs) to Greece; Nat'l Surety Co.logo cc on #10 cvr w/"Returned For Add'l Postage (N.Y.P.O.Hud.Term.Sta.) h/s; mailed w/2c; 3c added & remailed. E $15 MIN.8
FD-41. Smethport, PA, 1952, G+ Univ. (ruff L) to Haiti; 10c Prexie on air cvr. E $14
FD-42. Smethport, PA, 1952, G+ duplex; to Haiti; 10c Prexie on air cvr. E $14
FD-43. Wilmington, DE, 1921, G+ Univ. (bit trim T) to Iceland; 1c +pair 2c offset Wash. on cvr. E $20
FD-44. Deland, FL, 1910, G+ Doremus ty.E (bit cr) to India; 5c Wash. on cvr. E $14
FD-45. Chicago/Hyde Park Sta., IL, 1899, F Amer/B38 (bit lite tone) to Italy & fwd; on 2c PSE. E $15
FD-46. Minneapolis, MN, 1898, G+ Barry (edge tear R; lite crs) to Italy; faulty 5c Grant on cvr. E $14
FD-47. Dubuque, IA, 1907, partial duplex (toned; tip cr) to Japan; 2c Sc.319 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
FD-48. Tacoma, WA, 1907, F Int'l (o/s; tip cr) to Japan; 2c Sc.319 on PPC w/Nagasaki F DCDS as recd. E $14
FD-49. Peoria, IL, 1924, F Univ. (crnr cr; part lite tone; adhesion by message, where fwd label apparently removed) to JAPAN; 2x 1c Sc.543 on PPC. E $14
FD-50. New York, NY, 1967, VG Int'l; to Liechtenstein; 20c Audubon air on cvr w/Audubon Ave.return address. E $15 MIN.8
FD-51. Kingston, NY, 1946, VF Univ. (lite gum tone) to MALTA; 5c Prexie on cacheted cvr. Stamp dealer's commer.use to SCARCE destination. E $16
FD-52. Chicago, IL, 1909, G+ Time-Cmns; to Netherlands; 2c Wash. on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
FD-53. Washington, DC, 1955, G Univ.; to New Caledonia; 3x 3c Armed Forces on cvr. E $14
FD-54. Troy, NY, 1907, F Int'l (lite tone) to NORWAY; 2x 1c Sc.300 on PPC w/Kristiania DCDS repeater as recd. E $12 MIN.6
FD-55. Dundee, IL, 1909, VF duplex (toned) to Panama; 2c Wash. on PPC to Camp Elliott. E $14
FD-56. USPS, NE, 1972, G+ machine; to Papua New Guinea on air cvr w/enc. E $14
FD-57. Rockbridge Baths, VA, 1972, VF 4-bar; to Papua New Guinea; on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-58. Hud.Term.Sta., NY, 1928, G Int'l (trim R to stamp) to PERSIA; 2c +1c on 2c PSE. E $15
FD-59. Columbus, OH, 1949, G+ Int'l (bit cr) to Peru; on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-60. Chicago, IL, 1950, G+ duplex; to Peru; 5x 2c Prexies +10c UPU air on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-61. Omaha/Sta.C, NE, 1907, partial duplex (toned; scuff spot B) to PHILIPPINES; 1c Livingston +1c blue Frank. on 1898 Trans-Miss Expo PPC (Wisconsin Bldg). E $15
FD-62. Chicago/Wicker Park Sta., IL, 1912, G+ Time-Cmns; to Russia; 2c Wash. on PPC. E $14
FD-63. Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, 1935, VG Univ.; to Society Islands; 3c +2c on cvr to Papeete, Tahiti. E $14
FD-64. Los Angeles/Arcade Sta., CA, 1929, VG duplex w/"Air Mail" killer; to Society Islands; 3x 2c Wash. on cvr (via surface) to Papeete, Tahiti. E $20
FD-65. Los Angeles/Hollywood Sta., CA, 1929, VG Univ. (upper R crnr ruff slit) to Society Islands; bit faulty 5c Roosevelt on cvr to Papeete, Tahiti. E $15
FD-66. Philadelphia/F.D., PA, 1902, weak duplex (o/s; lite tone; tip cr; tiny tear T) to SWEDEN; 2c red on "American-Souvenir-Card" PC. E $15
FD-67. Lot 13) 12 cvrs, 1 PPC, 1923-68, all to SWITZERLAND (varied condition) various stamps/rates. MIN.$38
FD-68. Syracuse, NY, 1907, F Int'l; to SWITZERLAND; 2c Jamestown (lite tone) on PPC. E $14
FD-69. New Castle, PA, 1972, F machine (edge tear T) to Syria; 2x 21c air on cvr. E $14
FD-70. Brooklyn/Bath Beach Sta., NY, 1920, G+ Univ. (bit lite tone; lite crs) to TURKEY; 5c Wash. on PPC w/Galata DCDS as recd. E $15
FD-71. Carlisle, MA, 1958, G+ 4-bar; to Uruguay on #10 air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-72. Saratoga, CA, 1961, F Univ.; to Uruguay; 15c orange Liberty air on cvr. E $14
FD-73. Cedar Rapids, IA, 1958, G DCDS/roller (crs) to Uruguay; WOCVU ham radio operator's cc; 10c Pan-Am air on 5.5x7.5" cvr to CX5AF ham radio operator. E $15 MIN.8
FD-74. Hud.Term.Anx, NY, 1937, F Int'l (crs) to USSR & returned; Eimer & Amend cc; 1.5c Harding on #10 cvr. E $20
FD-75. Castine, ME, 1956, partial duplex (ruff L) to Virgin Islands; 10c on air cvr w/enc. E $14
FD-76. Philadelphia, PA, 1941, G+ duplex (crs) to Western Australia; censor tape L; faulty 5c Colum +5c Grant +20c clipper +3 other stamps on #10 air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
FD-77. Chicago, IL, 1915, G+ Int'l on PPC. E $12 MIN.6

LT-1. Lot 6) "American Air Mail Catalog/5th Edition w/1990 Pricing Supplement": American Air Mail Society; 2136 & 217-pg. 8.75x5.5 " hardbound, worldwide catalog airmail first flight, catapult, transoceanic & other related categories, 1977 & 1990. E $150 MIN.75
LT-2. "Arizona Territory Post Offices & Postmasters": Theobald; 178 pg 9x6" softbound, early mail system history w/alphabetical 1863-1912 office list w/county, years of operation & post masters; (some cover damage by silverfish), 1961. E $24 MIN.12
LT-3. "Post Office Papers of the Republic of Texas, 1836-1840 (2 Vol)": compiled by Day; 477 pg 9.25x6" hardbound, postal laws & regulations w/routes, postmasters & revenues & many documents, 1966/1967. E $70

MACHINES / Need the "Standard Flag Cancel Encyclopedia/4th Edition"? We have it!
MC-1. Pine Valley, CA, 1925, VF pseudo-machine non-standard w/7 long bars (ONLY listed date) CATALOG COPY; 2c Harding on cvr. E $15
MC-2. Miami, FL, 1943, VF pseudo-machine non-standard TCDS/6 lines; precanxed strip/3x 1c Prexie coil on cvr. E $14
MC-3. Forest Park, GA, 1937, F pseudo-machine non-standard flag h/s on home-made WALLPAPER cvr. E $15
MC-4. Cedar Lake, IN, 1925, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard flag h/s; 2c Wash. on REAL PHOTO PPC (riding academy, mostly on horseback). E $50 MIN.26
MC-5. Saint Paul, MN, ca.1940, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard "repeater" roller w/8-bar killer (part lite tone) on commer.cvr. E $14
MC-6. Cornlea, NE, ca.1909, G+ magenta pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s (1887-1989) on PPC. E $150
MC-7. Helix, OR, 1907, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s on PPC. E $20 MIN.10
MC-8. Point Roberts, WA, 1911, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s (near VG+; dial bit hi) on PPC. E $40
MC-9. Sumner, WA, 1909, G+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s on PPC. E $15
MC-10. Scotford, WV, 1908, VG+ pseudo-machine non-standard FLAG h/s (bit lite soiled; lite crs) (03-14) on PPC. E $65
MC-11. Roslyn, PA, 1924, VG+ pseudo-machine non-standard h/s w/6 long bars (cr) (95-59) on PPC. E $14
MC-12. Fairbanks, AK, 1909, VG Amer A14 on PPC. E $20
MC-13. Eureka Springs, AR, 1925, G+ Amer A14 (bit lite tone) on cvr w/enc. E $15 MIN.8
MC-14. Rogers, AR, 1912, G+ Amer A14 on GPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-15. Avalon, CA, 1912, VF Amer B14 on PPC: Steamer Cabrillo at Avalon. E $20
MC-16. Balboa, CA, 1931, G+ Amer A14 (part lite) on commer.PPC. E $24
MC-17. Campbell, CA, 1928, G+ Amer A14 on cvr. E $16
MC-18. Carmel, CA, 1926, G+ Amer A14 (message in dial; lite tone) on PPC. E $15
MC-19. Colusa, CA, 1923, F Amer A14 (crs; tiny tears T) on PPC. E $14
MC-20. Culver City, CA, 1923, VG Amer A14 (tip cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-21. Eagle Rock, CA, 1924, VG Amer A14 (lite tone; crnr cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-22. Huntington Beach, CA, 1923 (Dec 25), G+ Amer A14 on PPC. E $14
MC-23. Los Angeles, CA, 1896, VG+ Amer B14(1) (trim R, just in stamp) on PSE. E $50 MIN.26
MC-24. Los Gatos, CA, 1923, VG+ Amer A14; Sacred Heart Novitiate cc on cvr. E $15
MC-25. Manteca, CA, 1927, VG Amer A14 on commer.cvr. E $20
MC-26. Manteca, CA, 1930, F Amer A14dd #2 on commer.cvr. E $20
MC-27. Oakdale, CA, 1923, VG Amer (crs; lite tone) on PPC datelined "Nights Ferry". E $15
MC-28. Pittsburg, CA, 1924, G+ Amer A14 (near F+; dial bit hi; part ruff slit R; toned) on penalty cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-29. Redding, CA, 1924, VG Amer A14 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-30. Reedley, CA, 1925, G+ Amer A14 (lite tone) on PPC. E $14
MC-31. San Pedro, CA, 1920, VG Amer A14 on PPC. E $14
MC-32. Sawtelle/Brentwood Heights Sta., CA, 1926, G+ Amer A38 (edge tear R) on 4.25x6.25" pictorial folder (Pasadena). E $40
MC-33. Sebastopol, CA, 1928, G+ Amer A14 on PPC. E $16
MC-34. South Gate, CA, 1928, G+ Amer A14 on commer.PPC. E $14
MC-35. Taft/Capitol Hill Sta., CA, 1921, G+ Amer A38 (toned; slight trim R) on PSE w/enc. E $50
MC-36. Van Nuys, CA, 1925, G+ Amer A14 (near VG) 2c Harding on cvr to collector. E $12 MIN.6
MC-37. Lamar, CO, 1917, G+ Amer A14 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-38. Palisade, CO, 1925, G+ Amer A14 w/"S" excised (dial part spotty, struck on caption) on PPC. E $70
MC-39. Palisades, CO, 1922, G+ Amer A14 on PPC. E $80
MC-40. Canaan, CT, 1928, G+ Amer A14dd on PPC. E $15
MC-41. Washington, DC, 1892, G+ Amer D-2() on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-42. Washington/Sta.B/Rec'd, DC, 1905, VF Amer AMS-35 as recd on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-43. Winterhaven, FL, 1924, G+ Amer A14 (year partial; dial bit hi; message into dial) on PPC. E $15
MC-44. Cairo, GA, 1925, G+ Amer A14 on PSE. E $15
MC-45. Boise/Rec'd, ID, 1909, VF Amer AMS-24 (heavy cr) as recd on pix side of PPC. E $14
MC-46. Moscow, ID, 1923, G+ Amer A14 (lite tone; lite crs) Univ.of Idaho cc on PSE. E $24
MC-47. Sandpoint, ID, 1922, G+ Amer A14 (toned; crnr crs; tiny tears L) on PPC. E $16
MC-48. Bushnell, IL, 1923, G+ Amer A14dd LFHC (EARLY) Bushnell Pump Co.cc on PSE. E $50
MC-49. Bushnell, IL, 1925, G+ Amer A14dd (message into dial & part of flag; lite tone) SCARCE LFHC type on PPC. E $40
MC-50. Chicago, IL, 1895, G+ Amer D-W3-3(5) on PSE. E $15
MC-51. Chicago/Rec'd/Gen'l Delivery, IL, 1928, G+ magenta Amer A38 (flap fault, not affecting this; bit lite tone; crs) as recd b/s on cvr. E $24
MC-52. El Paso, IL, ca.1930, G+ Amer A14 (year partial; trim R) on commer.cvr. E $14
MC-53. Lockport, IL, 1927, G+ Amer A14, struck fully at L; duplex canx on stamp; on PPC. E $15
MC-54. Ardmore, Ind.T., 1907 (Apr 18), G+ Amer B14 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-55. Muskogee, Ind.T., 1907 (Jul 1), F Amer B14 on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-56. Mount Pleasant, IA, 1920, G+ Amer A14 (T arc spotty; lite crs) on PSE. E $20
MC-57. Anthony, KS, 1930, G+ Amer A14 (near VG+; bit uneven trim T) pair 1c "Kans" overprints on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MC-58. Florence, KS, 1930, G+ Amer A14 (date mostly not struck) SCARCE flag; 1c "Kans." overprint on PPC. E $200
