Below is a list of Reference Literature that we currently have available on CD-ROM. With these references, collectors and dealers can identify and evaluate thousands of different postmarks.


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United States Post Offices on CD-ROM. (Mehrer/2001): Combined for the first time on CD-ROM: the most complete lists currently available of Post Offices that have operated in the United States!* Contains: Combined alphabetical list of all Post Offices from all states (showing towns, states, years of operation & counties); individual lists of all 50 states plus Indian Territory & District of Columbia, showing towns, years of operation & counties; combined list of all U.S. Counties; and statehood, territorial & Confederate secession dates. (*NOTE: While Alabama & Georgia had not been fully researched at the time of publication, this CD includes information for thousands of offices from those 2 states.) The most comprehensive collection of U.S. Post Office information ever offered. The ultimate reference for identifying manuscript postmarks, real photo postcards, letters, documents, etc., which refer to specific towns or counties in unnamed states. Available in PC format (#710701) or MAC format (#710702). $99.00 postpaid, worldwide.

U.S. Railway Post Office Postmark Catalog. (Charles L. Towle, Fred MacDonald, et al.): This is the completely revised update of the original U.S. Transit Markings Catalog Volumes II & III. All reported RPO markings (more than 13,000) are recorded alphabetically, fully illustrated, with complete data: shape, dimensions, colors, dates of usage recorded, unusual killers, special notes, location of stations/terminals, terminals of routes, mileage of routes, catalog numbers, etc. PLUS a VALUATION SYSTEM. This is THE catalog for U.S. Railway Post Office postmarks. (1,149 pages.) COMBINED WITH: U.S. Transit Markings Catalog / Volume IV. (Charles L. Towle & Fred MacDonald): In the same style and format as the U.S. Railway Post Office Postmark Catalog, this book contains Transfer Clerk, Transfer Office, and Local Mail Agent markings; Terminal Markings (Rail, Truck and Air, Air Mail Field RMS & PTS markings); plus Received and Due markings; Train Late and Auxiliary markings; and Separating Post Office markings. Valuation ratings are included for most of the listings. (236 pages.)

BOTH of the above works, in text-searchable PDF format on CD-ROM: #850801. $39.00.

Directory of Railway Post Offices (1864-1977). (John L. Kay): A listing of the Railway Post Offices, operated by the U.S. Postal Department and the U.S. Postal Service, over railroads and waterways, including the dates of establishment, discontinuance and changes of name and operation. (455 PDF file pages.)
Directory of Route Agents. (John L. Kay): A companion piece to the above, this covers the route agents during the period 1837-1882. (168 PDF file pages.)
BOTH of the above Directories combined on one CD-ROM. (623 PDF file pages.) #970365. $34.00.

The BOMAR EXPOSITION EXHIBIT on CD-ROM: Full-color scans of every item from William J. Bomar's Exposition Exhibit. Nearly 1,000 GIF images of more than 300 covers and cards: full scans, plus enlarged close-ups of the postmarks, illustrated ads, etc. Includes his last purchases, which were never exhibited, but many which were surely destined to be added to the frames. This is your chance to see this important exhibit as it was presented, before it was offered for sale, piece by piece. PC FORMAT: #990301. MAC FORMAT: #990302. $39.95. Outside U.S.: $45.00 postpaid.

Catalog of U.S. Naval Postmarks / Fifth Edition. (David A. Kent, Editor/1997): This important catalog was the first full revision in more than twenty years. Lists ships and cancel types, and includes a scarcity index. This one is a must for all dealers and collectors. (The flash drive has the same contents as the printed version, which contains500 pages.) #850301, as PDF DOWNLOAD. $39.00

Western Express on CD-ROM. (Western Cover Society/20056): All 55 Years of the Western Cover Society's journal, "Western Express," on a CD-ROM! Every issue of "Western Express" from 1950 through 2005 has been scanned and stored
on a CD-ROM as fully searchable PDF files. No need to fumble through those old-fashioned paper copies of "Western Express" to find the subjects you are looking for. No more digging through old manual paper indexes. Also, if you are not already a member of the Western Cover Society, you will receive a complimentary one-year membership to the Society, which includes a one-year subscription to "Western Express." #760401. $60.00 postpaid, worldwide.


ILLINOIS RESIDENTS: Add 8.5% state sales tax to your order.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Before ordering, please email us for the shipping charge.

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