MC-59. Fort Riley, KS, 1918, F Amer A14 (trim R) Walther League "With the Colors" logo cc on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MC-60. Greensburg, KS, 1929, G+ Amer A14 ("NSBU" mostly not struck; trim T) 2x 1c "Kans" overprints on commer.cvr. Accompanying VG+ strike on 2x4" piece only, w/2c "Kans". E $15 MIN.8
MC-61. Marion, KS, 1929, G+ Amer A14dd "crude" on PPC. E $75
MC-62. Hazard, KY, 1924, VG Amer A14; SCARCE flag on cvr. E $50
MC-63. Marion, KY, 1925, F Amer A14 on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-64. Boothbay Harbor, ME, 1927, G+ Amer A14 (message into dial) on PPC. E $14
MC-65. Machias, ME, 1928, G+ Amer A14 on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-66. (Westminster), MD, ca.1921, VF Amer A14 flag ONLY (no dial, maybe intentional) on PPC to local RFD 2 address. E $12 MIN.6
MC-67. Arlington Heights, MA, 1921, G+ Amer A14(75); 2c Pilgrim on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MC-68. Boston, MA, 1890, VF Amer/Hanmer ty.8 (lite tone; upper R crnr ruff; tear R) on cvr. E $15
MC-69. Boston, MA, 1895, F Amer D12(G) (lite tone) Vinton A.Sears, Investments cc on 2c Colum.PSE. E $20
MC-70. Boston, MA, 1897, F Amer B13(B); Export Lumber Co.cc on cvr. E $30
MC-71. Boston, MA, 1897, VG Amer B13(E) (part heavy inked) Atlantic Lumber Co.cc on cvr. E $30
MC-72. Boston, MA, 1897 (Jan 13), VF Amer B4(); James & Abbot Lumber cc on cvr. E $40
MC-73. Boston, MA, 1909, VG Amer B14(3); Munroe Felt & Paper cc on PSE. E $16
MC-74. Boston, MA, 1912 (Dec 24), F Amer A14() (bit cr) Choate, Hall & Stewart cc on PSE. E $20
MC-75. South Lancaster, MA, 1930, G+ Amer A14 on commer.PSE. E $14
MC-76. Swampscott, MA, 1925, VG Amer A14 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-77. Vera Cruz, Mexico, 1914, G+ Amer A14 on 2c PSE to U.S. E $60
MC-78. Grayling, MI, 1928, G+ Amer A14 (message into dial; part toned; crs) on PPC. E $20
MC-79. Madelia, MN, 1925, G+ Amer A14 on PC. E $16
MC-80. Bonne Terre, MO, 1925, VG Amer A14; St.Joseph Lead Co.cc on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-81. Wayne, NE, 1925, G+ Amer A14 (toned) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-82. Carson City, NV, 1922, G+ Amer A14 (near VG+; ruff L) on cvr w/enc. E $15
MC-83. Elizabeth/Rec'd, NJ, 1908, VG Amer AMS-24 (bit trim T) as recd b/s on cvr. E $14
MC-84. Canandaigua, NY, 1918, G+ Amer A14 (bit lite tone) on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-85. Hammondsport, NY, 1930, VG Amer A14; N.Y.State Aviation Comm'n cachet; 5c beacon air on cvr. E $15
MC-86. Long Beach, NY, 1924, G+ Amer A14 ("LON" not struck; message fully datelined; tip crs) 2x 1c on PPC to Germany. E $16
MC-87. New York/Penn.Term.Sta., NY, 1917, VG+ Amer AMS-65 w/"Rec'd In Package Box Collection" killer; 2c Wash. on PPC to Italy. SCARCE type & usage. E $30 MIN.15
MC-88. Staten Island/Mariner's Harbor Sta., NY, 1936, G+ Amer A38 ("EN IS" mostly not struck; o/w about VF) SCARCE flag on PPC. E $180
MC-89. Weedsport, NY, 1930, G+ Amer A14 (near VG) 2c Mass.Bay on commer.cvr. E $15
MC-90. Lidgerwood, ND, 1928, G+ Amer A14 (staple holes by address) on cvr. E $16
MC-91. Camp Perry, OH, 1918, G+ Amer A14 (flag o/s; edge tears; crs) on PPC. E $90
MC-92. New Concord, OH, [1928], G+ Amer A14 (year mostly not struck; tear T; crs) on PPC. E $15
MC-93. New London, OH, 1920, G+ Amer A14 (message into dial) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-94. Paulding, OH, 1928, G+ Amer A14 (nick T) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-95. Canton, PA, 1923, G Amer A14 (dial WEAK but message datelined; toned) on PPC. E $24
MC-96. Everett, PA, 1924, G+ Amer A14 on window cvr. E $16
MC-97. Lancaster, PA, 1896, F Amer D14("black ball") (trim L, barely in ad; lower L tip ruff; bit cr) Lancaster Silver Plate Co.illus.ad; 5c Grant on cvr to Austria. E $20
MC-98. Philadelphia, PA, 1894, VF Amer D6(A) (lite tone) 1c blue on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-99. Canton, SD, 1924, G+ Amer A14 (near F; lite tone) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-100. Baytown, TX, 1930, G+ Amer A14 (crs) 3x 1c (2 faulty) on PPC to Germany. E $24
MC-101. Cuero, TX, 1908, VF Amer B14 (part o/s) on GPC. E $50
MC-102. Bingham Canyon, UT, 1926, G+ Amer A14 on commer.cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-103. Cape Charles, VA, 1927, G+ Amer A14 (near VG+; L tip nick) on PPC. E $15
MC-104. North Yakima, WA, 1911, F Amer B4(1) on PPC. E $15
MC-105. Fitchburg, MA, 1894, F Barnard D-W3(1) (uneven toned; cr) 1c blue on local cvr. E $15
MC-106. Washington, DC, 1898, G+ Barr-Fyke A2-102a (tiny tear T; lite tone; no flap) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-107. Washington, DC, 1899, G+ Barr-Fyke A2-121a (ruff L, in bit of add.; lite tone) on cvr. E $15
MC-108. Springfield, MO, 1903, G+ Barr-Fyke C4-122 (bit ruff slit R) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-109. Wilmington, NC, 1904, F Barr-Fyke C4-122a w/partial rim (nick R) on PSE. E $20
MC-110. Tacoma, WA, 1902, VG Barr-Fyke Ca4-122 (trim R) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-111. Buffalo, NY, 1901 (Jul 19; 6:30 PM), G+ Barry O-54(1) Pan-Am Expo slogan; Bomar B01-13A (EKU: EARLIEST FOR ANY U.S. SLOGAN canx; ruff R, just in stamp; stamp faded) American Car & Foundry Co.cc on PSE w/letterhead enc. This item also listed in "Expositions" section of this catalog. E $250 MIN.130
MC-112. Imperial, CA, 1929, G+ Colum. G1WT (LKU; crnr crs; 1c stamp damaged, when applied) on PPC: Hot Mud Volcanoes, Salton Sea, Imperial Valley. E $15
MC-113. Cripple Creek, CO, 1917, VG+ Colum. E1W on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-114. Puunene, HI, 1929, G+ Colum. G1W (dial mostly on stamp; part ruff T) Father Bartholomew Bax cc; 2c Hawaii overprint +1c on 2c PSE to France. E $16
MC-115. East Dubuque, IL, 1920, G+ Colum. G1W (UNLISTED) on PPC. E $15
MC-116. Hardin, MT, 1917, VF Colum. E1W (EKU) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-117. Fort Ticonderoga, NY, 1925, VG+ Colum. L-9 (LKU; month heavy inked; o/w VF) on PPC. E $15
MC-118. Tulsa, OK, 1913, VG Colum. "Int'l Dry Farming Congress" slogan (crs) on PPC. E $15
MC-119. Smithton, PA, 1922, G+ Colum. L-9; 1c offset Wash. on 3.25x3.75" cvr. E $15
MC-120. R.A.A.F./Base P.O.No.4, 1943, F Colum. (?) "If Undelivered in Seven Days Return to R.A.A.F.Base Post Office" slogan repeater (part ruff trim L; lite gum tone) as transit b/s on 4.75x5.5" cvr. E $20
MC-121. Washington, DC, 1891, VF Constantine ty.2 (tears R & T, 1 in rim; upper R tip ruff; no flap; lite tone) on cvr. E $16
MC-122. New York, NY, 1894, G+ Constantine ty.3 (dial hi: "YORK" mostly off; lower L tip nib) Geo.A.Erkenbrach/Chemist on cvr. E $20
MC-123. New York, NY, 1895, G+ Constantine ty.3 ("YORK" mostly not struck) on PSE. E $20 MIN.10
MC-124. Saint Augustine ("St."), FL, 1904, G+ Doremus ty.D (near VF) Hotel Alcazar cc on cvr. E $20
MC-125. Saint Augustine, FL, [1908], VF Doremus ty.D; Hotel Alcazar cc on cvr. E $20
MC-126. Chicago/Irving Park Sta., IL, 1910 (Jun 9), VF Doremus; 1st type (EARLY; lite tone) on PPC. E $30
MC-127. Normal, IL, 1925, F Doremus ty.E (LKU; tip cr) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MC-128. Ames/Sta.A, IA, 1913, G+ Doremus on GPC. E $14
MC-129. Salina, KS, 1902, VF Doremus ty.D on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-130. Milford, MA, 1903, VG Doremus ty..C. on PSE. E $15
MC-131. Somerville, NJ, 1901, G+ Doremus ty..C. (trim R) on PSE. E $16
MC-132. Nyack, NY, 1904, VG+ Doremus ty..C. (lite tone; crnr crs) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MC-133. Chapel Hill, NC, 1914, G+ Doremus ty.E ("HILL" lite; trim R) on cvr w/enc. E $15
MC-134. Coudersport, PA, 1921, G+ Doremus w/"Help Prevent Forest Fires" slogan ("CO" mostly not struck; date partial) on PPC. E $30
MC-135. Bristol, RI, 1903, G+ Doremus ty..C. (state not struck; trim T) on PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-136. Bluefield, WV, 1903, VG+ Doremus ty.D (toned) Bluefield Racket Store cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-137. San Francisco/Sta.B, CA, 1900, G+ Hampden CS-8 (EKU; dial part obscured; bit o/s; nick T; tear T) as recd on PPC from Germany. E $20 MIN.10
MC-138. New Britain, CT, 1900, VG+ Hampden B-8(a) (toned) Landers, Frary & Clark Cutlers illus.cc (shield); illus.back ad (4 products) on cvr. E $20
MC-139. New Britain, CT, 1901, G+ Hampden B-8(d) (upper R tip ruff in stamp; bit lite tone) as recd b/s on cvr. E $15
MC-140. Columbia, MO, 1902, G+ Hampden B-8c(b) (ruff R; toned) J.B.Cole, Osteopathic Physician cc on cvr. E $16
MC-141. Plainfield, NJ, 1898, VG Hampden A-13A (part lite tone) as recd b/s on cvr. E $15
MC-142. Charlotte, NC, 1900, F Hampden B-8 (edge wears; tears; lite tone) Central Hotel cc on cvr. E $20
MC-143. Bristol, TN, 1902, VF Hampden ty.B-8 (LKU; toned; lower L tip nib) Virginia Iron, Coal & Coke cc on cvr. E $24
MC-144. Anchorage, AK, 1962, G+ Int'l "Alaska Festival of Music/Anchorage/Jun 11..." slogan on PPC. E $6
MC-145. Hot Springs, AR, 1922, VF Int'l "Arkansas State Fair" slogan on PPC. E $8
MC-146. Washington, DC, 1918, F Int'l "Buy Now.../3rd Liberty Loan" slogan #3; Hotel Harrington illus.ad on cvr. E $14
MC-147. Chicago/Dunning Sta., IL, 1937, G+ Int'l (part ruff R) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-148. Detroit, MI, 1922, F Int'l "Int'l Aero Congress" slogan #3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-149. New York, NY, 1894, VF Int'l C18-(3) (uneven lite tone) on cvr. E $15
MC-150. New York/Paid All, NY, 1903, VF Int'l IMS-30 (tear T; tip crs) as transit on PPC from England. E $12 MIN.6
MC-151. Cleveland, OH, 1923, FVF Int'l "Citizens Training Camp" slogan #3 (LKU) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-152. Milwaukee, WI, 1918, VG+ Int'l "Buy Now... 3rd Liberty Loan" slogan #3 (LKU; crs; lite tone) 2nd known example on PPC. E $15
MC-153. Superior, WI, 1923, F Int'l "Amer.Legion State Convention" slogan on GPC. E $20
MC-154. U.S.Postal Service, RI, 1975, VG Intelex ty.3 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-155. Washington, DC, 1907, VF Krag repeater ty.2 (toned) on PPC. E $20
MC-156. Berlin, Germany, 1906, VG Krag repeater ty.KL-1 on PPC to U.S. E $15
MC-157. Hamburg, Germany, 1906, VG Krag repeater ty.KL-7 on PPC. E $30
MC-158. Boston, MA, 1876, G+ Leavitt ty.A-2 die II on GPC. E $20
MC-159. Boston, MA, 1878, G+ Leavitt ty.A-2 die II on GPC. E $30
MC-160. Boston, MA, 1880 (Jun 26), VG+ Leavitt ty.B(C) on GPC. E $30
MC-161. Boston, MA, [1885], F Leavitt ty.C-3; Patten Bros.Comm'n Merchants ad on GPC. E $20
MC-162. Detroit, MI, 1880, VG Leavitt ty.B; Ellair & Co.Comm'n Merchants ad on GPC. E $20
MC-163. Philadelphia, PA, [1881], VG Leavitt ty.B die II (D) on GPC. E $75
MC-164. Jackson, MS, 1931, VF Multipost CDS/wavy lines w/smaller letters (bit trim T) McKesson-Van Vleet-Ellis Corp.cc; precanxed 2c coil on #10 window cvr. E $14
MC-165. Jackson, MS, 1932, VF Multipost CDS/wavy lines w/smaller letters (bit trim T, just in stamp tip) McKesson-Van Vleet-Ellis Corp.cc; precanxed 3c coil on #10 window cvr. E $14
MC-166. Jackson, MS, 1937, VF Multipost CDS/wavy lines w/larger letters (bit trim T) McKesson-Van Vleet-Ellis Corp.cc; precanxed 3c coil on #10 window cvr. E $14
MC-167. Howell, MI, 1902, G+ Perfection ty.1; 1c green on 3.75x3" local cvr. E $14
MC-168. Indianapolis, IN, 1898, G+ Pneumatic A1b2a; 2c Trans-Miss on cvr. E $30
MC-169. Chicago, IL, 1907, F Time-Cmns A102a(C) 2nd period (lite tone; tear R; lite crs) RUNNING CLOCK w/hour showing part of "2" & "3" on PPC. E $20
MC-170. Chicago, IL, 1908 (Jun 30), G+ Time-Cmns B-111/e w/BLANK die space on PPC. E $40
MC-171. Manhattan, NV, 1912, G+ Time-Cmns (toned; bit cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-172. Pittsburg/Transit, PA, 1908, G+ Time-Cmns w/box dial as transit on pix side of PPC. E $15
MC-173. Phoenix, AZ, 1920, G+ Univ. "Fire Is the Enemy" slogan on PPC. E $24
MC-174. Los Angeles, CA, 1924, F Univ. w/small slogan or station box in killer, w/text EXCISED (UNLISTEDs in Williams; lite tone) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
MC-175. Colorado Springs, CO, 1919, VG+ Univ. "Be Careful With Fire" slogan on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-176. Denver, CO, 1922, VG Univ. "Nat'l Cancer Week" slogan #1 on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-177. Washington, DC, 1917, VG+ Univ. "Do Your Bit... Liberty Loan Bond" slogan (part lite tone) on PPC. E $15
MC-178. Atlanta, GA, 1923 (Aug 11), G+ Univ. "Nat'l Council Traveling Salesmen" slogan #2 (UNLISTED by Payne; lite tone) on PPC. 2nd known example, both this date. E $100
MC-179. Honolulu/Schofield Barracks Sta., HI, 1924, VG Univ. on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-180. Chicago/Humboldt Park Sta., IL, 1929, G+ Univ. on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-181. Wichita, KS, 1922, G+ Univ. "Reunion 35th Div'n" slogan #2 (part lite soiled; tip cr) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-182. Shreveport/Queensboro Sta., LA, 1926, VG Univ. on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-183. Omaha/Harney Sta., NE, 1921, F Univ. "Come to the Int'l Aero Congress" slogan #3 (LKU; ruff L) on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MC-184. Brooklyn, NY, 1919, G+ Univ. "Fight TB" slogan #2; N.Y.Telephone cc w/illus.bell on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-185. Brooklyn, NY, 1919, VF Univ. "Fight TB" slogan #4; Abraham-Straus cc on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-186. Brooklyn, NY, 1920, VF Univ. "Fight TB" slogan #4 (LKU; lower L tip nib) N.Y.Telephone cc w/illus.bell on window cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MC-187. The Waldorf Astoria/New York/Recd, NY, 1921, VG+ Univ. as recd b/s on PSE. E $15
MC-188. New York/Grand Central Sta., NY, [1918], VF Univ. "Food Will Win" slogan #4 w/dateless dial on 1c PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MC-189. United Nations/Lake Success, NY, 1949, VF Univ. "Courier of the United Nations" slogan on PPC (Gen'l Ass'y in Session): "We were in a session... I could have touched Mrs.Roosevelt". E $24
MC-190. Tulsa, OK, 1923, G+ Univ. "Int'l Petroleum Expo" slogan #1 (tip crs) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-191. San Antonio, TX, 1920, F Univ. "Enlist Today" slogan die a, w/state at B on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MC-192. San Antonio/Sta.A, TX, 1920, VG+ Univ. "Enlist To-Day/2nd Div'n USA" slogan (lite tone; crnr crs) on cvr. E $20
MC-193. Waco/Macarthur Br., TX, 1918, VG Univ. w/INVERTED dial on PPC. E $20
MC-194. Seattle/University Sta., WA, 1920, F Univ. "Rainier Nat'l Park" slogan (lite tone) on PPC. E $24
MC-195. Milwaukee, WI, 1960, VG Univ. "50th Anniv./Boy Scouts of America" slogan #1; 1c due stamp partly on dial; on 2.75x4" cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MC-196. U.S.Army MPES/927, 1920, VF Univ. "Enlist Today/Germany Army of Occupation" slogan on free-franked PPC. Also listed in Military section of this catalog. E $50

MR-1. Montreal, PQ, Canada, 1993, VG PB 1118364 w/.00 denomination; "Tintin" comic character illus.slogan on unadd.#10 cvr. E $15
MR-2. Chicago, IL, 1962, VG+ PB meter; "CBS Chicago/WBBM-TV/WBBM/Chicago's Showmanship Stations" slogan w/illus.eye logo & microphone on #10 cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MR-3. Chicago, IL, 1970, VF PB meter; "Passion Plays.../XX Olympic Games in Munich 1972" illus.slogan; German Nat'l Tourist Office cc on #10 cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MR-4. Burlington, IA, 1971, F PB meter; "Burlington/On the Mississippi" slogan w/illus.paddlewheeler; Chittenden & Eastman Co.cc on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MR-5. Baldwin, KS, [1906], VF printed "1c. Paid./Permit No.1" (tip cr) on PPC: Baker Univ.illus.ad (Greek houses) on pix side. E $15
MR-6. Wichita, KS, [1963], VG 2.5c meter w/"Blk.Rt./Ad'l. 1/8c Pd." vertically at L of dial; Commercial Savings Ass'n illus.ad cc on window cvr w/"Third Class Mail" printed at B. E $15
MR-7. Cambridge, MA, 1972, G+ PB meter (trim L) "Marks-A-Lot/Selected... By the U.S.Olympic Team" slogan; Carter's cc on #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MR-8. Escanaba, MI, ca.1970s?, F Permit 46 h/s w/"Join You Delta Co.Historical Soc'y" slogan; Historical Soc'y Foundation cc on cvr. E $14
MR-9. Lincoln, NE, ca.1960s?, VG 1.8c non-prof.PB meter (trim L) "Camps for the Blind/Be a Sponsor" illus.slogan (blind ARCHER) "Message from a Blind Child" illus.ad on 4x8.75" window cvr. E $14
MR-10. New York, NY, ca.1940s, VG dateless 1.5c PB meter w/"Pioneers of Aviation" illus.slogan (planes) Curtiss-Wright cc on #10 cvr to Australia. E $14
MR-11. New York, NY, 1942, F PB 57499 w/Maxwell House illus.ad slogan (coffee maker); Gen'l Foods cc on 3.5x8.5" window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MR-12. New York, NY, 1942, F PB 57499 w/Post Toasties illus.ad slogan; Gen'l Foods cc on 3.5x8.5" window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MR-13. New York, NY, 1944, VG meter w/illus.slogan (factory) Johns-Manville cc (lite tone) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MR-14. Westerville, OH, 1974, VG PB meter; "Motorcycles; the Energy Crisis Answer" slogan; Amer.Motocycle Ass'n cc on #10 window cvr. E $15
MR-15. Tulsa, OK, 1936, VF green PB meter w/"Koomotor Gasolene/Cities Service" logo slogan; Empire Oil & Refg.cc on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MR-16. Portland, OR, ca.1930s, F printed 1.5c Paid/Permit #34; Oregon Journal illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MR-17. Seattle, WA, 1939, G+ PB meter w/"Meet in the New Crystal Tea Room" ad slogan (crs; part tone) Bon Marche cc on window cvr. E $14
MR-18. Seattle, WA, 1942, VG PB meter w/"For Victory buy U.S.Bonds" illus.slogan; Bell System cc on window cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MR-19. Seattle, WA, 1954, F PB meter w/"Full Connections with Interior Alaska" illus.slogan (truck/train); "Alaska Line" illus.logo cc on #10 cvr. E $14
MR-20. Seattle, WA, 1954, G+ PB meter w/illus.truck; West Coast Fast Freight logo cc; large illus.back ad (billboard w/truck & driver) on #10 cvr. E $14

MY-1. Lot 100) Military on cvrs/cards: WWI & WWII; Army' Navy ships & related; APO's; Censored; Soldiers Mail; misc., (varied condition) balance of consignment batch; LOW minimum bid. MIN.$90
MY-2. Hartford, CT, 1861, G+ DCDS/target (bit trim R) patriotic illus.: flag w/stars in star pattern on cvr. E $150 MIN.75
MY-3. Hartford, CT, [1861], G+ DCDS/target (ruff slit R) patriotic illus.: allegorical figure w/flag & sword on cvr. E $70 MIN.36
MY-4. (Dover), IL, 1860s, VG grid killer ONLY (no CDS; cr; trim R; upper R tip nick) "Union & Constitution" albino embossed patriotic eagle & shield on flap; red & blue trim lines on flaps; 1c Frank.solo on cvr. E $20
MY-5. Malden, IL, 1860s, F CDS/grid (trim R) "Union & Constitution" albino embossed patriotic eagle on flap; red & blue trim lines on flaps on cvr. E $24
MY-6. Princeton, IL, 1860s, G CDS (upper L tip nick; bit lite tone) on cvr to Co.E 42 Reg Ind Vol, Mitchell's Division, Huntsville, AL. E $24 MIN.12
MY-7. New Orleans, LA, 1864, G+ DCDS (overall lite tone; darker tone spot L) Soldiers Letter/J.E.Greene Maj/23d Wis Vol Inf ms return add.at L; "3" h/s on stampless cvr. E $40
MY-8. Columbus, OH, 1860s, G+ DCDS/boxed bars (bit ruff slit R; bit lite tone) overall patriotic illus.eagle & ribbon: "One People/One Government/From the Canadas to the Gulf of Mexico/From the Atlantic to the Pacific"; on cvr. E $90
MY-9. Washington, PA, 1863, G CDS/grid (ruff L; crs; tear T) on cvr to 1st Virginia Cavalry, Hospitable Dept. (sic), Washington, DC. E $30
MY-10. Washington, PA, 1863, G+ CDS/grid (ruff R, into bit of add.; tears; part toned) on cvr to 100th Roundhead Regt Pa V(ol), 3 Brigade 1st Div'n, 9th Army Corps, Cincinnati, OH, w/"Forward after Regt" instruction at L. E $50
MY-11. Port Royal, SC, [1862], VG CDS/target (bit ruff slit T) on cvr w/enc.from soldier, datelined Beaufort City: "(reportedly) Burnside's expedition has taken about 18,000 prisoners... the houses are litturly (sic) gutted & ... many are torn down for firewood..." E $80 MIN.40
MY-12. Nashville, TN, ca.1862, G DCDS (bit ruff trim R, barely in stamp; lite tone; tiny tears) patriotic illus.: allegorical figure carrying flag & laurel on cvr. E $40 MIN.20
MY-13. "GBD" (General Banks Division), [1862], G+ blue straight-line h/s (bit lite tone; trim L; B tips nick; tear T) on PSE. E $150
MY-14. New York, NY, 1904, VF Int'l (bit toned) Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the U.S.cc on cvr w/enc. E $12 MIN.6
MY-15. Columbia, PA, 1904, VF duplex (trim R; edge tear R; bit lite tone) Gen.Welsh Camp, #68 cc on cvr w/letterhead enc. E $15
MY-16. Texas City/Military Sta., TX, 1914, F duplex (lite tone; tip cr) on PPC. E $20
MY-17. Mailed TO: Co."C" 15th Inf'y, Fort Douglas, Salt Lake City, UT, 1910, canxed Providence, RI, G+ Int'l (o/s) on PPC. E $14
MY-18. Montgomery/Aviation Br., AL, 1918, F duplex (lite tone) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
MY-19. Douglas/Military Br., AZ, 1919, VF duplex (lite tone; tip cr) on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
MY-20. Little Rock/Pike Br., AR, 1918, F Univ. #2DB-300 w/larger letters on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
MY-21. San Diego/Kearney Br., CA, 1918, VF Univ. (crs) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-22. San Diego/Rockwell Br., CA, 1918, G+ duplex (EKU; lower R arc not struck; bit lite tone) Rockwell Field return add.on flap (slit thru) Hotel Del Coronado cc; pair 3c on cvr w/letterhead enc.to AEF soldier. 3rd known example. E $30 MIN.15
MY-23. San Pedro/Gibson Br., CA, 1918, G+ duplex on 3c Wash., overlapping earlier Okalnd machine canx & 2c Wash. on remailed PPC, originally to (& then from) soldier at Ft.MacArthur, CA. E $24 MIN.12
MY-24. Vancouver, Canada, 1919, G+ Univ. on PPC to Ordinance Det., American E(xpeditionary) Forces, SIBERIA. E $20
MY-25. Washingotn/War Dept.Sta., DC, 1918, VF Univ.; "Soldier's Mail." h/s frank; "Passed by the Chief Military Censor/10/Washington, DC" h/s by add. on PPC. E $24
MY-26. Atlanta/Gordon Br., GA, ca.1918, VF Univ. w/dateless 3rd class dial (edge wear; few scuffs) on 4.5x6" pictorial folder (Camp Gordon). E $24 MIN.12
MY-27. Atlanta/Gordon Br., GA, 1918, VG duplex on cvr. E $20
MY-28. Chicago, IL, 1918, F Int'l "Food Will Win" slogan #20 (tip cr) War Dept.cc on penalty PC w/draft board's classification notice. E $20 MIN.10
MY-29. East Dubuqe, IL, 1917 (Apr 6), VG+ duplex (near VF) on PPC. Date that U.S.entered World War 1. E $20
MY-30. Rockford/Grant Br., IL, 1918, F+ duplex (cr; tears T & L; notch upper L) YMCA logo cc; 10c special del.+3c Wash. on special del.cvr. E $20
MY-31. Fort Wayne, IN, 1918, G Univ. (ruff L; toned) "No Record/APO 702" boxed h/s at B; "No Record/APO 762" boxed h/s & "Addressee Returned to USA/With (Casuals)..." h/s on back, tying "Hurry Up! This is for a Soldier/Infantry Branch" label on MUCH forwarded cvr to AEF soldier w/MANY more h/s & ms markings. E $50
MY-32. LaFayette, IN, 1918, G+ Univ. (long tear upper R, thru dial & below stamp; AS IS for that; lite tone) "Army Y.M.C.A./Camp Purdue" BOLD magenta h/s & partial 2nd strike; YMCA logo cc on cvr, apparently from West Lafayette Radio School, located at Purdue Univ. E $20
MY-33. Burlington, IA, 1918 (Jun ??), G Univ. (tears T & R; toned) "Forward To: Casual Detachment No.1./American Rest Camp,/Winchester, England." h/s; "Left (9?) Gen.Hosp./Address Unknown" h/s; "Forwarded/A.E.F.Via N.Y." h/s on much forwarded cvr to soldier at Camp Merritt, NJ, w/Field Post Office/13(?).K G+ CDS (Aug 23) as fwd b/s; APO 791 G+ duplex (Nov 21, 1919) as b/s, 17 mos.after mailed. E $40
MY-34. Des Moines/Camp Dodge Mil.Br., IA, 1918, G+ duplex (2 ink spots, 1 in dial; ruff L; crs) Lutheran Brotherhood of America/Soldiers' & Sailors' Welfare illus.ad (bldg) on cvr. E $50
MY-35. Fort Leavenworth, KS, 1918, VG+ Univ. w/INVERTED dial on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MY-36. Fort Leavenworth, KS, 1918, G+ Univ. (o/s) Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry cc; "Not Medical" boxed h/s by add.; "Think! Have you bought Your Limit-4th Liberty Loan" 57x41mm poster stamp tied to back by Washington/War Dept., DC, Univ.as fwd on much forwarded PSE to soldier at Ft.Riley, KS. E $50
MY-37. Louisville/Taylor Br., KY, 1917 (Dec 28), VF Univ. DB-300 (LKU; crnr cr; lite tone) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MY-38. Louisville/Taylor Br., KY, 1919, VF duplex; 4x 3c Victory commems +1c Wash on special del.cvr. E $40
MY-39. New Orleans, LA, 1919, F Univ.; "American Red Cross/Canteen Service/New Orleans Chapter." double oval h/s, inverted strike tying 2c Wash.coil; ARC banner logo at L on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MY-40. Baltimore/Meade Br., MD, 1917, VF Univ. CB-201 (EKU) on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MY-41. Fitchburg/Devens Br., MA, 1919, F duplex (bit edge wear) on 4.25x6.25" "U.S.Army" pictorial folder. E $24 MIN.12
MY-42. Battle Creek/Custer Br., MI, 1917, VG+ Univ. #1DB-300; 2c Wash.coil on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-43. Battle Creek/Custer Br., MI, 1918, VF Univ. DB-400 w/REDUNDANT Branch name in dial & killer on PPC. E $75
MY-44. Battle Creek/Custer Br., MI, 1918, F Univ. on MISUSED PPC w/"Soldier's Mail/Free" printed frank. Franking privilege not granted for domestic mail. E $24 MIN.12
MY-45. Minneapolis, MN, 1918, G+ Univ. (stamp gone; crs; tears R; part ruff R; soiled; AS IS for faults) on cvr to PRISONER of WAR, Fossano, Italy. E $20
MY-46. Saint Louis, MO, 1918, F Int'l "Food Will Win" slogan; War Dept.cc on penalty PC w/draft board's classification notice. E $20 MIN.10
MY-47. (Hoboken), NJ, ca.1918, VF pictorial eagle machine (tip cr) "Military/19/Mail Censor" magenta h/s; 3c offset Wash. on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MY-48. Summit, NJ, 1918, G+ Amer/A14; "Ft Riley, Md.June.Rep/AEF Via New York" h/s on much forwarded 3x4.5" cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MY-49. Deming/Military Br., NM, 1917, VF duplex (lite tone) on PPC. E $20
MY-50. Beacon/Beekman Mili.Br., NY, 1918, VF duplex (ONLY known example; bit ruff trim R) 71st New York Infantry, N.G., U.S., Camp Whitman, Greenhaven, NY, cc on cvr w/letterhead enc.: "This quarantine is terrible stuff. E $150 MIN.75
MY-51. Hempstead/Mills Br., NY, 1919, VF Amer/A38; 3c Victory commem on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-52. Watertown/Military Br., NY, 1917, G+ duplex (R arc & part of date on stamp) on REAL PHOTO PPC: Madison Barracks, from water tower. E $20
MY-53. Youngstown, OH, 1908, VF Int'l (trim R; nick B) "To England/Amer.Records Attd./3rd Echelon, B.E.F."; "Addressee transferred to (Embark Hosp #1 Hoboken NJ)/From:-A.E.F./Central Directory Div'n..." h/s; on cvr w/"Addressee Returned to U.S.A..." h/s on back. E $24 MIN.12
MY-54. Lawton/Ft.Sill Br., OK, 1918, G+ Univ. (o/s; cr; bit uneven trim T) Camp Zachary Taylor, Louisville, illus.ad cc (portrait, rifles, camp) on cvr to Springfield, IL; fwd to Los Angeles; then spotty "Dead Letter Branch/San From cisco, Cal" h/s applied at L. E $24 MIN.12
MY-55. Washington, PA, 1919, G+ Amer/A14 on STILL-SEALED cvr w/enc.to "Evacuation Hospital #22, APO 927, AEF, Coblenz, Germany; "Addressee Returned to U.S.A..." h/s on back. E $15
MY-56. Houston/Ellington Br., TX, 1918, VF duplex (lite tone) on PPC. E $20
MY-57. Seattle/Georgetown Sta., WA, 1918, G duplex (spotty) tying 21x25mm die-cut patriotic eagle & shield label on PPC. E $15
MY-58. Tacoma/Lewis Br., WA, 1917 (Nov 3), G+ duplex; EARLY 2c War Rate on PPC. E $24 MIN.12
MY-59. Tacoma/Lewis Br., WA, 1918, VF Univ.; 2x 1c Wash. on 4-PANEL PPC w/panoramic view of camp; 1c due stamp tied at Cohoes, NY. E $24 MIN.12
MY-60. Tacoma/Lewis Br., WA, 1918, VF Univ. (part lite soiled; edge tear L) Hostess House, Nat'l Young Women's Christian Ass'ns cc on cvr. E $24 MIN.12
MY-61. Tacoma/Lewis Br., WA, 1918, VF Univ. (bit cr) "Spokane Red Cross Canteen Service" h/s on PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MY-62. Camp Robinson/Military Br., WI, [1917], G+ duplex (year mostly not struck) on PPC. E $20
MY-63. APO 2, 1918, G+ 4-bar A1001 (edge tear T) on free-franked YMCA PPC. E $20
MY-64. APO 702, 1918, G+ DCDS; perfed all around 2c Wash.(scuffed perf) from center row of AEF pane (based on aspect ratio of design) on censored PPC. Also listed in Stamps on Cover section of this catalog. E $120 MIN.60
MY-65. APO 702, 1918, G+ DCDS; 3c Wash. on PPC, apparently mailed by civilian. E $15
MY-66. APO 702, 1918, G+ Univ.w/Base Censor killer inverted at lower L; circled "162" h/s on free-franked PPC. E $15
MY-67. APO 713, 1918, G+ duplex (dial hi; T arc partly off; part lite tone) big piece cut from B edge, removes caption from pix side; sender's note "Cut out by censor" adjacent; on free-franked PPC. E $30
MY-68. APO 713, 1918, G+ CDS (large ink stain L edge) ms "Officer's Mail" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-69. APO 716, 1919, VF Univ. (crnr cr) tying 15c France on PPC datelined Brest, France: "The (USS) America is here... so are 3 others..." E $24
MY-70. APO 731A, 1919, VG+ DCDS ty.A4021; First Air Depot return add.; ms frank on PPC. E $16
MY-71. APO 733, 1918, VG duplex A2011; APO 702 Univ.w/Base Censor killer inverted at lower L; CHAPLAIN's h/s signature censor marking on free-franked PPC. E $30
MY-72. Third Army/APO 734, 1919, VF DCDS (bit lite tone) "Ohio/Have You Forgotten US?/158th Artillery Brigade." h/s on free-franked PPC. Also listed in Auxiliary section of this catalog. E $60
MY-73. APO 738, 1919, G+ duplex A2002; "US Marine Mail" ms frank on PPC. E $20
MY-74. APO 740, 1918, G+ duplex A2002 (upper R tip tear) "Officer's Letter" ms frank on censored cvr. E $20
MY-75. APO 740, 1919, F duplex A2002 (killer partly off R) on PPC. E $20
MY-76. APO 752, [1919], G+ purple dateless CDS on PPC. E $20
MY-77. APO 755, 1919 (Jan 1), G+ duplex A2002 on free-franked PPC. E $20
MY-78. APO 778, 1918, G+ dark red DCDS (edge tears; nicks; no flap) YMCA logo; printed "Soldiers Mail" frank on cvr. RARE ink color. E $20
MY-79. APO 927, 1920, VF Univ. "Enlist Today/Germany Army of Occupation" slogan on free-franked PPC. Also listed in Machines section of this catalog. E $50
MY-80. Army Post Office/RK 7, 1918, G+ DCDS (B arc spotty but ID sure) British Army railhead canx on AEF soldier's free-franked PPC to U.S. E $40
MY-81. Censored By/Gordon Lewis/2nd Lieut./Signal Corps U.S.R., ca.1918, G+ magenta h/s as only origin marking on free-franked Paris PPC. E $20
MY-82. Mail Censor/U.S.Army Base, ca.1918, VF undated straight-line h/s (edge tears T; nicks T) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-83. Rec'd at Chelsea Terminal RPO/From the A,E,F, 1919, F straight-line h/s (UNLISTED) as transit b/s; Hempstead/Mills Br., NY, G+ Amer/A14 as recd b/s on cvr to AEF soldier w/Warren, RI, G+ duplex origin. E $24 MIN.12
MY-84. Recd From Army/Bordeaux, 1918, G+ Univ. (dial partly on message; o/s) on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-85. Recd.From Army/Bordeaux, 1918, F Univ. (lite edge tone) 2c Wash. on PPC w/AEF Passed As Censored/A.1993 h/s at B. E $15
MY-86. Received Chelsea Term RPO/From A.E.F., 1918, G+ magenta CDS as transit (no origin marking) "Sailors Mail" ms frank on PPC. E $20
MY-87. Soldier's Mail/Capt.A.C.Townsend QMRC, ca.1918, VG magenta undated straight-line h/s (lite tone; tip cr) on PPC. E $14
MY-88. Soldier's Mail/Capt.A.C.Townswend, Q.M.R.C., ca.1918, VF magenta undated straight-line h/s tying 2c Wash.; "Overseas." h/s at L on PPC. E $15
MY-89. Soldier's Mail/Mail Censor/U.S.Army Base, ca.1918, VF undated 3-bar; "Held Until Safe Arrival/Of Steamer; Then Mailed./Censor." h/s on back on free-franked YMCA "With the Colors" PC. E $15
MY-90. U.S.Army Postal Service, 1918, G+ 4-bar w/no APO # in bars on free-franked PPC. E $15 MIN.8
MY-91. Birmingham, AL, 1945 (May 8), VG Univ.; "Unconditional Surrender" patriotic illus.(fist punching Hitler) VE Day canx on cvr. E $15
MY-92. Gunter Field, AL, 1942, F magenta DCDS/Reg'd (bit ruff slit T) as origin b/s on reg'd cvr. E $14
MY-93. Arsenal, AR, 1944, VF duplex on free-franked #10 cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-94. Los Angeles/Term.Anx, CA, 1944, G+ duplex; "We Won't Forget Lidice" patriotic illus.(burning city) on air cvr. E $20
MY-95. March Field, CA, 1943, VF Int'l; shiny gold "March Field" w/Air Corps insignia label at B on air PSE. E $15
MY-96. Oakland, CA, 1943, F Univ. "Our Air Warden" Sadworth patriotic illus.(bombs) on cvr. E $15
MY-97. Pittsburg/Replacement Depot Br., CA, 1943, G+ machine on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-98. San Pedro, CA, 1945, VG+ Univ.; Crosby patriotic cachet: "Old Glory Over Iwo Jima" w/small photo applique (soldiers raising flag) on cvr. E $20
MY-99. Colorado Springs, CO, 1942, F Univ.; APO 89, Camp Carson return add.; ms free frank on PPC. E $15
MY-100. Pando, CO, 1943, F Univ. (part lite tone) Camp Hale return add. on free-franked cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-101. Pearl Harbor, HI, 1941 (Dec 8; 10 AM), VF Int'l on Wake Island comic PPC to Bergstrom Music Co., Honolulu, canxed on day after attack. Message not dated, but clearly written before attack. This item also listed in Hawaii & Ships categories. E $500
MY-102. Frankfort, IN, 1945, VF Int'l; "Bullets know no name or creed" patriotic illus.(rifle & crosses) on cvr. E $14
MY-103. Kokomo, IN, 1943, VF duplex; "Sick Old Bird" patriotic illus.(vulture w/swastika) on cvr. E $14
MY-104. Kokomo, IN, 1943, VF Int'l; "Tokyo; For Everlasting Glory We Will Come!" patriotic illus.(ships) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-105. Great Bend/Air Base Br., KS, [1943], G+ magenta DCDS origin at L; Great Bend G+ duplex as canx (43-45) on PC. E $14
MY-106. Herington/Satellite Air Field Br., KS, 1943, F magenta DCDS origin at L; Herington G+ Univ.as canx (42-47) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-107. Wichita, KS, 1944, VG Univ.; "Heel Hitler!" patriotic illus.(mule kicking Hitler on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-108. Lexington, KY, 1943, VG Univ. (lite tone) "Tokyo; We Are Heading For Victory" patriotic illus.(ships) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-109. Holliston, MA, 1945, VF Univ. (R tips wear) "U.S.Slogan: Back the Attack/Jap Slogan: Attack the Back" patriotic cachet on cvr to APO 986, fwd to APO 980. E $15
MY-110. Detroit, MI, 1943, F Int'l; "Let's Go!/Remember Pearl Harbor" patriotic illus.(Uncle Sam; "Hawaii" woman w/Japanese knife in back) on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-111. Garden, MI, 1944, F 4-bar; "World's Peace is... essential..." patriotic illus.(Liberty & dove) on commer.cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-112. Camp McCain, MS, 1943, G+ Int'l on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-113. Saint Joseph, MO, 1943, F Int'l (tiny tear T) soldier's ms "Hotel Robidaux" return add.; ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-114. Santa Fe, NM, 1945, VG DCDS (part ruff R; lite tone) Bruns Gen'l Hospital return add.; soldier's ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $14
MY-115. Medina, NY, 1944, G Univ.; "Freedom of Speech..." patriotic illus.(woman) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-116. Medina, NY, 1944, F duplex (cr) "Save Waste Paper... Fight the Paper Hanger..." patriotic cachet on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-117. New York, NY, 1944, G Int'l; "Prisoner of War Post Card" header; "POW Camp Opelika, AL" return add.; U.S. & German censor h/s; overall censor's blue "wash" on PC from POW to Germany, canxed 7 days after message date. E $20
MY-118. New York, NY, 1944, G+ Int'l (tip cr) "Prisoner of War Post Card" header; "POW Camp Algona" return add.; U.S. & German censor h/s; overall censor's blue "wash" on PC from POW to Germany, canxed 17 days after message date. E $20
MY-119. New York, NY, 1945 (Jan 8), G Int'l; "Prisoner of War Post Card" header; "POW Camp McCain" return add.; U.S. & German censor h/s; overall censor's blue "wash" on PC from POW to Germany, canxed 20 days after message date. E $20
MY-120. New York/Church St.Anx, NY, 1945, F Int'l (lite tone; lite crs) on #10 cvr w/enc.to Adjutant Gen'l, Washington, DC; fwd to 23rd Gen'l Hospital, APO 698; Locator Section A.G.O./War Dept.VF blue DCDS & Officers Record Section/A.G.O. G+ red DCDS as transit b/s. E $24
MY-121. Camp Lejeune/Rifle Range Br., NC, 1945, VG 4-bar on commer.PPC to Canada. E $20
MY-122. Wilmington, NC, 1944, G+ Univ.; "War Bonds Are the Best Buy..." patriotic illus. ("Mr.10%") on cvr. E $14
MY-123. Akron, OH, 1943, F Univ.; "Freedom/Czechoslovakia Again Will Cast Off Her Fetters" patriotic illus.(flags & woman) on cvr. E $15
MY-124. Columbus, OH, 1942, VG Int'l; patriotic illus.(flag & pledge) on free-franked cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-125. Brothers, OR, 1944, F 4-bar; "This punk hasn't long to live..." (Hitler) & "Tojo too will pay the price..." (Tojo) patriotic illus. on cvr. E $15 MIN.8
MY-126. Philadelphia, PA, 1943, VG meter (bit uneven trim T; lite tone) War Dept./Phila.Signal Depot cc; "WD Essential Official Air Mail" h/s on #12 penalty cvr. E $14
MY-127. Philadelphia/N.Phila.Sta., PA, 1942, VF Int'l; AAFTD, Packard Motor Co., Detroit, MI, return add. on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-128. Manchester, TN, 1943, F Univ.; 2nd Army Umpire Pool, APO 402, Nashville return add. on cvr. E $14
MY-129. Nashville, TN, 1944, G+ Univ. (lite tone) "Tennessee" patriotic illus.(U.S. & state flags) on cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-130. Dumas, TX, 1943, F Int'l; "Does This Represent the Bond You Did Not Buy?" patriotic illus.(helmet on cross) on cvr. E $15
MY-131. Hondon/Army Nav.School Br., TX, 1942, F duplex (lite tone) ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-132. San Antonio, TX, 1943, G+ Int'l (lite tone) "Freedom/Our Heritage" patriotic illus.(eagle) on free-franked cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-133. Victory, VT, 1944, F magenta 4-bar; "American Half-Track" patriotic illus.(truck) on cvr. E $14
MY-134. Cheyenne, WY, 1945, VF Int'l; "Red Cross Canteen-Cheyenne, Wyo." magenta h/s at T on free-franked PPC. E $14
MY-135. APO 5, 1942 (Jun 30), G+ 4-bar (near VG+; lite gum tone) in Iceland; censor h/s; ms "Free" frank on cvr. E $15
MY-136. APO 33, Los Ang., return add.; canxed Los Angeles, CA, 1943, F Univ.; ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-137. APO 33 (Los Ang.), 1943, G+ 4-bar (pen note T) soldier's ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-138. APO 88, 1945 (May 1), G+ Univ.; in Italy; 6c Prexie paying air rate on #10 penalty cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-139. APO 95, 1944 (Feb 26), canxed Lebanon, PA, G+ Int'l (lite tone) on air cvr. E $14
MY-140. APO 150, 1945 (Aug 15), G+ 4-bar; in Germany; APO 403 return add. on free-franked cvr. E $24
MY-141. APO 152, 1944, F 4-bar (bit trim T) in England; "Official Paid/U.S.Army" circled h/s at L on #10 penalty cvr. E $14
MY-142. APO 183, 97th Evac.Hosp., Los Ang., return add.; canxed San Bernardino, CA, 1943, G+ Univ.; ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-143. APO 247, 1945 (Feb 3), VF 4-bar; in Mariana Islds; 5c Prexie on censored cvr to Australia. E $20
MY-144. APO 257, Los Ang., return add.; canxed Los Angeles, CA, 1943, F Univ.; ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-145. APO 261, Los Ang., return add.; canxed Los Angeles, CA, 1944, VG+ Univ.; ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-146. APO 262, 1945 (Jun 13), G+ magenta 4-bar (bit o/s; crs) in Germany; on folded air letter. E $15
MY-147. APO 322, ca.1944, G+ machine (lite tone) at Papua/New Guinea; on air PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MY-148. APO 466, 1945 (Sep 14), F Univ. (bit lite tone) in India; on air PSE. E $12 MIN.6
MY-149. APO 468, 1945 (Nov 30), VG duplex (bit lite tone) in Japan; ms "Free" frank on folded V-Mail letter w/Xmas design; part of contents cut away, maybe by censor. SCARCE type. E $16
MY-150. APO 470, 1945 (Jun 20), G+ 4-bar (part heavy inked; crs) in Austria; patriotic illus.at L; 6c transport air +Germany 1RM Hitler tied on cvr w/ms "12c due" at L. E $20
MY-151. APO 482, 1945 (Sep 27), F 4-bar; in France; APO 752 return add. on free-franked PPC. E $15
MY-152. APO 502, 1945 (Jun 24), F Univ.; in New Caledonia; on penalty change-of-address PC. E $8
MY-153. APO 545, Los Ang., return add.; canxed El Paso, TX, 1943, F Univ. (lite tone) ms "Free Postage" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-154. APO 556, 1944, VG 4-bar; in England; "Official Paid/U.S.Army" circled h/s (lite) at L on #10 penalty cvr. E $14
MY-155. APO 557, 1944, G+ 4-bar (bit o/s) censor tape R; 2x 2.5p Great Britain on cvr to CAMEROUN. E $40
MY-156. APO 560, 1943, G+ 4-bar (edge tears T, 1 in rim) tying 2.5p Great Britain on cvr to Gainsboro, England. E $15 MIN.8
MY-157. APO 564, 1944 (Feb 12), VG machine (bit lite tone; bit trim T) in England; APO 636 return add. on air PSE w/ms "Italian" at lower L, indicating language of contents (removed). E $14
MY-158. APO 584, 1945 (Aug 22), G+ 4-bar (tear T; crs) in GERMANY; APO 758 return add. on PPC. E $16
MY-159. APO 588, 1945 (Mar 24), G+ 4-bar; in Germany; APO 230 return add. on air cvr. E $24
MY-160. APO 607, 1944 (Apr 5), VG+ 4-bar (ink spots on return add.) in Nigeria; on free-franked folded lettersheet. E $30
MY-161. APO 655, 1945 (Jul 27), G+ 4-bar; in Germany; APO 887 return add. on free-franked PPC. E $15
MY-162. APO 658, 1944 (Oct 13), F 4-bar; in France; ms "Free" frank on PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-163. APO 717, 1944 (Jul 8), VG+ 4-bar (ruff L; censor tape toned R) in Solomon Islds; on air PSE. E $15
MY-164. APO 938, 1944 (Jan 5), VF 4-bar (cr) on #10 penalty cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-165. U.S.Postal Service/No.3, 1944 (Mar 19), VG Univ.; 2 strikes overlap, 1 in error w/no mo./day/time slugs (slight ruff slit upper R) on V-Mail cvr w/enc.datelined APO 520. E $14
MY-166. U.S.Postal Service/No.3, 1944, VG Univ. (bit trim T) on 3.5x4.75" V-mail window cvr w/enc.: Season's Greetings from the 760th" w/illus.TRAIN engine; APO 512 header. E $15
MY-167. APO 205, 1946 (Nov 1), VG 4-bar (tip crs) "USS Delegation ACC Bulagrea, APO 512" return add.w/"Bulgaria" misspelled twice; ms "Free" frank on Sofia PPC. E $16
MY-168. APO 500, 1947, G+ 4-bar (bit ruff trim T; lite tone) Italian Diplomatic Mission typed cc on air PSE to Argentina. E $14
MY-169. APO 731, 1946 (Aug 1), F 4-bar; at Ladd Field, Fairbanks, AK; on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-170. Kirchhain, Germany, 1944, VG DCDS (bit trim T; nick T; tear T) on free-franked cvr w/illus.letterhead enc.(German soldier's portrait). E $15
MY-171. Omaha, NE, 1958, partial duplex (crs) Lt.Gen'l Francis H.Griswold, Vice Commander in Chief, Headquarters SAC cc; 4x 3c Liberty coils on 5.75x7.25" air cvr to Uruguay. E $15
MY-172. Biloxi/Veterans Adm.Center, MS, 1957, VG duplex on commer.PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-173. APO 85, 1960, G+ 4-bar (no flap) on #10 air cvr to Alaska Dept.of Health. E $12 MIN.6
MY-174. APO 09023, 1970, VF 4-bar; "Humble's Maiden NW Passage Voyage/S.S.Manhattan" h/s cachet (tiger & ship) on ship's PPC to Canada. E $14
MY-175. APO 733, 1958, F machine on #10 air cvr to Alaska Health Dept. E $12 MIN.6
MY-176. APO 942-9, 1959, F 4-bar & machine (o/s) on air cvr. E $12 MIN.6
MY-177. Tientsin, China/Deutsche Post, 1917, VG CDS (crs) "Service des prisonniers de Guerre" header; "Hulfsaktion fur Deutsche und Osterr.-Ungarische Kriegsgefangene in Sibirien./Tientsin, Nord China" printed at L on free-franked PC to U.S. E $100
MY-178. Ifran, France, 1940, VG CDS (tip cr) Prisonnier de guerre header on PC to French POW in German Stalag XIIIB. E $20
MY-179. Poste Aux Armees (France), 1939, G+ CDS (nicks R) on "Carte-Lettre de l'Esperance" w/"Franchise Militaire" printed "stamp"; illus.lion at L (perfed border removed). E $15
MY-180. Tresor et Postes/2?? (France), 1917, partial CDS; Convois Automobiles/S.S.U.20 pictorial h/s at L on PPC to U.S. E $14
MY-181. Rodesheim, Germany, 1944, F DCDS w/pictorial city (nicks R) feldpost frank on 2-panel lettersheet w/1943 calendar on back. E $15
MY-182. Rosenheim, Germany, 1943, G+ DCDS (tear B) U.S. & Nazi censor tapes at T & on back; "Postage free" printed at upper R, but apparently assessed "taxe" (per ms note) for airmail service on 3.5x8.25" cvr to "Camp Tri(nidad), Colorado" (printed address label incomplete or scuffed). E $50
MY-183. Feldpost/4 (Germany), 1943, G+ CDS (trim R) Verbingdungsstelle Frankreich Der Organisation Der Deutschen Wirtschaft cc; "Durch.Deutsche Feldpost" boxed h/s; 12pf Hitler on cvr. E $20
MY-184. Kaiseri.D.Feldpostamt des XVI Armee Cps. (Germany), [1914], G+ CDS tying pair 3pf; "Feldpostkarte" header on PC. E $15
MY-185. Stalag IV C (Germany), 1940s, G+ censor 62 h/s at L; partial mute DCDS origin; "Unbesetztes Gebiet" boxed h/s on 2-panel lettersheet from POW to France, w/printed instructions (in French) for shipping parcels to prisoner. E $20
MY-186. Stalag IV C (Germany), 1945, F censor 42 h/s at L; VG+ mute DCDS origin on 2-panel lettersheet from POW to France. E $15 MIN.8
MY-187. Posta Militara (Italy), 1918, partial DCDS tying 5c; "374a Compagnia Mitragliatrici/Ufficio Sprovvisto di Bullo/Bersaglieri" & "Verificato Per Censura" h/s on PPC. E $15
MY-188. Officio Posta Militaire, 100, 1916, G+ DCDS; illus.flag at L; censor h/s on "war zone" PC to U.S. E $20
MY-189. K.D.Feldpost (??)/d.35.Infanterie-Div., 1917, G+ DCDS (dial hi: upper R arc off) Soldatenbrief/Jnf.-Regt.Nr.170/Graben-Artl.Abtlg. h/s on free-franked PPC. E $12 MIN.6
MY-190. Port Vrij/Franc de Port/Militaires etrangers/Internes dan les Pays-Bas, [1918], G+ blue undated straight-line h/s; "British Prisoner of War interned in Holland" ms at T on REAL PHOTO PPC (military band: "our band here...") to England. E $65

NOTE: Usual edge wear and tip wear should be expected on items in this category. Real PHOTOs are noted.
PC-1. "Sully's/Monte Rio (CA)": vert.REAL PHOTO; mountainside hotel complex & river (edge wear) used, 1909. E $24
PC-2. "Hancock Field, Santa Maria, CA": litho, Southern Cross & other airplanes on grass (tip crs; address obliterated) used; Santa Maria, 1937. E $12 MIN.6
PC-3. "Castle Rock, CO, D. & R.G.Ry": printed,train on tracks & namesake rock formation in background (bit lite tone tips) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-4. "The Hidden Inn/Garden of the Gods/Colorado Springs (CO)": REAL PHOTO, 3 level adobe bldg built in hillside; unused AZO. E $15
PC-5. "Mt. Manitou Scenic Incline Trip/To Summit of Mt. Manitou (CO): REAL PHOTO, car w/passengers (tip cr) unused AZO. E $12 MIN.6
PC-6. "Lei Maker Hawaii": REAL PHOTO, woman on bench stringing flowers; unused EKC. E $20
PC-7. "Hauling Pineapples-Honolulu,HI": REAL PHOTO, EXAGGERATION of pineapple on cart; unused EKC. E $14
PC-8. "Hawaii Nat'l Park/Kalauea Volcano Hawaii": hand-colored REAL PHOTO w/red lava; used, ca.1923. E $20
PC-9. "Traveler's/Motel/Decatur,/IL: chrome, interior & 2 exteriors of cabins; unused. E $8
PC-10. "Main Gate/U.S.Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL": REAL PHOTO, w/cars ca.1940's; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-11. "Liberty St. Looking S. from Jackson St./Morris, IL": litho, street w/cars & horse drawn carriages; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-12. "Camp Herring/Peoria, IL": Venard photo, aerial view of military camp bldgs (tip crs) unused AZO. E $14
PC-13. "Looking East On Mason Street. Polo, IL": REAL PHOTO, busy business street w/many cars c.1960; used; Ashton, IL, 1964. E $15
PC-14. "Travelodge, Springfield, IL, 500 S.9th, U.S.City 66": chrome; misworded directions: "One Block of Lincoln's Home"; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-15. "Sulphur Springs Wedron, IL": REAL PHOTO, water wheel; used; Wedron, 1911. E $14
PC-16. "M.E.Church, Woodhull, IL": REAL PHOTO (crnr cr) unused AZO back. E $12 MIN.6
PC-17. "Wilson Mills Plant, Veedersburg, IN": REAL PHOTO creamery; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-18. "Call St. Algona, IA": REAL PHOTO, residential street; used; Havelock, IA, 1907. E $14
PC-19. "N.Ward School Bldg. Centerville, IA": REAL PHOTO, exterior w/adults & children outside (small scuff) used; Centerville, 1908. E $16
PC-20. "Stock Pavilion at Iowa State Fair Grounds, Des Moines, IA: litho (bit surface wear) unmailed. E $8
PC-21. "Community Church Fonda, IA": REAL PHOTO (cr) used; Pocahontas, IA, 1947. E $15
PC-22. "School Bldg's McCracken, KS": REAL PHOTO (tip crs) used, 1914. E $14
PC-23. "Sugar Bowl (Tulane Stadium) New Orleans, LA: linen stadium; aerial view; unused. E $14
PC-24. "Souvenir/of New/Orleans, LA": printed, butterfly w/body of pretty lady & scenes on each wing (cr; bit lite tone) used; 1909. E $15 MIN.8
PC-25. "Street Scene Belgrade, ME": REAL PHOTO, street & RR CROSSING in small town (tip crs; bit lite exposure) used; Skowhegan & Port, 1916. E $20
PC-26. "Saltzman Hotel & Mineral Baths Benton Harbor, MI": litho (edge wear; bit of offset canx ink) used; Grd Raps & Chic, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-27. "C.A.R. Hall Carson City, MI": REAL PHOTO; used; 1913. E $16
PC-28. "City School/Onaway (MI)": REAL PHOTO; used; Cheboy & Bay City, 1924. E $15 MIN.8
PC-29. "Greenwood (Buffalo, MN) Girl Scout Camp": REAL PHOTO, bldgs, flagpole & cars c.1940; used; Rockford, MN, 1953. E $15
PC-30. "High School, Buhl, MN" REAL PHOTO bldg; used, 1941. E $12 MIN.6
PC-31. "Grant MineBuhl, MN": REAL PHOTO mine; elevated view (crnr cr) used, 1941. E $12 MIN.6
PC-32. "Douglas Lodge/Itasca State Park, MN": REAL PHOTO, 2 story log bldg in woods (tip wear) used; Bemidji, MN, 1926. E $12 MIN.6
PC-33. "Terrace At Breezy Point Lodge-Pequot, MN": REAL PHOTO, people seated at umbrella tables; used; 1935. E $12 MIN.6
PC-34. "Northern States Dam St. Cloud, MN": REAL PHOTO, aerial view; unused. E $14
PC-35. "Bagnell (MO) Dam/Flood of 1935": REAL PHOTO, aerial view (lite crs) used; Lake Ozark, 1935. E $14
PC-36. "Hamilton (MO) Chautauqua": litho, women seated by tents in park w/ad back for event August 7-15, 1909 (bit lite tone) unused. E $14
PC-37. "Fannie Suttons/Beauty Parlor": REAL PHOTO (2x3" image), exterior business in Hamilton, MO, sent by Fannie (message written front; tip cr) used. SCARCE topic, 1915. E $20
PC-38. Hamilton, MO: litho, tents in park w/ad back for Hamilton Chautauqua August 7-15, 1909 (tip cr) unused. E $14
PC-39. "Devine Bros./Clinic/& Hospital/Kansas City, MO: linen art deco bldg; unused. E $15
PC-40. "New Home of the/Thornton & Minor Hospital/Kansas City, MO: linen; unused. E $8
PC-41. "Midland Theatre Midland, MI": REAL PHOTO, exterior w/art deco facade showing "Slightly Dangerous" & "It Ain't Hay" Abbott/Costello (lite crnr cr) used, 1948. E $20
PC-42. "Rockwell Park Moberly, MO.": REAL PHOTO, canoe on the water D-278; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-43. "Rockwell Park Moberly, MO.": REAL PHOTO, view of water through trees D-276; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-44. "Big Boy's Auto Court/Springfield, MO: linen, 2 exterior views of stone cabins on Rte.66 unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-45. "Herman Lohmeyer Funeral Home/Springfield, MO: linen, exterior w/insets of 9 staff members (edge wear) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-46. "Crystal Cave/Springfield, MO: litho, man looking at cave interior (edge crs; lite tone) unused. E $8
PC-47. "S.D.B Church North Loup, NE": REAL PHOTO, exterior (tip cr) used; North Loup, 1915. E $15
PC-48. "Warren's Camps/& Rooms/Lakeport, NH": REAL PHOTO, house, cabins & cars; used; Melrose, MA, 1932. E $14
PC-49. "The Crawford House/White Mts, NH": REAL PHOTO hotel; used, ca.1913. E $15 MIN.8
PC-50. "Bel Air Motel, 4222 Central Ave.S.E.-Highway 66/Albuquerque, NM": chrome motel w/inset room (tiny tip wear) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-51. "Catholic Church/Deming, NM": litho (tip cr; ink spot; bit of offset canx ink) used; Rincon & Silver City, ca.1916. E $12 MIN.6
PC-52. "Aerial View, Fort Slocum, NY": REAL PHOTO; used; Ft. Slocum, 1939. E $12 MIN.6
PC-53. "The L.S. & M.S. Tracks, Bryan, OH": REAL PHOTO, aerial view (crs) used; Bryan, 1911. E $14
PC-54. "Park-o-Tell-Oklahoma City, OK": linen, 3 insets of hotel, coffee shop & garage on Rte.66 (offset canx ink) used; Oklahoma City, 1949. E $14
PC-55. "Oregon Electric Depot, Albany, OR": REAL PHOTO; used, ca.1916. E $30 MIN.15
PC-56. "U.F.Co-op Cannery-Astoria, OR": REAL PHOTO, view of exterior & boats from water (pub. embossed imprint) unused AZO. E $20
PC-57. "The Look-Out on Cape Foulweather, Oregon Coast": REAL PHOTO; used, Otter Rock, OR, 1942. E $12 MIN.6
PC-58. "Buffalo Vernon Bare-handed Throwing a Wild Steer/at the 'Round-up', Pendleton, Ore.": litho, steer on left; unused. E $14
PC-59. "Buffalo Vernon bare handed throws a wild Steer/at the Round-up, Pendleton, Oreg.": litho, steer on right (edge wear) unused. E $14
PC-60. "BPOE/Grand Lodge Reunion/Portland, OR/July 8-13,1912": signed Mulker of lady blowing horn in forest w/several elk; used, 1912. E $14
PC-61. "First State & Savings Bank Roseburg, OR": REAL PHOTO, exterior (tip cr; stamp gone) used; Roseburg, 1914. E $16
PC-62. "U.S.Life Saving Crew Bar View Bar View Beach-Tillamook Co., OR": REAL PHOTO, 9 sailors by boat on wagon; unused WACO. E $15
PC-63. "Selling Their Relicks (sic) of the Flood at Austin, PA, 1911": REAL PHOTO family & buyers w/furniture & other items by collapsed home (surface bumps from force of canx) used; Buffalo & Harris/RPO, 1911. E $16
PC-64. "Post Office-Nashville,TN: linen; unused. E $8
PC-65. "Plainsman Motel" (Amarillo, TX): chrome; 2 views: motel & pool; Hiways 60-66 East; chrome; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-66. "Sixth Street, Clarkston, WA": litho, street w/horse drawn wagons; used, 1912. E $14
PC-67. "Great Flood, March 1st, Colfax, WA": litho, 3 men on horse back on flooded street (tip wear; crs) used; Spokane, 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-68. "View of Hewitt Ave. looking toward the Bay, Everett, WA": printed, aerial view w/streetcar (lite tone) used, 1912. E $12 MIN.6
PC-69. "Hewitt Ave. At Night, Everett, WA": printed; used, 1908. E $14
PC-70. "Lyle, WA": REAL PHOTO; elevated view of town, river (tip wear) unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-71. "Union, WA": REAL PHOTO, boat at dock w/message: "Here we are up Hoods Canal" (tip crs) used; Union, 1928. E $15
PC-72. "High School Waterville, WA": REAL PHOTO, exterior (bit lite soil; bit lite cr) used; Entiat, WA, 1909. E $14
PC-73. Beaver Dam, WI: 3 small litho views (church, house, Warren Cottage) (message in margin) used, 1907. E $12 MIN.6
PC-74. "Nelson Bros.' Resort/On Muskellunge Lake/Eagle River, WI": Parfitt REAL PHOTO, view over lake to homes (few specks) used; Eagle River, 1925. E $14
PC-75. "The Cottage Trail/The Dereg Cottages/Muskellunge Lake/Heafford Jct. WI": REAL PHOTO, cabins in woods (edge wear) used; Tomahawk, WI, 1948. E $12 MIN.6
PC-76. "Statue/City Park New Lisbon, WI": REAL PHOTO, soldier w/monument dated 1897 honoring former resident; used; Florence, WI, 1964. E $12 MIN.6
PC-77. "Baptist Church, Oconomowoc, WI": REAL PHOTO, exterior; used; Oconomowoc, 1918. E $14
PC-78. "Main Lodge & Dining Room/Apel's Deer Lake Lodge/Three Lakes, WI": Parfitt photo, exteriors cabins w/hammocks; used; Arbor Vitae, WI, 1926. E $14
PC-79. "Lee's Birchwood Cottages/Three Lakes, WI": REAL PHOTO, cabins in woods (lite crs) used; Three Lakes, 1961. E $14
PC-80. "American Airlines: chrome, DC-7 in flight; unmailed. E $12 MIN.6
PC-81. "Friedrichshafen a.Bod.D-LZ130 'Graf Zeppelin' vom Flugzeug ges.": REAL PHOTO; Zeppelin over city; unused. E $20
PC-82. Graf Zeppelin in hangar: REAL PHOTO (neatly trimmed; stamp gone) used. E $12 MIN.6
PC-83. "Original-Zeppelin-Postkarte Nr.3/Strassburg": litho; Zeppelin over city; signed Obronoski (tip cr) unused, ca.1912. E $15
PC-84. "Passagierluftkreuzer 'Viktoria Luise'": litho; Zeppelin; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-85. "Menu/United Airlines": chrome, menu left w/Oakland Bay Bridge (tip cr; bit of offset canx ink) used; Denver, 1954. E $12 MIN.6
PC-86. Zeppelin crashing in ocean: litho (lite crs) unused. E $20
PC-87. Lot 2) Zeppelin in flight: litho; over countryside & coastline; signed Schulze; unused. E $24
PC-88. Zeppelin over burning city: litho (edge wear; name penciled on pic) used, 1915. E $15
PC-89. "Jamestown Exposition 1907/I am enjoying a box of Healey's Chocolates...": Indian & ship; Megson GK230; unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-90. Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Expo 1909: "A Grant County Threshing Outfit": litho; Megson GL112-1 (tip cr) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-91. Panama-Pacific Expo 1915: "Tulare County Exhibit, California Bldg": litho, pub Dinuba Chamber of Commerce, Megson GN254 featuring area produce (edge wear; stamp gone) used, 1915. E $12 MIN.6
PC-92. "Airplane Pick-Up & Delivery In Flight At World's Fair Lagoon": litho, Braniff airplane using Adams System device to deliver & pick up instantaneously at Century of Progress in Chicago (bit lite tone) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-93. "The World's Fastest Multi-Motored Plane Service": litho, w/United Airlines airplane in flight & text on back about its use at the Century of Progress in Chicago (lite crs) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-94. "Greetings from/Illinois State Fair/Illinois Bell Exhibit/1966": litho, entrance gate to fair & ad right for "Illinois Sings" on statewide TV August 30 w/Eddie Albert; used; Springfield, IL, 1966. E $12 MIN.6
PC-95. "Army Barracks No, Fort Leonard Wood, MO: linen, sample picture of barracks & uniformed men (crnr cr) unused. E $8
PC-96. "Chinese Cadets Prepare a Greeting for Hirohito/Keep 'Em Flying": linen, cadets holding a bomb-like item labeled 'So Solly Hirohito Special'; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-97. "General Douglas MacArthur": litho, portrait while Commander in South Pacific; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-98. "Tokyo-Tokyo/Send Help Immediately/Americans Gotch/New Weapon"cartoon, Japanese pilot over Waikiki being shot at w/pineapples (lite tone) unused. E $14
PC-99. Uncle Sam w/his feet on the desk: linen, & patriotic verse about pride in soldiers; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-100. "Miss Susan B. Anthony At 36 Years": litho, portrait of woman's suffrage activist (sealed tear L; tip cr) unused. E $24
PC-101. "Amphitrite Hotel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL": REAL PHOTO, 4 story ship (tip cr; bit of offset canx ink) used; Ft. Lauderdale, 1939. E $14
PC-102. "Ball Room. Empress of Russia": Dominion photo, w/ornate skylight; unused. E $15
PC-103. "Schnelldampfer 'Kaiser Wilhelm II'": printed, w/inset of the Kaiser w/title in German "Godfather of the Steamboats"; unused. E $15
PC-104. "U.S.S. Texas": litho, at sea; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-105. "U.S. Protected Cruiser 'Charleston'": litho, w/ship info (crnr crs; bit offset canx ink; tip wear) used; Bellingham, WA, 1909. E $12 MIN.6
PC-106. "U.S. Transport loading for Phillipines at Tacoma, Wash.": printed (tip wear) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-107. "Fireboat 'Duwamish,' Seattle, WA": litho, w/water spraying (tip wear; bit lite tone) used, 1912. E $12 MIN.6
PC-108. "Excursion Steamer Potter": litho, w/passengers on cruise (message in margin) used; Seaview, WA, 1908. E $14
PC-109. Lot 13) steamers & ships: REAL PHOTOs; mostly unused. MIN.$28
PC-110. Lot 49) steamers, ferries, ships (inc.1 folder) used/unused, mostly 1900 to linen, (varied condition). MIN.$80
PC-111. Three Asian girls mimicking "See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil": hand colored printed; used; 1910. E $12 MIN.6
PC-112. "With mama & with daddy?": printed MECHANICAL baby whose face changes from happy to crying when tab at bottom pulled (tab crs) unmailed. E $30
PC-113. "Arrived Safely": linen, signed Ericson baseball player sliding into base; umpire (edge wear) unused. E $8
PC-114. "Polar Bear-Point Defiance Park Tacoma, WA": REAL PHOTO, in zoo cage; unused EKC. E $12 MIN.6
PC-115. Bears: signed Greiner; adult running & carrying human girl on back; 2 cubs w/silverware. Goldilocks for lunch? (3 tips nick) used, ca.1915. E $20 MIN.10
PC-116. "Early Bird/catches the/worm": chrome, black boy having his trousers grabbed through a fence by a goose (ink spot T) used; 1951. E $8
PC-117. "You're Invited Here For The/Big Blow Out", signed Munson w/naked black boy in top hat reading invitation & sitting on chamber pot (slight edge wear) used; 1954. E $8
PC-118. "The Point We're Tryin' To Make Is/Everything Here is 'Jake'": linen, 2 black boys rolling dice; unused. E $8
PC-119. "When de golden moon comes creepin' up": linen, verse & 2 black children w/back sides exposed plus dog & doll (edge wear; tone) unused. E $8
PC-120. "Just A Little 'Local Color 'To Cheer You Up!" printed, black girl holding bouquet; unused. E $8
PC-121. "Love-They Say Is Wicked/Bad & Bum/But Gee-I Wish I Could/Find Me Some": linen, little black girl sitting on a rock; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-122. "My Heart Turned Back to Dixie": linen, black man carrying basket of cotton on shoulder; unused. E $8
PC-123. "Wish I Could Get An Answer From You!": linen, black man hiding in hen house; unused. E $8
PC-124. "Ah Takes After Mah Pappy-An Mah Pappy/Takes After Ev'y Gal He Sees.": comic w/black man kissing struggling woman (tip wear) unused. E $6
PC-125. "Sho' do Love Melons": litho, 6 black people in garden eating watermelon (edge wear; crs) used; Greensboro, NC, 1913. E $12 MIN.6
PC-126. "Lawsy Me! What A Pe/Culiar Little Boy": linen, black woman & black boy w/no pants by tree w/bucket (slight edge wear) unused. E $8
PC-127. "It's 'A-Men-Not Yeah Man!": linen, black woman scolding black boy kneeling by bed; unused. E $8
PC-128. "Ye-e-oouch/Help/You'd holler, too!" chrome, black woman w/breast caught in wringer washer; used; 1951. E $8
PC-129. Birth room scene w/cats & monkey doctor; unused. E $15
PC-130. Lot 3) Tuck: "Humorous Cats": printed, 2 cats w/yarn, jack-in-the-box & clock series 122 (edge wear) unused. E $30
PC-131. Lot 5) Signed H.Lambert w/children & verses about time: w/dolls, teddy bears & golliwogs (lite tone; tip crs) used & unused. E $65
PC-132. "Hold this against a light that's clear/And Santa Claus will then appear": litho, HOLD-TO-LIGHT w/2 children & Santa appears in window w/Christmas greeting on back; unused. E $40
PC-133. "Christmas Greetings": Santa wearing wreath of holly on his head w/girl unused. E $24
PC-134. "A merry Christmas": MECHANICAL opens down to 3D effect w/2 angel, blue flowers & red HONEYCOMB (tip crs; tone) unmailed. E $40
PC-135. "A Merry Christmas": Santa in SILK suit hanging doll & other toys in stockings (edge wear) unused. E $30
PC-136. "A Merry Christmas": Santa in SILK suit hanging ornaments on tree w/dolls & other toys (tip wear) unmailed. E $30
PC-137. "A/Merry Christmas": unsigned Schmucker pretty lady sleeping w/head on pillow watched over by Santa (lite tone) unmailed. E $30
PC-138. "A Joyful Christmas": unsigned Schmucker?; Winsch Santa, boy & girl in oval frame; used. E $30
PC-139. "Loving Easter Wishes": signed Clapsaddle Dutch boy & girl in pots of lilies & verse (crnr cr; tone specks; offset canx ink) used; Topeka, KS, 1915. E $15
PC-140. "Emu at Pt.Defiance Park, Tacoma, WA": REAL PHOTO, 2 emu in outdoor fenced area (tip crs) used; Seattle, 1917. E $15
PC-141. "Too Shy For Words": signed Murnachan 2 girls w/1 holding black cat (few specks) used. E $20
PC-142. Lot 2) Signed La Govey w/girls: shopping & getting ready for bed (tip cr; lite tone) used & unused. E $15 MIN.8
PC-143. "Hallowe'en Greetings.": signed BRUNDAGE; boy w/candle & black cat w/large smiling jack o'lantern; excellent condition; unused. E $50 MIN.26
PC-144. "Hallowe'en Greetings.": signed BRUNDAGE; girl w/candle & apples chasing boy w/jack o'lantern; excellent condition; unused. E $50 MIN.26
PC-145. "Hallowe'en Greetings.": signed BRUNDAGE; girl w/witch's hat, black cat & apples (slight tip wear) unused. E $50 MIN.26
PC-146. "Hallowe'en Greetings.": signed BRUNDAGE; girl & black cat in flying pumpkin; excellent condition; unused. E $50 MIN.26
PC-147. "Hallowe'en Greetings.": signed BRUNDAGE; girl & boy holding smiling jack o'lantern; excellent condition; unused. E $50 MIN.26
PC-148. "Halloween": printed, witch in red dress w/black cat & ghoulish faces (crnr cr; bit of edge wear) used; Topeka, KS, 1910. E $24
PC-149. "The Holoku Hula": REAL PHOTO, Hawaiian woman dancing wearing a long native dress; unused EKC. E $14
PC-150. "Big Ann, Skokomish Indian Basket Weaver": litho, Indian woman & handiwork (lite tip crs) unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-151. "Feather Dance": REAL PHOTO, 4 Indian men & boys dancing; unused. E $14
PC-152. "Chief Seattle & Princess 'Angeline' & home of 'Angeline', Seattle Washington": printed, 3 pictures of 2 Indians & 1 small house (lite tone) unused. E $14
PC-153. "Chief Running Wolf & Party of Blackfoot Braves": printed, group of Indians in costume; unused. E $15
PC-154. "We've got Paris skinned a mile": printed; lady wearing huge hat w/GLITTER & rooster w/brown & pink REAL FEATHERS (tone) unmailed. E $30
PC-155. "The latest Fashion": printed; lady wearing huge hat w/GLITTER & rooster w/green & pink REAL FEATHERS (lite tone) unmailed. E $30
PC-156. Locomotive #1962: REAL PHOTO, w/2 railroad workmen in overalls (upper R crnr lite tone) unused KRUXO. E $20
PC-157. "Love's Greeting": printed, 2 panel card MECHANICAL opens to 3D effect w/birds, girl, car, flowers, & red HONEYCOMB by golden fence (minor faults; cloth tape joining panels, may not be original) unmailed. E $40
PC-158. Mainzer Cats: 5 piece band practicing; #4929 printed in Belgium; unmailed. E $12 MIN.6
PC-159. Mainzer Cats: artist creating modern art portrait of couple; printed in Belgium; used; Oak Park, IL, 1967. E $12 MIN.6
PC-160. Man w/2 children, fish & net: REAL PHOTO (bit lite soil; tip wear) used; NY & Chi, 1914. E $12 MIN.6
PC-161. "Moving Picture Comic Post Card Supplement of Hearst's Boston Sunday American": 3-panel, donkey kicking man in air; cut from larger sheet (crs; small repair; lite tone) unused, 1906. E $14
PC-162. "Spanish Cabildo/Lafayette Square": printed MECHANICAL scenes of New Orleans that reveal more on revolving strip when card at edge is pulled (lite tone) unused. E $30
PC-163. Lot 2) Tuck: "Ye Olden Days": printed, New Year greetings w/girls singing & w/resolutions series 619 (tip cr; lite tone) unused & unmailed. E $24
PC-164. Lot 3) Tuck: "Joyous": printed, New Year greetings w/watching the clock & dancing & verse series 618 (lite tone) unused. E $30
PC-165. Lot 2) "A Happy New Year": printed, boy, January 1 flag & cat & girl, calendar page & cat; 1 used (stamp half gone), 1 unmailed. E $30
PC-166. "New Year's/Greetings": pretty lady & cherub dressed in SILK ice skating under horseshoe (lite tone; tip crs; tiny edge tear) unmailed. E $15
PC-167. Pretty lady wearing hat w/sequins & 3 red & brown REAL FEATHERS: printed; unused. E $30
PC-168. "Just An Old Salt With A Young Shaker": linen comic, signed Ericson "Shangri-La" sailor on beach w/hula dancer; unused. E $6
PC-169. "Everything's Mighty Handy Here in the Navy": linen, sailor washing submarine telling another 'Submerge her now I'm ready to rinse her off.' (edge wear) unused. E $6
PC-170. "Ask Santa to bring to/You A Rockford watch": signed Outcault w/Santa holding large pocket watch w/calendar for December 1909 w/ad message back (edge wear; 2 diag crs; toned tip) used; Topeka, KS, 1909. E $15
PC-171. "Best Wishes/For A/Happy/Thanksgiving": unsigned Schmucker Winsch pilgrim lady w/turkey in grape arbor (short lite cr) unused. E $20
PC-172. "To my Valentine": printed, MECHANICAL opens down to 3D effect w/2 angels, blue flowers & golden bush (lite tone) unused. E $40
PC-173. "To my Valentine": printed, verse, angels & heart that pulls down to show man & woman (tip wear; ms name on front) used; Memphis, TN, 1907. E $20
PC-174. "St./Valentine's/Greetings": unsigned Schmucker pretty lady's head; floating hearts & lily pad (upper R tip thin) used; Norwalk, OH, 1910. E $40
PC-175. "St./Valentine's/Greetings": unsigned Schmucker Winsch pretty lady w/ruffled collar & white hat w/ostrich feathers; unmailed. E $30
PC-176. "My Valentine/Think of Me": unsigned Schmucker pretty lady w/satin flower & GLITTER (edge wear B) unmailed. E $30
PC-177. "Offering/of affection/with loving/wishes": printed MECHANICAL Valentine; heart w/pansies & little girl on rivet (soil specks; edge wear) unmailed. E $24
PC-178. Lot 5) PFB Series 6538 w/comic wives & husbands: w/comments from & to the domineering wives (tip crs; stamps gone) used; Bremerton, WA, 1907. E $24
PC-179. Woman w/REAL HAIR: REAL PHOTO, studio photo (tip wear; few specks) unmailed. E $30
PC-180. "A good day for ducks": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, 2 duck hunters by boat w/huge ducks they have shot & more in the sky (bit of edge wear) unused. E $20
PC-181. "A Load of fancy Poultry.": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, huge chickens on wagon pulled by horse being weighed on a scale; unused AZO. E $20
PC-182. "A load of good Apples": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, huge apples on wagon pulled by mules; unused AZO. E $20
PC-183. "A Pair of Hungry Pike.": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, men clinging to branch as 2 huge fish rip off one's legs; unused AZO. E $20
PC-184. "Bringing in the Sheaves": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, farmer & women on & by huge corn, cabbage & pumpkin; unused AZO. E $20
PC-185. "Carving one of our/Watermelons.": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, black men w/2 man saw cutting huge watermelon in field; unused AZO. E $20
PC-186. "A Corn-Belt Combination": litho; King EXAGGERATION w/man feeding corn to huge hog; unused. E $14
PC-187. "Off for Market": litho, King EXAGGERATION w/rail cars filled & huge ears of corn; unused. E $14
PC-188. "Good corn makes good Hogs.": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, men using lumber cutting machinery to cut huge ears of corn; unused AZO. E $20
PC-189. "I Caught These By Myself": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, huge fish on horse-drawn wagon; unused MARTIN. E $20
PC-190. "Loading Tomatoes for shipment.": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, man w/wheelbarrow loading huge tomatos on train (edge wear) unused AZO. E $20
PC-191. "Our/County Fair Contest/On Corn": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, man sitting on one of several huge ears of corn by fair tents; unused AZO. E $20
PC-192. "Peach Canning Time-on the farm.": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, men cleaning huge peaches & placing them in huge canning jars; unused AZO. E $20
PC-193. "Potatoes grow big in our State.": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, huge potatoes on wagon pulled by horses; unused AZO. E $20
PC-194. "Salted' So easy. Put salt on their tails.": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, man holding gun pouring salt on huge cottontail rabbit; unused AZO. E $20
PC-195. "Shipping a few of our Peaches.": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, railroad employee loading huge peaches from Wells Fargo wagon into baggage car; unused AZO. E $20
PC-196. "Taking our Geese to market.": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, men wrangling huge geese w/ropes around their necks; unused AZO. E $20
PC-197. "The Daddy of all the Pike.": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, 2 men paddling w/huge fish in their boat; unused AZO. E $20
PC-198. "The Modern Farmer.": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, family driving w/load of huge eggs in the back seat of their car; unused AZO. E $20
PC-199. "There is lots of big game/if you go after it right.": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, men w/guns carrying a huge rabbit on a wooden pole (tip crs) unused AZO. E $20
PC-200. "They're after Me!": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, 3 men ejected from row boat being attacked by several huge fish; unused AZO. E $20
PC-201. "When we go after anything we get it!": Martin EXAGGERATION photo, men in Buicks chasing huge jack rabbit w/lasso; unused AZO. E $20
PC-202. Lot 87) Africa: early 20th century views, people, bldgs, misc.; NICE interesting lot; used & unused. MIN.$150
PC-203. Lot 14) Boy Scouts: w/2 commemorating 8th Canadian Jamboree 1993; new in package; unused. MIN.$24
PC-204. Lot 6) Child w/soldier doll: foreign cards; unused. MIN.$18
PC-205. Lot 3) Children w scooters: 1 REAL PHOTO & 2 tinted photos; all foreign cards; 1 unused & 2 used. MIN.$15
PC-206. Lot 31) Children w/dolls: some tinted; some REAL PHOTO; all foreign cards; mostly used. MIN.$75
PC-207. Lot 12) Children w/hobby horses & toy horses: all foreign cards; almost all used. MIN.$28
PC-208. Lot 13) Children w/lead toy soldiers: some tinted; some REAL PHOTO; all foreign cards; used & unused. MIN.$28
PC-209. Lot 20) Dirigibles: all foreign cards; used & unused w/1 non-postcard back. MIN.$60
PC-210. Lot 2) Flags 132nd Regiment of German Infantry: hand painted; unused. E $20 MIN.10
PC-211. Lot 2) French Pilots: Dieudonne Coste & Maurice Bellonte, who set many world records; unused. E $12 MIN.6
PC-212. Lot 15+) PPCs; mostly Easter/New Year; few misc.. E $20 MIN.10
PC-213. Lot 23) Martinique & Guadaloupe: EARLY views, bldgs, people; unused & used. MIN.$60
PC-214. Lot 20) Panama Canal & Panama: views, bldgs, people, street scenes, misc; mostly unused. MIN.$48
PC-215. Lot 5) Puppets: Guignol Et Gnafron (Punch & Judy type); all foreign cards; 4 unused & 1 unmailed. MIN.$14
PC-216. Lot 9) Teddy bears: some tinted; some REAL PHOTO; all foreign cards; unused & used. MIN.$20

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